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  1. I used to get so anxious over new tech that I realized it was a problem and changed my life because of it. If the new iPad was coming out, I HAD to have it. I'd do whatever it took to get a new iPad on launch day. I would spend ridiculous amounts of money on new phones and tech that I really didn't need. Now, the launch of a new product doesn't get to me as bad. I still have to have the latest phones, but I have a 3rd gen iPad and they are on like gen 5 I think. Now I just waste my money on other stupid stuff.
  2. SSD was the best, most noticeable upgrade I've ever done. I you need more about space for storage you can get a large USB thumb stick for cheap.
  3. Thanks for replying and for the input. Its hard for me To lose weight due to health issues alongside with depression. I've been thinking more of suicide lately and idk how what to do anymore. I think I'm going to get some kettle bells and see what I can do with those along with walking my dog in the mornings. Thanks for your time.
  4. Let me start off by saying that I've only been in one relationship that lasted for 6 months shortly after graduating high school. I'm 27 now. I was set up with a girl through a friend. I've never been able to talk to females that I like. I am super nervous in public as it is but with any attractive female that says anything to me, I start to get hot (body temp) and sweat while stumbling over my words. My fist instinct is to say as little as possible and get away from everyone ASAP. This makes it incredibly hard to start a conversation, much less ask them out. To make matters worse, I'm fat, tall, (6 foot 7) and have horrible self image/worth issues. I feel as though I'm always going to be alone and I'm terrified of even asking a girl out so this seems like an endless loop. Is it normal for INTJ's to feel like this? I feel as though I'm so hardcore INTJ that I'm doomed for all eternity. I sometimes think that I'm not only INTJ but also could possibly be a psychopath, although never tested. It just seems like I'm so broken that nobody will ever have me.
  5. I never tried in high school. My grades were 4.0's my last two years. I never did homework at home, never studied. I had teachers get mad at me because I would do the homework in class right after they gave it to me, and be complete before the class ended. I was generally not a rebel, but I always had this one teacher tell me that I liked to stay "in the gray area". I would have to agree with him. The only class I ever had problems in was math, and only because in 5th grade the teacher sat me next to the girl I had fallen in love with, causing me to always be nervous about what she was thinking so I couldn't pay attention in class.
  6. I was between 11-13 when I first was introduced to it, but didn't know what it meant until last year.
  7. I've been thinking about this for a while and just wanted the opinions of some other INTJ's and really any personality type could chime in. When I was in middle school the school counselor made everyone take the MBTI. The results were given to us, but nothing was explained or stated about anything relating to how the types differed from each other or even what they meant. I recently (within the last year) started learning more about the MBTI and tested myself. When I saw the INTJ come up, I had a visual flashback to middle school and the paper that the counselor handed back to me with the same letters. As I started reading the definitions more and more, it became clear that these were not just some random letters, they actually were REALLY spot on in most cases (to me anyway). I feel as though the counselor should have done more to try and teach us what these letters meant and how they came to classify me in that way. I think that if I had some actual knowledge about the MBTI, growing up would have been much easier on me. I'm angry that there wasn't more time spent on this when they cared enough to test us, but didn't care enough to teach us about it. Maybe they thought it was over our heads, and it probably was for a LOT of the other kids in my class... but to me... this would have been ground breaking information. Did anyone here take the MBTI in school or earlier in life? Did you have any understanding of what the four letters meant? Do you think that if you had known more about your own personality type it would have made it easier to deal with certain things better?
  8. "INTJ thinking too much and not happy" Welcome to being an INTJ :)
  9. I hate working for Corporate America. So many stupid rules and regulations to follow for no good reason, for the most part.
  10. Previously it showed as 1866.
  11. I'm having issues with my RAM. I was playing around with the settings in the bios trying to get my overclock stable. Now, for whatever reason, my ram will not stay at any setting I set it at. It's supposed to run at 1866mhz by default, but it's currently at 667mhz or something low like that. I'll mess with it some more in the morning but it was driving me nuts today.
  12. If I can get an international galaxy tab 8 then I'll ditch my iphone and ipad and use that for a phone.
  13. It's double XP weekend for COD BLOPS2 and I'll be playing on Xbox and streaming to Twitch.tv/psykomantis00 pretty much all weekend. If anyone wants to play or watch my gamertag is Psykomantis00 and it's the same for my twitch username. I should be able to hit prestige 9 today and maybe even 10 tomorrow!
  14. I had the AC on, but that's set to 73F so it's pretty average for my house. I'm not sure how much room is available in the top part of the case. The stock top mounted fans are 200mm but they are mounted to where they hang inside the case. I think for now I'll just leave the top off until I figure something out. I might just buy another top part and try to cut it out. No bitcoin mining, just gaming/streaming. Gaming and streaming from the same pc is demanding and I kinda just want to have a baller card, but after watching LinusTechTips videos on the titan, I'm not too impressed. I might just go with two 660 ti's. They seem to be a much better deal. That custom desk is insane, but I would hate to try and move that. I'd be too worried about breaking something.