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  1. Nope, not a FB user.

  2. Have to remember to log in from time to time here, nice profile picture ahah. Are you in facebook groups? I'm there more often

  3. Forgot to log in for awhile recently, had to force myself today. Settled on a type? ahah

  4. Hey! Long time no see. What's been up with you?

  5. Long time no see. Wuz up?

  6. It's breeding narcissism...is that feminist?
  7. You haven't noticed that people in positions of power who are stupid, cause the most problems? Not all that many people think Nixon was an amazing president.
  8. I don't know percentages, but looks usually attract me and the personality turns me away.
  9. Facebook rational group and other groups, work and trying to deal with life i guess

  10. LMFAO! Hey sorry I haven't been around. Been REALLY busy!

  11. Pretty good! I've just been studying lately. What about you?

  12. Ummm,tripped and fell in some feelings. Got up and brushed that shit off.