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  1. Jung had the collective unconscious. A similar idea. I think more correct. That people have something in their mind, a societal map to know where they fit into human hierarchy. To know their place in society. In some way if you dont fit into societal norm you feel anxiety and the way people who dont fit into it all will have to resolve this anxiety is by creating an arechtype or becoming one.
  2. Homer LazerHawk pretty funny
  3. Your only option is to become rich. You clearly have no skills to do actual work in an actual job. At least not at this moment. However a good idea or few good ideas and you will be drowning in cash. Depends if you are creative and motivated to work in your free time.
  4. Ok if I play according to what you mean I just became lot softer in my mannrisms. Softer person overall. I also think more about more stuff and have better awareness of my surroundings.
  5. Anxiety though is not an aberration.
  6. I guess my past me isnt too different fundamentally from present me in certain major ways. Not that I didnt change at all. I said I made progress, but the point is past me wouldnt know present me without all the stuff thats in my head inaccessible to past me. I mean how would past me evaluate present me? On basis of what? Would it be my pay or job or stuff I had done or not done or simply my social life my state of mind?
  7. Nah. I dont care about my self that much. I think its more about what I will to do now. I dont see how past me would have any opinions about present me. It just makes no difference. You are where you are and thats important to recognize. I mean I figured out a lot of things about myself so I am pretty much the best version of my self no matter what. I could have been somewhere else completely and not make it past and simply die somewhere. It makes no difference. I am mostly unstable creature so who knows where I am going to be in five years. Maybe dead or hospitalized for psychosis or rich and retired.
  8. Hmmmmm I dont know.
  9. Life is what we make of it which means that if we put in time to shape our expectations and work on our future we can have a fulfilling and interesting life. However as I noticed most people as they age fall into certain routines and never recover. They stay in the same lane and drive the car even if it goes off the cliff.
  10. Everyone has some fear in life and anxiety is just a greater more constant thing. Its sometimes unhealthy to feel anxious all the time, but I say as long as its not driving your crazy its not that bad. After all different people have different experiences.
  11. Nowdays I just laugh inside and leave things funny or not to my self hehe.
  12. Oh the times I had a fit of laughter and no one else though it was funny. I think not.
  13. Paper and pencil usually. Or a pen when I think of being a little more brave.
  14. I guess I should have read the OP. Well maybe later, but I thought we were talking about robots hating other robots. You know like a japanese robot with katana will always hate a chinese robot. Although technically they are the same race, robots will be racist on different criteria. Like say this robot will hate a robot like this one...