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    Open minded, able to empathize, eager to learn non-mainstream thinking methodology
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    Seeking meaningful, challenging work- currently self employed
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  1. Haven't checked back on this thread in a bit. I'm a bit overwhelmed at the moment. There is so much to do and learn. I've read a few of your suggestions since I was here last. Great info. Again Ty!
  2. Since I know very little about how programming works I just assumed that by learning to write stuffs I'd be able to figure out how to disassemble something. But u know what is said about ASS U ME-ing stuff haha! My goal is to become able to understand how security software functions as well as how to break into it's weaknesses because I think it would be fun to identify problem spots and beef them up. Thank you for the tip on learning how to protect myself first. ...... added to this post 1 minute later: Wow a ton of interesting info that will likely keep me busy for some time. Thank you. ...... added to this post 3 minutes later: Thank you. I'm sure I'll have a headache very soon while beginning to digest this stuff and figuring out what will be most interesting for me to master.
  3. Forgive my ignorance. I've never done much with computers outside of the standard Microsoft Office stuffs. If I was bored and wanted to learn how hackers hack.....what would I need to do. Start with courses on HTML? I've been glancing around and messing with a few things here and there and have decided programming just might be an absolute blast! Any suggestions where I should start? Why type of programming jobs pay the most $ currently and seem like they will be in high demand for the next decade or two? Thx guys/gals!
  4. Hahahaha!! I was soooo gonna do the same thing to you (sorta). I congratulate u if u voted for him or support him. Voter turnout was healthy and I think it is a good sign the people have had the courage to try something different. lol shit i forgot to click "Fuck You Ruskkie"......i'll do that now:P
  5. As far as..what else u should know about INTJ's and relationships.....Perhaps this is just me.....but I won't buy a card just cuz it's Valentine's Day. I'll buy one when I want to. I do it because it comes from a genuine place....not because it's expected by society. I support my wife and attempt to empower her as much as I can. I feel this is much more important than the phony stuff like buying her flowers, etc. I'd recommend listening to him. When he tells you something that is a compliment....know that it is a true compliment...not something many other guys will say just to appease you. Quality over quantity is something my wife has become accustomed to.
  6. Amen! ...... added to this post 4 minutes later: Exactly. There is so much low hanging fruit and instead of easily plucking that we are overwhelmed by nonsensical stuffs that seems to discredit that which is normally easily believable and simple to swallow. ...... added to this post 7 minutes later: Oh i forgot. Could you please edit the thread title to say "*WARNING HILARIOUS*". No person should walk into this humor without being warned. A sore stomach is something most would prefer to avoid!
  7. I brush more than once a day but less than twice. Sometimes before bed im just too damned lazy. I also floss before I brush and I use a Crest Total mouthwash type product. Also...almost daily I use a product called periogen. This product breaks down tartar. I've stopped visiting the dentist 2x a year. I go about once every year and a half. My dentist yells at me for skipping cleanings but then says my teeth look really good lol.
  8. Awsum thread. One morning I decided I'd eat some venison summer sausage that had a bit of jalapeno and cheese in it. Within a few minutes I had this "pressure" in my chest. I started to panic and went to the ER cuz I thought I was having a heart attack. As it turns out the pressure I was feeling was pushing outward. Heart attack symptoms can include downward pressure on the chest. After a battery of tests my Dr. told me I had acid reflux. He handed me a prescription and said all I needed to do was take this one little acid reducing pill once a day for the rest of my life and that i'd be just fine. I looked at him and said "can't i just cure this with diet?" He smiled at me and quietly said "of course u can...do u want the prescription anyway?". I went home and did some super simple research. I started eating foods like apples, bananas, broccoli (alkaline raw foods). After changing my diet....actually about 2 weeks after...my symptoms disappeared. I've been fine ever since. I sometimes wonder why people dont take more responsibility for their own health. Oddly enough I think my DR prlly didnt give me a 100% correct diagnosis. After spending a few hours reading it seems as though I had a raw stomach as well as acid reflux. Anyway....it is cured. The root cause of the problem has been addressed. And it wasn't hard. It was all diet.
  9. Please don't tell me you think Trump is self funding. He's now as entirely bought and controlled as any other politician.
  10. Sorry, couldn't resist the silly trick!

  11. ...ok... buy why?

  12. Hmm.....Do u give 2 fucks about helping others? Is there something in the world you could do that would make a difference in others' lives? Is there something in your environment you'd like to set right (according to your views)? Putting some effort into solving the above questions has helped me a bit.
  13. Sure. I'd date a stripper if she and I were compatible. I've known a few. Most were head cases with tons of emotional baggage. A few were pretty goal oriented and saw the chance to make some good $ which was used to achieve other objectives.
  14. I kind of share this trait. For me, I constantly have music in my head. If something happens to me that would upset most "normal" people......instead of my emotions taking over I tend to have my favorite types of music playing in my head while I deal with the problem. I do, however, think this is odd. But I do not claim to know if it is unhealthy.