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  1. What you may have done, is left the men in this experiment with the impression that Women are cheaters, and have no regard for existing relationships. Maybe
  2. OP doesn't owe him a direct explanation. This is not her husband. When she's not available, she's not available. Poor thing can wait till the car show to see her.
  3. You may need to do a little bit of delicate brushing off so that you don't get drained (being an I). It's quite alrite to do so as long as you make a clear reference to a future event. If he's a nice guy he will wait without pressuring you, and will probably be eager to see you at a forthcoming date.
  4. You should('ve) just told him that you had plans tonite, but that you are looking forward to the car show. (Even if your "plans" were to wash your hair or read. It's none of his business)
  5. If I may: "except ENFP's which are like INJ crack."
  6. At times the NJ will see that although the proponderence of evidence points to a clear and certain conclusion, will know thru n that there is a different and possibly better solution/conclusion.
  7. What are characteristics of INFJ eyes vs. INTJ eyes? The best way I can put it is; IF a person is i,n, and j, and the outer edges of the eyes are a little downturned and "soft" looking, THEN their eyes look more like an infj's. An intj tends to have penetrating eyes that are more neutrally positioned.
  8. Your eyes look more NT, which merely adds one more item to the entire INTJ list. imo
  9. Anyone have a coin? It sounds to me like you are almost perfect. The only thing I can think of at the moment, and this is very subjective is; when you are not smiling, do your eyes look a little soft and a little sad, or do they look more neutral?
  10. When your writing in an email to a potential mate, sounds a little too much like a textbook.
  11. Ok, I'm infj but, being told in 1 week by different people: 1. "Is something wrong" (Just saw a stirring theatre performance and all was well plus) 2. "You look like you just lost your best friend". (Informed beautiful enxx that that is my normal look.) 3. "Your eyes are unique." ((thank you...I think))
  12. If past encounters were easy and meaningful, than it is likely to go okay, and maybe even be energizing. A few genuine words go a long way. If we already know a fair amount about each other from work/school, but have nothing in common, the interchange is usually short, choppy, and ends in an abrupt fashion.
  13. It's common for people to have an inaccurate interpretation of my expression, especially when I am zoned out. Years ago at a wedding reception, a guy aggressively began engaging me (seemingly out of the blue). My two sensing brothers took control of the man. The man stated that I was staring at him, and giving him dirty (angry?) looks. Fact is: I was not consciously aware of the man's existence.
  14. When a driver is on 2 wheels: Loud pipes save lives.