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  1. Hey, Ever get your permit?

  2. If the Earth is a living organism, it would follow that planets are living organisms as well. We just don't understand all forms of life.
  3. I have some friends, a couple, who did it for a while. They lived in their J/70. He is an avid racer and she a faithful wife and crew member. Since they both needed to still work, they ended up buying a big mini-van. They used that as a closet, as some sailing items are bulky, like spare jackets. Plus they needed work clothes. The van also served as a mobile storage unit. Problem is, vans get broken into and you lose sails, ropes, clothing, tanks... You get the idea. A second, and more important challenge they had was to find a dock. The first place was in San Pedro harbor. And, there are docks and yatch club docks. They ended up moving later on to a yatch club. Laundry was done at laundry mats. Showering and using the bathroom for solid waste at the yatch club. Consider the long trips to the supermarket. Not easy to go 35 miles to the nearest convenience store. So, supplies need to be carefully calculated. Every single inch space of the boat was used. If the wanted to race, unloading was a nightmare. Then, the closed quarters did cause marital strain. There is not enough breathing room, you can escape your spouse. If you are comfortable sleeping in a very confined space, going to pee only at the boat but rushing to the bathrooms at the club, listening to the occasional party/loud music, then that is ok. Also, I remember once a drunk ducker crashed into their stern. The crash plugged a hole. And that was an emergency that needed to be taken care right then, right thereat the middle of the night. On the plus side, they sailed and sailed. They ended up renting an apartment. She is happy of dry land and will help racing. He wants to race and live on the boat again. I don't see them doubt this together. I remember there was also a nice youtube about a solo woman living in her boat. You can check out the video . But bear in mind, the space will be reduced if it is a couple. Oh, I almost forgot, she had to design a lot of custom curtains, fixtures for the boat to make it livable. The water moves and with it all what is in the boat. They seemed to be reminded of this at times by falling objects, etc. Good luck!
  4. Excellent point.

