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  1. This seems similar to integer overflow . . .
  2. haha. yoga.
  3. i agree with the expressed sentiments about doing web design (which i did as a teen . . . aww the good ol' days). i think it would be very unhappiness making to do as a living.
  4. i disagree. i think almost everyone i meet has some skill set that can be utilized in a positive way. i'm not sure how productive it is to bitch and moan about how everyone around you is an idiot . . . it seems like running away from the challenge of developing yourself as a person.
  5. i agree. i find this equally perplexing. dominant Te vs dominant Ti operates very VERY differently.
  6. Dota2
  7. wow, now i'm craving a cheeshteak
  8. Teacher You scored 55% Do Gooder, 82% Drive, and 86% Intellect! You are a smarty-pants and eager to share your knowledge with others, while still open to absorbing everything in your environment. That is why you are a teacher (and at the same time, a perpetual student). You have above average intelligence and the drive to be effective in your life and the lives of others. You are also a good person who cares about others, but yourself as well, generally not letting people take advantage of you. A teacher is a great thing to be and we need more humans like you in the world.
  9. the neurology of eye movements by r. john leigh. ---------- Post added 01-25-2013 at 10:20 AM ---------- the advanced pastry chef by bo friberg
  10. because generally the characteristics necessary for success within society run counter to being decent. success is dependent on there existing a disparity between the haves and have-nots. man is driven to want success because he is driven by a desire to pass on his genes. there must always be opposition and hierarchies. but socrates and jesus were both interested in success (which could be called "power").
  11. chicken.
  12. a lot of "nice guys" i've known have in fact not been nice at all . . . but emotionally sadistic and misogynistic.
  13. cat wrangler (IT)