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  1. the fish oil (i have taken for 3 days) may have contributed to my recent increased memory recall from dreams....not lucid though
  2. I want to add that I have psychotic symptoms. like yoginimama states....I do not know what I have...I appreciate everyones advice....although this seems like a religious debate...belief vs fact and whatnot
  3. The reason people hesitate to take meds is because of the harm in trying:side effects and addiction...but i see your point that there is no harm in going to a psychiatrist just to see what they say
  4. The therapist told me that i shouldn't need medication unless I end up not wanting to go to my classes...my symptoms have stopped, just social anxiety now. I also have never been diagnosed anything...the therapist brought up john nash from that movie, so i looked him up and saw he had paranoid schizophrenia and jut guessed that is what i had....the therapist does not label me anything because they think it is counterproductive. When they mentioned meds, they just mentioned xanax as a possibility, but nothing else...no antipsychotics. ---------- Post added 03-04-2013 at 11:38 AM ---------- I do not want to be medicated my whole life, I want to battle it on my own. Only unless I end up in the hospital will i go the medication route...I don't want to numb who I am....meds screw up your chemistry too...i don't want meds to mess with things like my sex drive or concentration
  5. The poster mentioned Joe Hisaishi!!!!! Never knew other people knew of him...at least enough people to have me hear someone knows about him. I also like utada hikara, ayumi hamasaki Dulce Pontes-Portugal Mariza-portugal Lambada-brasil--bossanova,bachata... Gipsy Kings Miranda-Argentina Lana dl rey- yes, i like hipster music kudai-chile rbd- mexico ov7-mexico mylene farmer-best music videos ever sadly, yes, i love bigbang korea
  6. thanks! how many capsules would one take a day? 2? is it better to take them at night or in the morning or both? ---------- Post added 03-04-2013 at 11:04 AM ---------- wow..i have had dreams like that too....i even called 911 in my sleep once, and i didnt remember. Not that that is a lucid dream, but I know what you mean....at least I will know it is working. I would love to part of study with this
  7. lucid dreams are cool! God, i sound like a little kid. Well, where does one get pharmaceutical grade? My mom is obsessed with the nature sunshine brand, is this good, or not? Any recommended store or site?
  8. I have never tried drugs (prescription or recreational) I am just naturally crazy (It may be genetic, because my dad's family has it) ...My therapist is helping....i do not plan to go to a psychiatrist yet. I have read about the tie between fish oil and schizophrenia...but I am a vegetarian. I mean, I am not that strict, and if my sanity is on the line, why should I care, right? I used to take sunflower seed oil, similar to fish oil before my schizo stuff popped up put of nowhere. I was on this crazy amount of herbs from an herbalist after the episode, but all the pills made me sick and it seemed like a joke to me...the lad was into energy work and crap. I should take fish oil again though. Now, I have severe social anxiety.
  9. I recently, at 18, had my first major psychotic episode. It was hell, the main episode lasted 3 weeks and the voices persisted about five months. Now, the voices are gone without medication, just therapy, but I am seeing myself live a typical, if not more isolated intj lifestyle. I think I just being who I naturally am, a person who enjoys life in isolation. My episode started in my first couple weeks at college as a freshman. I was trying to fit in and do things outside of my comfort zone to meet people and find a happy place....but it turned me into a crazy person. I mean, am I just supposed to not talk to anyone?: wake up, school, work, library...->to avoid being who I am not? I am a loner. Whenever I go anywhere I feel like I am the only loner, so this does not help either. I think embracing my schizo-affective intj life may help me...what do you think? Am I just living a typical intj lifestyle?
  10. Major: Sociology/2 Foreign Languages I am trying to figure out where I want to transfer. I find myself wishing I was one of those kids that could survive a SDSU lifestyle and go with the flow, but honestly, I just want to enjoy a simple college life of waking up in a one room apartment off campus, going to class where I sit in the back, going to the top floor of the library to study, working part-time in the library, and going back to my dorm to relax. I also love hiking, so a school with hiking near by would be ideal. I used to think I would like a school like UC Berkeley or UCLA, but I do not really think I would be happy there. Those people just seem like smart party people (at least at ucla), and berkeley seems like hipster poli sci folk. I do not see myself fitting in anywhere. Although I feel it is beneath my skills, I am thinking UC Riverside is my best bet. It is not as stressful compared to the other schools (I have a lot of anxiety. My intj "fuck you" mentality is mainly occupied with paranoia and anxiety nowadays). I was thinking, maybe UCSC or UCSB or UCSD, but I do not want to be too far from home or in a very very stressful environment since I tend to have bad days because of my anxiety. It does seem like UCSD is an introvert school though, known for the students having to go to sdsu for parties.
  11. personally, I hate underwear, but wear them anyway to be acceptable in society.
  12. I struggle with self-acceptance. People tell me I am unique and "intelligent", but I do not believe them, because tests show that I am just slightly above average and I know there is so much out there I need to learn. INTJ people are supposed to be arrogant I think, but at the same time, I am like this. I have low-self confidence. Maybe this is just because, for now, I am still young and insecure like most younglings.
  13. Wendy Darling. I am not confident. But seriously, am I this goody goody? ---------- Post added 09-19-2012 at 10:18 AM ---------- I thought I was going to be a villain too....but no, I am Miss. Goody two shoes.
  14. I love sugar and bread, even though they make me feel rather sick every single time I decide to indulge in them. I have been a vegetarian for a year now, and I have been trying to become raw vegan, but every time I start doing it, I have so many thoughts running through my head. "The okinawas still eat some meat, and they have the longest lifespan", "I am still so young, why do I care?". "Oh, god, just do it, it is the best thing I can do for my health right now", "Yeah, I ate half a watermelon, a huge smoothie, only half a day more to go, oh god, I think I am going to throw up", "why do I care so much about food?", "I care because you really are what you eat, at least mentally...". In the end, I am still just vegetarian trying to wheeze myself off gluten (for my anxiety, it is supposed to help). I usually use gluten free pastas and breads, but still, I know it is best to just not eat any form of this stuff. My relationship with food is still a love/hate relationship. As a child, I was allergic to breast milk, so I guess, because I still eat dairy sometimes, the hate part of the relationship is mainly because it is just hard for me to digest a lot of what I eat. Therefore, I am always taking enzymes. Unless I have severe anxiety, I can usually eat whenever and wherever (as long as I stay away from dairy and beans and sweets and breads.....what does that leave me with? --- vegetables and fruits and nuts.....soy products. Please, explain your relationship with food!!!!!
  15. I have studied Spanish and French, and I can now say I am an advanced Spanish speaker! I can converse with native speakers and hold a fluid conversation, the other person never feels awkward!!!! I can read portuguese somewhat, I can read french, and I am beginning to study Japanese now. I want to be a polyglot. My personality type makes it hard though, because I naturally want to study many languages rather than focus on one, oh well.