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  1. I don't know when I have the moral right to plunder another human beings labor/wealth, but I do know that I live within a system that is reliant upon such to survive. I also know that whether it's tribute for protection, tithe for salvation, or taxation for government, bullies/priests/politicians have always found justification for the redistribution of funds. It's probably the third oldest profession.
  2. ~My post was a joke...
  3. I think you're on the wrong forum.
  4. If it makes you feel any better, I've got plenty of experience, and still consider myself completely unqualified for relationships. ...... added to this post 1 minute later: Though it could be argued that my beliefs are evidence-based. lol.
  5. Title says it all, I need something to veg out on, while I sweat though another set of sheets, watching the dregs of Netflix. My brain doesn't work. my body aches, and I can't figure out where I put the Sudafed last time. My bandwidth sucks so bad I won't watch videos, but anything else goes.
  6. I agree with your synopsis, without reading the article. I tend to think that "intersectionalism" is what converted 2nd wave feminism into 3rd wave rubbish. Once 3rd wave feminists decided that any marginalized group, could be labeled as a victim, it by default asserted that any majority was naturally, an oppressor. I'm just waiting for the day when I'm told that ants are disadvantaged, on the basis of their size (ableism), and that my privilege (of being bigger) obligates me to be an ally (or be denounced as a ant-ist), and probably apologize for all the ants, all people have ever stepped on.
  7. Just use yellowsub's recipe. It's essentially Osso Buco, except you're leaving the vegetables whole after cooking, and the meat is finely chopped. I would go with lamb shoulder for this prep, because it's cheaper and has plenty of fat to break down while it braises. Serve with any delicious bread.
  8. This: http://www.bma-wellness.com/papers/Addiction_Lies_Rel.html Pretty much spells it out. Though from the perspective of those who have to deal with addicts.
  9. haha! Didn't even see it.

  10. I already beat you to that one. :p

  11. What if the car is black?
  12. I guess I'd have to google a proper definition of "intimacy", to rebut this, but I'm lazy. I have not found vulnerability to be exploitative. Sometimes, yeah, but mostly no. I also consider any relationship outside of blood family, to be mostly transactional, though no one directly bargains.
  13. Intimacy is a byproduct of vulnerability.
  14. Try checking out Fetlife.com, or if you're brave, there's always craigslist. Though I remember reading somewhere that there were higher STD incidence rates associated with CL hookups. ---------- Post added 06-22-2016 at 12:44 PM ---------- I have 2 play-partners at the moment, so being prepared is essential.