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  1. Even better would be to have robots. But those stupid japanes people are too busy inveting new pokémon and making anime. At best we get a robot in anime.
  2. Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber. Fidel Castro from real life people.
  3. I would even argue that Fi and Fe dont exist. That these are artificial categories made up to further make use of MBTI. So MBTI gives us 16 types and each type is to be further categorized by cognitive functions. Only to give further validity to 16 types. Since most people dont know what MBTI means they automatically go into cognitive functions since they have no clue what it means to be INTJ or INTP or ISTP or ISFJ. I have both Fi and Fe though. We must agree on that, it would be weird if you met someone who had only Fe or Fi. Whats more culture does make difference. You have a Japanese car and a German car. They are both cars and are made by the same principals yet you will not buy the same car in Germany and in Japan. You will surely pay more for one and less for another. Or pay the same price and have different cars. Whats more both according to you definition one needs to have Fe and Fi and it is absolutly necessary to have self knowledge as much as empathy. Otherwise you will be considered a cripple a dysfunctional being that is hard to type. Now I agree that one must subject one self to categorizations if one wants a personality type. Thats the whole point of personality type. Its absolutly valid to say Fe is more important to the user than Fi and vice versa whats deceptive is to imply that both of these features will consist of similar behaviour in different cultures. Culture is basically mapping of different behaviours. If there was no different behaviour then there would be no need for word such as culture. There are also different behaviours in different regions of country. DIfferent behaviours between people in cities and country-side. But that all being said I think cognitive functions make no sense in MBTI types, because they are arbitray categorization such as enneagram. For example the stuff you listed in Fe and Fi is divided into two groups where the two groups put each value at odds. So for example if I am primarily deep, personal, empathetic and emotional according to you I cant exist. I have both Fe and Fi so I am not Fe or Fi, but Fei group that doesnt exist. So why would say understanding ones own motives be at odds with group acts where we act as single organism? But if we aknowledge Fi and Fe we have to see some common behaviour among the types whether its a chinese INTJ or American INTJ. So I guess a chinese INTJ is indeed in some why using FI as Americna INTJ otherwise we would have a culture personality test rather than simple personality test. But still one must realize even if the process in the mind of INTJ in china or in the mind of american is exactly the same it will manifest it self differently due to culture. For example we all have some way to give affirmation and some way to recieve affirmation, but the way its done will be different in cultures even if types are similar. In some cultures being too ouvert with feelings is not considered as normal as in other cultures. Or even if one choses to be ouvert with ones feelings there are different levels of familiarity to be achived to make the behaviour acceptible. Otherwise you risk being rude or called a fake. Where in some cultures this behaviour would be considered genuine in other cultures it would be considered idiotic. So people cant behave same way in different cultures otherwise why even use the word culture? I would even go as far as saying there are different subcultures where behaviour is different and even say micro cultures where behaviours are different so for example you can be with a group of firends whom you know for some time and you will behave in certain way that will be in many subtle ways different from a group of friends you know very short time. That being said all these things will be under the umbrella of overall culture.
  4. Sure there is need for compatibility. But I ask what is necessary of relationship. What does she want and what do I need. So if I need simple relationship for status and sex thats all I need I dont need to discuss the stupid scientific stuff. If she wants to talk about science all right. I agree with thod about conversations. This forum is much better for meaningful talk. You can even research stuff inbetween posts so it can be pretty interesting conversation rather than just a talk where you subject the topic only to which you know. That way you can talk about stuff you already know a lot about. Also intellectual stuff is more effective to be discussed after a lecture. That is someone gives a lecture and someone asks question or debates the topic after given lecture. If you start of cold with no info its pretty meaningless. After all most "intellectual talks" are an exchange of opinions so what. Even this forum is 99 percent just exchange of opinions where 90 percent of opinions are probably wrong anyhow or insubstantial. Ego masturbation. Whatever Ill can talk about soap operas and latest boring shit that happened.
  5. Implies others are being stupid. IS INTJ!
  6. If there is a problem you can solve you go and solve it no need to worry. If there is a problem you cant solve there is no need to worry, because you wont solve it. If you are in hospital you cant solve the problem. You have to wait for others to solve the problem.
  7. So what type do you think you are? List some things that make you that type. It makes more sense to argue about stuff we know about you rather than guessing. @Smylex If you want a type me thread you have to expect people to type you on what they know. Of course they will type you the way you present yourself and honestly presentation can be decieving.
  8. Whats scientific about hammers and screwdrivers?
  9. Its not only risky it can end in complete fatality and thus it means complete compromise of security. Nevertheless it is the only way to go beyond single minded society.
