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  1. If you make that, you can use roughly 40k every year to buy a new 200k residential property that will net you about 10k in income annually in rental (using leverage). In five years, you have five of them and are making 50k without your job. Or you can use less leverage to increase the income per house. Or do it with office space. Heck, 100k savings in a high-dividend REIT brings an income of 10k-15k cash. Save half your 100k salary for five years in that and you have an extra income of 25k-40k.
  2. Do NOT click that link. Animated gifs will burn your eye sockets. :p
  3. Is that like corporate espionage?
  4. The ladies aren't afraid to look at me, so why not look back? It's all good.
  5. FWIW, most of the older man/younger woman marriages I know about had something to do with the guy wanting children.
  6. I think most people are answering that it's not required at all. Personally, I have no opinion.
  7. So what reaction is the "appropriate" one? I would probably just laugh it off, but I wouldn't want to get my obligations wrong. What should I do if I get hit on?
  8. There may be a dose of sensitivity on his part about the suicide too. He might be holding back a bit because he thinks he needs to tread lightly.
  9. It's the opposite. They aren't dating in their own age group because they can successfully date way younger people.
  10. I got the opposite impression. I thought it was photos-only.
  11. Have you noticed how every relationship question thread gets this response from somebody at some point no matter what?
  12. Well I certainly don't disagree with that, I just don't like to "keep score". If it's not obvious that the relationship is enhancing your life, then yeah it's pointless.
  13. Because it's a relationship, not a balance sheet.
  14. First know that it's completely under your control. Then decide to not feel that way anymore. There is no external factor out there forcing you to feel like that.