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    I enjoy history, and sciences. And literature, but not that Jazz age garbage everyone seems to love.
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    Anything involving strategy. Making Pysanky eggs.
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  1. A rampant lion, a la heraldic symbolism.
  2. I find my mind forcing me to look at, and try and understand the 'why and the how'. Like I have to understand why this thing could happen, and how to avoid it(in the case of an injury or social injustice that lead to deaths, mutilation, torture, etc) as well as pity for the victims. In the case of something grotesque in the form of a monster, a la The Fly, or The Thing, I sort of think that if I look and understand, I can find a way to kill this wretched dangerous thing.
  3. Lord Cutler Beckett.
  4. I'm in university, and recently began dating an acquaintance after we started talking more. Things kicked off quite well. We have many of the same interests, same religion, etc.We have pretty good chemistry. She's two years older than me, in grad school. Got a life plan and whatnot. After returning to uni for this semester, I've started spending a lot of time with another female friend. This second one is my age, has many mutual interests(possibly more in fact). We have varying faiths, and she doesn't have as set of a life plan. But we have from what I can tell much better chemistry as far as personal interaction. We have both admitted that we feel something for the other. But I am quite sure I do indeed love the first girl, and I believe strongly in monogamy. If anyone has ever been in a similar situation, any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Athos for me thanks.
  6. Literally EVERYONE I have met from New York is a pretentious jerk. Which makes me wonder if that's why many foreigners hate Americans. They go the most famous, but apparently least polite state. They should come to Louisiana. The rule of thumb here is manners and good taste. Except in New Orleans. Where all the New Yorkers are.
  7. My girlfriend is an extrovert, I'm an introvert. She gets me to do things with people, but she also enjoys just sitting together reading, and the like. I'd say our opposites compliment each other.
  8. pysanky eggs, you say-- now i'm curious to see what you've made.

  9. Writing a comparison on the various female characters of the Odyssey.
  10. The hide of a wild caribou, to wear in the cold months of the year.
  11. Davos. Why they didn't pick Tywin or Stannis if they had to go with the whole Song of Ice and Fire thing perplexes me.
  12. Moriarty.
  13. When you write notes in Elder Futhark.
  14. Werewolves. I'm not really sure how I developed it, but now even large or wolf-like dogs scare me to the point that I won't go near them. I think it's the howling. And I can't be near woods at night with fog and a full moon.
  15. Learn as much as I can. What else IS there to do?