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  1. I don't think i would attribute cases like the one posted as an argument for the internet affecting our humanity as a whole. They are more a product of the way humans interact using the internet, and the cultures that have developed from that. I do think it is having a large impact on the behaviors and habits of people. Of course there are the positives like easy communication, information gathering etc. which people are using incredibly effectively. The negative effect is the ease of which people can find enjoyment and stimulation. The scale and instantaneous nature of the internet means it is possible to be endlessly stimulated, which is the main reason it is so attractive to people who have given up on the outside world, and are living the shut in lifestyle. Although it is possible for someone living that lifestyle to be perfectly happy, i think for most people, it is a surefire way to develop (or exacerbate) mental health problems. Little exercise, usually unproductive, limited human contact etc etc. The endless entertainment that the internet provides is an easy access form of escapism that people can use to forget the fact that both in societies and their own eyes their lives have gone to shit. (I think this is how communities like 4chan formed) I can't help but think that if the internet didn't exist, this just wouldn't happen nearly as much or even be possible (however easy living in rich countries is a key component in making this possible as well). The only other things that i can think of that humans have used in the past in a similar way are drugs. Whether or not people who became shut ins today due to the internet would have been living completely different lives without it i can't really say but to me the ability of the internet to be an inexhaustible dopamine machine is undeniable. I know this is the extreme end of the spectrum of negatives posed by the internet but speaking from personal experience i think it is very real negative, that will show itself more prominently as time goes on.
  2. Don't forget that the revered Wii fit trainer is also coming to Smash Bros! As for the games that interested me this e3: Smash Bros as always, 'X' for the Wii U (from the makers of Xenoblade Chronicles) looked quite promising, and the new gameplay footage of Total War Rome 2 was nice since it is the game I am looking forward to most this year.
  3. I enjoy touching different surfaces/objects as I am walking somewhere. For example, letting my hands bounce along the bars of a fence, or ripping off leaves from different plants . I will sometimes stop to pick up objects when I am unable to predict their texture from sight.
  4. I am instantly more relaxed when i'm by myself and not interacting with others. The difference lies in that any social interaction has the potential to make me feel from slightly to highly uncomfortable, as opposed to the zero risk comfort of solitude.
  5. I have read through the thread and this context has not been established at all with regards to "rape culture" (Also, I found the aspects of "rape culture" that have been listed so far were fairly tangible without this context). If you are referencing some assumed knowledge that allow's me to discuss "rape culture", the correct way, please point me in the right direction.
  6. I have the same problem as others when it comes to the idea of "rape culture". That being that "rape culture" is causing more rape to occur. I don't see how hearing a lot of rape jokes or watching scenes of violent/rough sex etc. would make someone already in the "rape is bad" camp move to the "rape is fine" camp. Much in the same way that watching violent movies, playing violent video games or hearing dead baby jokes doesn't make you think killing or dead babies are fine. Now there is the other argument that the elements of "rape culture" are hurtful to the victims of rape and partially agree with this. Elements like the media's attention to the "tragic" story of the rapists, can be done away with. Elements like rape jokes (or any rape-depicting media) however, cannot be done away with completely without censorship. This does not stop people from choosing/convincing-others not to use rape jokes if they wish, but in no way validates stopping people from doing so. In preventing rape I think it would be more worthwhile to identify what rapists have in common and try to base a solution around that, rather than looking at exposure to “rape culture” which is broad enough to affect everyone. This argument holds more ground for me than "rape culture" simply because there is a causal link in that parents are important figures in determining what values their children adopt into later life. Skewed ideas about sex, consent and law due to lack of direct education from parents is a plausible common problem that rapists could have for example. And it would not include everyone as "rape culture" does.
  7. I have never been interested in joining the military however military history fascinates me. Mainly for the reason that it is something that humans have consistently pooled impressive amounts of resources and effort into. I find the level of organisation involved with wartime efforts are greater than in other areas and respect it on that level. If only that dedication could be transferred to less destructive areas.
  8. Hello all. I'm interested in more stimulating topics of discourse, and apparently most of you are too. Looks like a win-win.