  5. You don't say!!!! Completely agree.

  6. It depends. Is the way you are living your life worth it? You can't escape time. You can, however, change the way you use it. Hypnosis seems like an alternative to you, no better than delusion I think. But to each its' own. If you are living your life in such a way your best years are the ones that are passing right now, it better be a great experience right now the one you are having! It's all decline for here there on. You've reached your zenith and you can't offer anything better to anyone (including yourself to come). Or, aging is also an experience to those who surround you. One of my most humbling experiences was to serve my aging and dying grandmother at her deathbed. The frailty of her being thought me love and patience. Seeing her bloated, aged body, thought me of mortality. I saw my future. If learned from her to give to others, even on that frail state. Nurses would approach her for pictures they needed for completing their social service requirements. She would let them, so little she could do but be a picture of what happens when... Yet, the nurses where happy and my grandmother was very happy she could still do something. She thought me more than that by dying with dignity and patience. She was in no rush. She was in a lot of pain, yet she did not complain. She thought me we are not forever bodies. She thought me we decay. She thought me there is a time to be merry and there is a time to say good byes. Perhaps the fear is not of aging, but of being dependent on others. What would those others do/not do to you once you can't eat by yourself? Will they clean your slobber or would they insult you? What would those others do to you when you can't defend and be able to be self-sufficient? And part of the answer resides on how would have you lived your life. Have you taken care of your body? Have you cultivated valuable relationships? Do you have friends or acquaintances? You reap what you sow. Plus, there is always the surprise element, will your aging teach you a last lesson, if so, what would that be? Would it be a lesson of humility, love, wisdom, sharing, detachment or suffering? What would it be?
  7. You establish your respectability. People treat you as you let them treat you. My mother is a beautiful aged lady. She has one of her eyes totally blind and white. She has wrinkles and is semi-bald, due to some hormonal issues. However, she carries herself with such dignity! I have NEVER seen anyone treat her less than a lady or with disrespect. On the same token, she behaves like a dignified and respectable human being. She naturally commands respect. She is so affable, yet firm. In spite of her aging, she is very pleasant to look at. I have seen that respect been carried by me too. As I age, people treat me with respect. People don't treat me like garbage because I am 43. They are very respectful and even those who usually use faul language (as I work with a lot of grass-roots) dare not to curse. I don't tell them to, they just refrain themselves. Some call me "Dona", as sign of respect. Others immediately apologize and correct their manners in matter of seconds. There is something so intangible to dignity and respect. But that is what you emanate. Nobody can take that from you. Nobody can give that to you. It is part of your essence. Thus, it comes back to the topic. It is not youth or looks what makes you people treat you well. It plays a part, but it is not the all defining factor.
  8. It's appearing to be spreading if the cases confirm in Mali: http://news.msn.co.nz/worldnews/8824740/liberia-reports-worrying-ebola-case And, we are just in time for the annual pilgrimage to Mecca. Saudi Arabia is already taking measures to deny visas from affected countries. I sincery hope this virus stops spreading. Africa is already ravaged by AIDS, TB, poverty, malnutrition, famine and civil unrest. I found that experiments point out at airborne intraspecies transmission : http://healthmap.org/site/diseasedaily/article/pigs-monkeys-ebola-goes-airborne-112112 This should be a cause of concern.
  9. And, if we didn't age, we wouldn't have the opportunity to reflect on mortality and become less concentrated on the way we look. Age can ravage a body but build some character. I happen to be in my 40s. I've thought many times about how to accept the aging process. It goes well beyond looks. Naturally the body ceases having the same stamina than in its early stages. Wrinkles and grey hairs are but markers of this process. I feel that if there is nothing inside the person, a walking carcass is all is left. On the other hand, if internal beauty, values and attitudes are cultivated, somehow this will shine through the aging body. I've seen older people whose peace and aged beauty make them very pleasant to look at. And I've also seen the opposite. If as we age we keep concentrating on looks will we ever stop and pay attention to other things? Will we value what was most valuable at the beginning? I see the beautiful young women with a lot of happiness and even protectiveness. Theirs is the time to reproduce and get their start up in the life cycle. That is the way nature designed things. And for men too, there is a better biological age to have children and perform certain biological functions. As we age, our biological and sociological needs change. Our functions and experience change as well and we can share that with the younger generation. They got the beauty at their peak and we get the wisdom sometimes they desperately need. It's a win-win. Having said that, aging is not a death sentence. What I look like will inexorably change. There is no escape from time. Every year there is a new wrinkle, a new grey hair. And also every year there is a new understanding of what it means to be alive and what mortality is. We are fragile aging organisms for a reason, so we can at some point reflect on our lessons and become less and less dependent on the physical body.
  10. And how would exactly your review convince me to give it a go??? I'm still trying to forget WaterWorld amongst other films. No thanks. I think you've saved hours of my life. :) I appreciate the critic. Is there anything instead that you would recommend?
  11. Just in time, a new movie touching on ethics and genetic manipulation: I haven't seen it, but at least the open question about ethical implications is out there.
  12. I see. Now we are using religion to justify a crime. Let me put to your consideration the following quotes, also from the Bible: Ephesians 5:28-29 English Standard Version (ESV) 28 In the same way husbands should love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself. 29 For no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as Christ does the church, Romans 13:8-10 English Standard Version (ESV) 8 Owe no one anything, except to love each other, for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law. For the commandments, “You shall not commit adultery, You shall not murder, You shall not steal, You shall not covet,” and any other commandment, are summed up in this word: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Love does no wrong to a neighbor; therefore love is the fulfilling of the law. It says, in a nutshell, be loving and if you have a wife, nourish and cherish her. In other words, it speaks of kindness. There are a ton of quotes to support this. What you are referring to is a gross misunderstanding of the role of the husband, which should be the head of the household. Not the owner and oppressor of the household. I seriously recommend going back to read Corinthians. The verse you quoted speaks about not withholding sex, not about forcing yourself unto each other. Where did you read that it said that? If the wife commands the husband's body, and the husband the wife's, wouldn't stand to reason that whenever either tells the other to "stop" that command in itself would be sufficient to stop inflicting damage? Now, the prisoners. There is justice. They are already paying for a crime. The rest is added cruelty. Whether you agree or not to the punishment that society has designed for a criminal, the fact is that the criminal is already been punished. Period. They are already suffering loss of freedom and who knows what more. It speaks volumes about our society and our moral values how we treat those who have lost/don't have power and are under control. Children would be one case; prisoners another; disabled or mentally incapacitated another. If we, as society, cannot see that we act with fairness and humanity to those that are completely under our control and by all means and purposes unable to defend themselves (for whatever reason, crime, mental health, childhood), then we are a lost cause.
  13. Absolutely!!!! What a great way of framing it! That is exactly the problem. We are infants. I cannot but rephrase your words. There is an urgent need to grow up and put boundaries to that child. "No, you may not create monsters. Artificially created life is still life. No, you may not maim your arm so you can get a super-strong artificial arm." I once half-saw a very disturbing movie: Repo. The Genetic Opera! (May I add that not by choice, but even my politeness has limits...) anyways, it was quite interesting to see the future black markets of repossessions of human enhancements and recapturing of medicines. If you don't know, this is a horror movie. Many are the possibilities when market, greed and technology are combined.
  14. A fascinating topic of discussion! A personal favourite. Are you well versed in sci-fi literature? I'd be curious to know what first drove in this direction. :)

  15. 1. Rape is about power and dominance, not only about sexual satisfaction. Rape is violence expressed through sexual means. 2. Rapists would rape even though sex is plainly available. Look at our culture. Women/men engage daily in sexual encounters without raping each other, without a marriage contract and just for the fun of it. Sex is available, plenty. That is not the problem. 3. Yes. There can be castrated rapists. A sexual organ is not necessary for penetration or forced sex. Please read some about how women rape women; how anal rape is forced on men. Again, rape is about violently overpowering the counterpart for seeking sexual gratification that may or may not be connected to direct sexual intecourse using the perpetrators genitalia. Heard of fisting? Heard of dildos? Hear of bats and other devices used in rapes? Rape is a crime. 4. Women do rape. Not as often. Why? I don't know, but I'd assume weaker physique and more gentle nature. 5. If both gender were equally rape oriented, as you say, it would still be wrong. Violently forcing upon someone against his/her will is not only morally wrong, it is plain criminal.