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  1. You didn't read my post. I said IF WE CAN DETECT IT, it will be easy to shoot down. At 20 inches above the water's surface, you just need to shoot an appropriate distance in front of it's trajectory with a dumb shell. When it hits this at 600MPH.. it will break.
  2. Unfortunately over water, if you can detect that, it would be a joke to shoot it down.
  3. I think OP is long gone.
  4. In rural area's cops will check your tank occasionally. Fines are stiff.
  5. Starting this thread with no example.. tisk tisk
  6. Really? You sure you aren't the INTJ?
  7. Lol in other words, "in tired of you."
  8. Well what is, "the talk." Maybe she has a hemorrhoid?
  9. Oh your wedding. Meh, who cares
  10. What does that question even mean? I don't think "doing anything" is even a definable metric.
  11. It's probably Final Cut
  12. If you're over the age of 10 or so(and thus in violation of forum rules) i would probably drop this. If you want to get into IT security, go for it. But to become a legitimate hacker requires a complete dedication to this stuff, you have to live,breath, and become it. All of this information is mostly public and free, equipment as well from libraries and goodwill. So the question is, if you are prepared to dedicate your life to that craft(and get virtually nothing in return) why haven't you done so already?
  13. Perhaps you should ask this question on INFPforums?
  14. Physics... did you just invoke physics?