  10. Some chiropractors can fix a ribcage as well.
  11. Of course they are rooted in biology, that however doesnt mean we live in vacuum of culture. Culture is very important in deciding how we behave. Why would you think that expression of personality doesnt get influenced by culture?
  12. Ok, but then dysfunctional means a lot of things many of which dont necessarily mean that the person is absolutly unable to function. It just means they have dysfunctional element of personality. I am dysfunctional yet I can diet, drive a car and go to work and have relationships and much more. The few people who wont be able to go on a diet are of course the people you probably mean, but I am not saying things are black and white. I mean its my opinion that if even mentally unhealthy people like depressed people are told to exercise or diet or keep a routine then its possible for lot other people to do it. Infact healthy life style is considered number one priority in mentally dysfunctional people. I have read lots of leaflets ever since I am dysfunctional and most advice is universal and says keep your life together as much as possible and stay physically healthy. It doesnt help to be mentally dysfunctional and adding physical problems to your life. That will even further hurt your mental life. This just means we dont have to expect people to follow our advice for other reasons, because they may have other priorities conflicting with what we tell them. I was given lots of advice from other people, friends, family, stragers, teachers. I follow in general only about 1 out of 10 advices given to me. It however doesnt mean that the one single advice out of ten that I follow is insignificant or meaningless. Quite on countrary it is the most significant advice I was given in life and made my life much better. Also I was told to lose weight many years ago. I didnt follow the advice, but I do now and it didnt make the advice given to me many years ago meaningless. It was good advice. I didnt follow it so it wasnt my priority to follow it, but it wasnt wrong to give me advice. But the information has changed. And is even more advanced to common knowledge. While back then they would talk about veggies and stuff about vitamins now days its even better know. Now people talk about the validity of BMI and antioxidants and much more. SO what that means is that people had different priorieties that went hand in hand with healthier life style. Now these priorities diverge even more, because of office life and more intellectually demanding work and more intellectually focused recreation rather than physical life style. In stead of a hike kids play video games with their dads or something. Its different priorities which I meantioned. True, but it is easy to learn to eat more. We know that habit is not steel rule that cannot be broken. But people who dont eat 2000 calories a day, but less are the ones usually living a healthy balanced lifestyle. We would consider them to be the ones who are dieting, although they might feel like exploding I can assure you the habit of eating less is something that is learned and not universal in people however its easy to get used to eating well beyond your calorical expenditure. AND the reason is that if people cant eat more they would naturally starve. Getting fat is natural ability of people. Its so easy that once your metabolism gets boosted by more food it will crave even more food. Thats why we often see really fat people who dont need anymore food and yet they can consume 3 burgers in one go and be hungry in few hours. There are lot of fat doctors. Its hard to give advice when your fat. Whats more doctors dont do a good job. A friend can talk to you for more than 5 minutes. A friend knows you better than a regular doctor. A doctor knows only what the screening gives him and what you tell him. A friend has more info and can give better life advice considering lifestyle. Thats why a single remark from a doctor saying you have to stop smoking is not as good as having a nonsmoking friend who eats vegan food and can give you a 50 minute spiel about lifestyle and the fact you know your friend really cares about you while you know that your just another patient to your doctor. Most doctors cant even convince me that they care. They are usually just useless pill pushers with little knowledge of your life and most doctors see you only once a year or when you have a unrelated problem to being fat. The other problem with doctors is that they arent exactly good at psychology. Not every doctor is Dr.HOuse who convinces you to take a liver transplant instead of commiting suicide. I dont have this information. As far as I know antipsychotics have side effects that do lead to obesity, but I dont have the statistics. Then again people who take antipsychotics are usually of different kind and have different problems. Most people who are on antipsychotics maybe tired a lot and sleep a lot and suffer from apathy, but these people arent the only people who take antipsychotics and people who take antipsychotics arent the only people who take meds. Also I didnt get fat because of antipsychotics. I am pretty sure I just eat a lot. And I am pretty sure I can lose weight despite me sometimes sleeping for up to 12 hours. But again it is generally good advice to tell people who suffer from psychosis to live active life style and keep physically healthy. Having schizophrenia and eating burgers until you get diabetes is not what you want to do. Yes so they should just chuck away any advice because they are depressed. Makes healing much easier. Especially when you are eating 3 burgers a day and getting heart palpitations. Whats the most common given advice to people who are depressed? Get fat and dont exercise? Priorities. Different priorities which I explained. There is also pleasure seeking. You need to go to work to enjoy pleasure. But you dont need to eat healthy to live a pleasureable life. But you do have the risk of shaving few years of your life by being fat and getting your organs all surrounded by huge fat deposit. I dont think its necessary to force people to lose weight if they dont want to. I already said I dont care if people have their priorities set differently from me, but that doesnt mean I cant give them advice that will help them. Its certainly OK to give advice and I would wager that most people would benefit from some of it.
