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  1. I--very strong N--strong T--very strong J--strong My results were definitely in the range of what I would expect to get.
  2. I am fourteen years old (nearly fifteen).

  3. How old are you?

  4. I took it about two years ago in junior high and because the results seemed to me like meaningless letters, I soon forgot about the test. Last year, however, I began to take interest in MBTI, and after I had taken the test multiple times, always testing as an INTJ, and read discussions on forums, I remembered what that little test I had taken in seventh grade was. I was amazed that something which seemed so interesting now could have seemed so mundane less than two years ago, and I also regretted that I did not make use of the information that I had acquired from the test's results. However, I still did learn about my Myers-Briggs type at a much younger age than most people do, and the knowledge that I am an INTJ is most useful. Oftentimes I find that my type explains my idiosyncrasies that I used to think should be abolished, and knowing that there are other INTJs who would understand things about me that most people do not is comforting.
  5. I love how often this is the case with demisexuals. We get confused, think we must be asexual, then find some sort of evidence to the contrary, and are confused until someone mentions demisexuality. :p

  6. I think that I might be demisexual. Because I'm young, I still have much to learn about myself, but the more I think about it the more I think that I'm demisexual. I've come to realize that I've never had a sexual dream, and all the "sexual" fantasies I have are really about forming a relationship. At first I thought that I was asexual, but demisexuality seems to describe me better.
  7. Usually I'm detached emotionally and I'm not comfortable with customary signs of affection or empathy (when I was younger I would get annoyed when everybody at the playground flocked around a child who got hurt to comfort him/her), but I have felt an almost irrational compassion for some people (like my little brother).
  8. I have many kinds of synesthesia (grapheme-color, number-form, number-color, sound-texture, month-color, etc). I'm sorry, but I have to tell you that the colors you put for your alphabet disgust me. I can barely even stand to look at them.
  9. When I was a baby sand terrified/disgusted me. After a lifetime of beach going, I have grown to enjoy it more and more. P.S. Have any of you ever looked up "sand" in the OED? The entry is six pages long or something (forgive me if I am remembering incorrectly). P.P.S. I was just reminded of my lifelong aversion to sandboxes. I am unsure of why exactly I disliked them, but I remember thinking of them as rather repulsive.
  10. 69...hmm.... I have hypothesized that I am so emotionally inept that I am oftentimes not aware of my emotional ineptitude. For instance, I didn't think I was sad after my friend died, but later I realized that the fever and hallucinations I experienced after I found out about her death were almost certainly connected to my grief.
  11. Usually, I find that a prominent factor in my procrastination is that I am not fully aware of the individual steps I have to take to complete the task, so my sub conscience projects something more intimidating upon my work; essentially paralyzing me. If you go over each step of your work and know exactly what you are going to do, it will most likely seem more manageable and you will be more motivated to actually complete it.
  12. Pick up the spider, show it to the man. Watch him. Judge his reaction. Learn about man. Let spider go. Continue to to speak with the most basic sentence structure I can muster.