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  1. ENFP=Berkeley California
  2. New born soul
  3. I have a true inner ME. The world has a pressure of social norms "supposed to's" "should's and "have to's " which are a norm for most people. If it doesn't vibe with the inner me I decide based on my inner voice. I feel guilty inside if I say or do things just to get along or blend in with the crowd. I give little thought to what things look like or what they seem like. I more so care about what is and what could be. Umm this is a very hard concept to put into words.
  4. I just want to be a asl translator.
  5. Nope not needed
  6. Intrapersonal thinker :) I agree.
  7. When I noticed that there's billions of other people in the world. Also that I am a stranger to more people than not.
  8. We seem to come to a compromise that I'm comfortable with but he doesn't seem comfortable because he says little side comments. This makes me feel like he can resent me in the future. A big wedding is very I portent to him and I hate the idea of preventing him from having what he wants. But I just can't make myself go along with it.
  9. I don't feel our issues are major. I guess I'm just making sure these rant red flags that become huge later. ---------- Post added 10-10-2013 at 02:33 AM ---------- No we don't the plan is to move together after we say I do :)
  10. I like the word honey. It reminds me oh Winnie the Pooh. ---------- Post added 10-09-2013 at 10:20 PM ---------- Thanks for this advice I think Il apply it in terms of us sitting down together and mapping out or must haves, and must nots. If he came up with a very inexpensive idea for a wedding which included tons of people with a low budget I would still be very uncomfortable. I really don't want to spend a lot of money. But even more so don't like all the hooplah and attention. It's hard for me to explain exactly why. Yes there's the typical " I don't like attention " and " I like my privacy" things I could say but it really comes down to my social anxiety or something deeper that I haven't pin pointed yet.
  11. Ok so I have been dating the love of my life for a little while now. He's a sweetheart and I love just about everything about him. I won't bore you with the ins and outs of everything that I appreciate and love about him. But lets just say I'm really happy and we blend together almost flawlessly. I'd say we blend positivly about 90%. Now for the 10% .. Ok I'm an Extrovert but I hate being the center of attention (unless performing) im annoyingly private and I don't like large groups of people at all. I'm much much more comfortable with a few people at a time. Small groups feed my soul and i feel great in them. And I'm not very family orientated although I wish I was but I'm just not. On the other hand my honey is extremely family orientated, he loves groups the more the better. He loves to meet new people and he talks all day. He can't stand to be alone for more than two minutes. These things do bother me just because he thinks I'm overly reserved and shy. In a way its as if he thinks his way is normal. While i simply see the differnces in people and i appreciate them. I know there are different levels of extroversion and introversion. When I'm around extroverts I seem introverted and when I'm with introverts I seem more extroverted. Anyway a few days ago my honey threw me a fat fat fat surprise party :( oh my goodness I was so uncomfortable and wanted to hide in the bathroom all night. (I have social anxiety by the way). I was borderline miserable but I played along to make everyone comfortable. Welp the kid calls a damn toast and proposed to me. Ugh I thought I would faint. I was happy don't get me wrong... But I was dying inside and wanted to crawl under a rock. Why the hell would he put me on he spot like this? He knows how I am. He says he thought that I would actually like the surprise and engagement once it happened because " who wouldn't love a surprise party with all their friends family coworkers and random people they have crossed paths with?" " why wouldn't You want everyone to see our happy moment together" .... On top of this We have a seriously different view of weddings. Simply put I DON'T want one. Simply put he feels he needs a big big huge one. I feel it's a huge waste of money and that we could save the $$ ,either use it toward something else or save it for a rainy day fund since the economy is bad or save it just because. He can't seem to grasp why I don't want all eyes on me or why I don't want to spend $50 a plate for 170 people among the other costs. I think weddings are beautiful and all but I feel that the marriage is a thousand times more important than the wedding. Plus it's a needless hassle and its to much of a showy display for me. So I ask. Could this be the beginning of a problem between my need for privacy and his need for droves of people? Do you think I'd be unfair if I strongly insisting on my way? Do you think he will resent me if he bends and lets things go my way? By the way I tried coming up with a compromise of having a small wedding instead and hes just was not satisfied. My idea is for us to go to hawaii for 10 days so we have a honeymoon and have simple ceremony on the beach. Or my second idea is to get married at city hall in San Francisco and hire a photographer to take some romantic pics of us. ---------- Post added 10-09-2013 at 09:05 PM ---------- Oh by the way we are thinking of a date sometime next year. Mabey a year from now or so. So we won't get married right away.
  12. My mom is infp and She's as clumsy as they come.
  13. I'm an Extrovert and at least half of those apply to me.
  14. My best friend is enfj so here's the differences between us. She (enfj) is much more organized by far. She knows where things are and she plans ahead in advance. She writes to do lists and all? She doesn't mind the every day things that annoy me to no end (ie. cooking cleaning grocery shopping paying bills ect..) not very creative or intellectual a bit rigid. Very sweet kind loving and shes giving to a fault. Most Comfortable with a set schedule or a 9-5. Stubborn in a "my way is right" type of way. She's very open and wears her heart on her sleeve. Very sensitive and emotional and cries during the sad parts of movies or commercials. Definitive in communicating and answering questions. She seems annoyed with uncertainty and open ended situations. Self aware as in she cares and is aware of what people think of her. Very practical take care of business type. Bubbly and a people pleaser so everyone likes her. I (ENFP). Messy unorganized from the outside (but I know where things are and what I'm doing ) I don't really plan anything (as in I don't really know what I'm doing today, I will just go with the flow) very creative artsy writer type. I am an extrovert but most people would guess that I'm an introvert. I am super private about my feelings and many of my thoughts. Not very emotional only one person has seen me cry. I avoid emotional situations because showing my emotions is exhausting to me.Very warm and deeply caring but I will cut you off if you cross me more than once. Usually annoyingly optimistic lol. Open minded. I have opinions but its more like 3 opinions per option or topic so my conversations and answers are not very definitive they are more open ended and dreamy(this is so annoying to Sjs lol ) i hate routine. I'm more free lance have no boss or set schedule type of person. Love deep conversation that jumps from one thing to the next.