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  1. We're simple creatures, designed to reproduce. Fat/old chicks lower that percentage. http://yourfertility.org.au/for-women/weight-and-fertility/ Why do you think rich guys have 20 year old skinny girls with them all the time. Pretty simple really.
  2. In like NYC there are licensed therapists that teach you how to have sex through instruction, sometimes hands on.
  3. Soon will turn into months, just go do it now. He he could meet somebody else later tonight.
  4. Why not quit playing on here and text this dude to go have dinner tomorrow? Wtf?????
  5. Until trashy American parents start taking responsibility for their children, these fancy European education ideas are fantasy. Many of our public schools are like the Wild West.
  6. This guy is low quality. Sorry my criticism of him disgusts you :( http://www.fox5atlanta.com/news/224701421-story
  7. Not sure why this movie is getting hate. I thought it was pretty good, and it's good to throw some respect for Asperger's folks. Not to mention the much more realistic gun sounds when he's sniping fools... that literally gives it an extra star or two.
  8. I don't know about personality types, but i know early on i was going to do everything in my power to have sex with that redheaded lady.. success.
  9. Should be cheap, probably the best i've played in 7 or 8 years. However the video game sex might be a bit weird.
  10. The first setting you should change on almost all tv's sold, go find sharpness -> turn it to 0.
  11. Practice, be nice, take showers, and brush your teeth.
  12. All systems go, final countdown. She is most certainly NOT trying to have a social relationship with you LOL. Don't take advice from people on here, she wants to hookup yesterday!
  13. If you are going for 10 days without talking, you aren't in a relationship.
  14. Classifying young women as winey is not nice correct? Referring to a man as a different race/sexual preference/religion/creed is not ok, but this is?
  15. It's like last years star wars movie, fanboi's are blinded, if you take a honest look it's just not very good.