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  1. Thanks for all the advice! With the age thing, what the hell, it is young among most of my peers, but I'm able to laugh at this - it really doesn't bother me. I'm definitely not in the position of wanting to pass things up for a few more years of messing around. I think we're both conscious of the fact that moving in with someone can be 'too much', we both insisted on wanting our own rooms. If anything she thinks I'm slightly more clingy than herself, so I'm not worried there haha. I'm really willing to make an effort here. I was in a relationship for about 2 years that I shouldn't have been in for more than six months, it was my first serious relationship though and I did learn a lot (not always positive!). Hopefully that's given me a little more sense to end things if they're not working out. I sound very optimistic having a re-read over that, and I am! p.s. we've had a joint bank account since two months in (it's more to prove we're in a relationship to get a visa down the track), and yeah we're about to be on a lease togehter! I'll get back to you if she steals our money haha :p
  2. In the spirit of a true friend, I'm back at intjf because I want something (advice). Hopefully shameless honesty counts for something. I'm about to move in with my girlfriend of not quite four months. We met about two months before she finished her degree in Australia, went on a few dates. She didn't want to start anything as she knew she was going home overseas, and I didn't want to start anything as I knew how busy I would be in this semester of uni. But... we said fuck it lets enjoy the time we have together (romantic I know), and, now she's coming back. I'm 22, and if you'd asked me 6 months ago if I was looking for any sort of a relationship, the answer was no. I wanted to learn to how to pick up, take girls home. I sort of did. In any case I'm happy now, we're happy, we think along similar lines mostly, and neither of us have managed to annoy the other (significantly, ha!). We've discussed being together long term, we're both serious about it, and it doesn't scare me. (I thought people who say that at 22 were jumping the gun a bit, I probably still think others are, but here I am). You're young I hear you say! Yes. So advise me please!
  3. No, just the head-shell. It may have come with the original cartridge, I can't remember, I've just got a Stanton 500 on it now. Saw another on ebay today for ~$100 AUD, considered buying it, but I don't know what I'd do with two haha.
  4. Yup, same reasons as OP. To dicksize, I have an original Technics SL-1200, with rotary pitch control, from 1960 something. Still going strong.
  5. Thanks! No, I got it off one of the avatar threads.

  6. Ah, you got me. No damn privacy on the net these days. Guess you have my address and phone number too. I'll expect a knock.

  7. Hey love your avatar, did you make it yourself?

  8. Inspiring stuff! A bit embarrassed to only know one language myself.
  9. Go for it. It is hard but so what. At my uni it's one of the eng. disciplines with more females in it. I'm 4th year C/E now. PM me if you want. Good luck