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  1. When did trump admit to sexually assaulting women?
  2. Probably right. That said, I was not saying or implying you were either btw. ---------- Post added 10-06-2016 at 09:56 PM ---------- That dude has serious self issues Touche, i think first impressions are very powerful though, it would take some panache but you are probably right, it could be done.
  3. guys that go FWB are settling/desperate, or Ryan Gosling.
  4. No, he got a very stern message, she doesn't wish to be bothered. This is why guys creep women out, they are needy and clingy to people who show them the slightest bit of attention. She isn't interested, she wants to be left alone. Be confident and move along to somebody else. Hell his alpha-ness might make her attracted to him.
  5. Lady with chip on her shoulder leaves early. Somebody calls her on it. The chip on her should goes off and she runs her mouth. She is escorted out, probably in an effort to help her daughter. Chip on shoulder refuses to admit this, runs to a tv camera. Basically, F that lady.
  6. Yet you say the right is more bigoted? Say wha?
  7. Not for you bro, for her. She's probably terrified. The reason you don't bother women at work is because they can't get away. If you hit on her in the street, and she doesn't like you, she can just move along and never see you again. This is her job, she can't get away. She has to go there to make money. Think of how awkward that is from her perspective, dreading going to work because some weirdo is sending her gifts... btw, a gift that without the proper explanation, sounds like something you'd give your prisoner kidnapped in your basement.
  8. Early 80s, I've bought two houses, paid off my student loans. Sounds like a lot of crying to me.
  9. I mean.... aside from vegetarians, who wouldn't like the above scenerio?
  10. LOL Dude, i'd find a new coffee shop. Not sure what you were thinking on that one.
  11. wow... And there's nothing you can do about it either. If you try and fight back they'll send an army with tanks... or get the military involved and drone strike you.
  12. The housing crisis didn't cause people to lose their homes. They lost their homes on their own. Just an FYI.
  13. The head of the klan is in arkansas, in the 870 area code. The only 870 number goes to this dude, a black man..... https://www.facebook.com/MartishaInc/ How accurate is this information?
  14. He doesn't want to win
  15. Google opportunity cost, it appears to me the OP went way over your head. Technically, those are lost jobs.