  13. Its the same profession. Just different externalities. ...... added to this post 0 minutes later: Shakespeare was a philosopher.
  14. Thank you. I dont like arguments. ...... added to this post 39 minutes later: Then it clearly it is not just about motivation, but also about two other things. First its priorities and then its about having correct information. Dieting in general is easy with many diets. Even the wrong type of diet works short term, but not long term. Good dieting is as you say about keeping weight off long term and it is clear that short term anyone can eat carrots all day and lose weight, but its not sustainable if you eat wrong type of foods for short time. Because people learn that eating less means less calories, but they dont understand that balancing food requires more than just abstaining from food. I used to be fit. I know what it means to be fit and know how I made it work. It wasnt just about eating good. Its also about balanced diet and regulation. Of course yoyo diet is common even today, but thats because peoples priorities change a lot. Its not about mental health really. Many mentally healthy people yoyo diet. Its about proper diet routine and keeping up that routine. Most people torture themselves into losing weight and after they lose weight they are so fed up torturing themselves the first thing they do is go to McDonalds and eat two burgers in one go. Then they go to a pizza place and then they go to a hotdog stand and then they realize they are back at square one. Thats what people with no common sense have problem understanding. They think its a short term activity where all they need to do is tortuer themselves for few months and its all good. Real dieting is about setting up a comfortable routine and keeping it for rest of your life. This is about priorieties and commitment to a goal. Naturally if you have low motivation or depression or mental health problems or stress this might seem like a hard thing to do. But your saying this like only mentally unheatlhy people yoyo back. Everyone who goes on a diet yoyos back if they dont stick to what common sense dictates. It doesnt matter if you are psychotic or retarded or think that eating carrots will do the trick. Its simply that people have their priorities fucked up despite the motivation. I can be motivated to become an astronaut and many kids want to be astronauts, but only a handful of people really follow a career trajectory to become astronauts, because they arent setting their priorities correctly. If I am motivated to become astronaut, but I am more motivated to play a computer game instead of doing my math homework Ill never become astronaut. It doesnt matter just to have motivation, but it does matter to have priorities. Motivation is in gradients, but priorities are binary. Either you do or do not. No matter how much motivated I am to lose weight if I dont eat my veggies instead of a burger I will be fat. This is not about motivation. In fact Id say it doesnt take much motivation to lose weight if you just set your priorieties properly. And lets face it people are very bad at setting priorities. It all comes down to semantics. When someone says dieting it can mean many things. It can mean eating carrots all day. It can mean running all day and eating cucumbers. Yet if you stick to well know information, even the down right retarded food pyramid, you will lose weight. You dont need special knowledge, all you need is change few minor priorities in life. You dont need even much motivation, but you do need to stick to your priorities. ANd you also have to avoid eating two burgers in a row or eating icecream everytime you lose a half a pound. This stuff isnt rocket science, but it does require some self regulation. Then again if peopl want to lose weight and can stick to a routine such as brushing teeth then they surely can stick to a routine of not eating shitty food and gorging themselves with fatty foods and sweets. Now I already said I am fat, but I actually became fat after years of neglecting and not carring about my diet. This however didnt happen suddenly. I was overeating and enjoying food for a lot of my time. So naturally I ended up fat. I could blame it on stress( we all have stressful time in life), I could blame it on my meds( but lots of people who take them arent fat) I could blame it on depression since I had that too ( but if you know the statistics lots of people have a depression in life). People were depressed in the past and they were stressed in the past and they had problems in the past that had to do with mental health problems no question about it. So why were people in the past skinnier? Well mainly because they had different priorities. And they didnt have so much food either, but dieting litterally requires basic self regulation where instead of doing more you just do a lot less. Doing less in dieting is actually fast way to losing weight. Its basically the equivalent of your boss asking you to doing less work and getting better pay. Now ofcourse if this is true then why people overeat? Well its not mental problems so much as its just simple human nature to eat a lot. And the bottom line is people have to come to realize that eating a lot is bad and then eat less. Then the question is why people need friends to tell them this. Well Id say its pretty important that a friend gives you advice, and why the fuck have a friend if you cant even expect them to give you advice. Or perhaps she just needs friends for social interaction where they go out and smile at each other and exchange few nice words. Who knows. I dont know what entials the defnition of friendship in this case, but if its at least half decent friendship giving her advice how to diet isnt a disaster like some people would like to have us believe. The whole argument in fialed dieting is not in my opinion mental health so much as following basic rules. Most people who are fat simply break common sense rules becaues of failing to stick to priorities. Its not even about motivation. Lots of fat people cry that they are fat.
  15. Most stuff is was pretty tame, but the last move was really perfect. Genius.