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  1. No worries man, life takes precedent without question. I haven't really had time myself to be as thorough as normal.

  2. Sorry dude, have been totally MIA due to just being super super busy. Will try to be more active this week, but the slice of time available for the forum keeps dwindling :(

  3. Curious about your beliefs. Do you believe in an after-life and if so, what do you imagine it to be like?

  4. Righto, just added a response.

  5. Just this one comes to mind. Otherwise no need to bother with sifting through the trash.

  6. Wow, nice rampage. Before I go through two pages of that, were there any that you wanted additional input on? If not I'm not going to go through them, but if yes then I'll try to run through it tomorrow at work.

  7. Hey peter, can you give me a link to the thread?

  8. Good deal Deliberator.

    Why is this (and several other comments) more pertinent to the topic than my comments was?

    I'm waiting for your explanation.

  9. No worries, we are having an explosion of sock puppets and other equally frustrating rule violators lately. I am still hampered a bit by being down a pc but taxes should clear monday/tuesday and then parts shall be ordered.

  10. Good post, Phil. Appreciate it

  11. This is really one of those things where "I don't do that, why are those other folks doing that?" doesn't really apply. Of course Matt or Phil don't start cutting themselves as a release mechanism, we go jogging (or eat pie, but I digress). But people that are depressed or otherwise mentally unstable/immature, undergoing some sort of emotional trauma and in a position where they don't (or feel they don't) have the power to change their situation, this sort of thing can happen. This behavior is often tied to young people that are suffering some sort of abuse, often sexual. As a rule of thumb, no mentally stable, well adjusted and well cared for person will start this habit. It's pretty much always a symptom of a greater problem.
  12. Holy crap, sorry I missed the last couple days, have been super busy. What the heck, we get less reports in *months* than what I just saw for a few days :\

    Thanks for handling all those!

  13. I have two awesome friends and a co-worker at my office I talk to regularly that are all ISTP. Speaking for the three confirmed ISTPs that I know: Vary between above average to very above average intelligence. The guy at work is one of the best software engineers at my company. Both friends are excellent mechanics. Generally talented (photography, art, etc..). Very introverted and very independent. Might not hear from them for months. Generally very logical, I usually feel like I'm dealing with a "rational" type when conversing with them. Diligent and responsible. Very low maintenance, totally not needy. They all make effort to get out and do outdoors stuff like camping, hiking, rafting, rock climbing, etc.. One key difference is they're not into abstract and theoretical like rationals. Not likely to enjoy discussing light speed travel or time space theories for hours. Generally not considered to be "nerds" by others. From what I've seen, pretty awesome people.