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  1. Scientology getting action in MBTI.
  2. FIlth - old movie and seen it before, but its funny. Prevenge - lol
  3. I suppose he might like them.
  4. Lost another 4.4 pounds. I ate big tasty with two cheese burgers, because I am affraid of losing too much weight. But still dropped weight. Its probably all that heat. I drank two beers yesterday and ate one small egg at night. Today I ate nothing, but had a beer and a melon.
  5. Your scores were: Visual 7 Aural 4 Read/Write 11 Kinesthetic 7
  6. The most common way to do this is buy something worth 2000 and sell it twice the cost you bought it. One or more items. But you have to know where to buy it cheap and where to sell it for twice its initial cost. So boviously you can buy 2000 dollars worth of popsickles and go into a park and sell it to kids. SO if the popsickle cost you 50 cent you sell it for 1 dollar. THe question is also can you do it in 24 hours.
  7. First rule of exercise equipment is make sure you actually use it once you buy it or else you got a problem. Second thing would be the cost. Bikes are great way to exercise, but I guess they arent cheap. Most gyms have good bikes. Spinning is a big thing now.
  8. Honestly it sounds like these guys are a bigger burden than actual help. At least in the long run.
  9. I can understand why you need social services, but you should really try to deal with your anxiety. Life without anxiety is much different and much better. Its easier, you can focus on your goals and do things without support of other people. Thats just few advantages of anxiety free life.
  10. I dont see how this is any secret. Putin is clearly differing in his objectives from the west and hes not conspirating or anything. Its clear as day. Russia has different political interest from current heading of EU or US.
  11. As far as I know crippled people can find other cripple friends. But I dont really know how one would go about it. Meaningful connections are built, and made, they arent present in the beginning. They exist because people made them and made the effort. Most people just expect to be sitting home or minding their own business and have friends that will deeply care for them as if some random stranger will suddenly gain super human compassion and will to help them. There is a lot of good people out there that are worth the firendship, but you cant expect people to simply like you and help you and not pay back the same respect. Its also quite naive to think that friendships are made by being passive observer rather than proactive person. If everyone were a passive observer we would all be aliens to each other.
  12. I am not, but if you are you can do a lot about it. Just cause you are introvert doesnt mean you arent able to find friends. There are things that would make finding friends hard for you, but it is never introversion that stands in the way. Reclusive behaviour. Bad temper, or bad habits or bad breath are far worse in finding friends. But even people with bad temper and habits and breath managed to find friends. Being passive about it and just complaining doesnt help the situation. Taking control of the situation and being a litte pro active is all you need. With internet you can find thousands of friends. Social media can manage your friendships. A part from internet there are many activities where there are lot of people you can attend and find new friends. I suppose you didnt use your time to network and thus found no real friends as of yet. As long as you arent a difficult prick youll have so many friends you wont know what to do with them. But even difficult pricks find friends. Some of the worst people on this planet have so many friends its almost hard to understand.
  13. STOP doing Sit Ups/Crunches Interesting video about abs.
  14. Sometimes I feel like some people go on vaccations just to make pictures and show them to other people. Sometimes I feel like people are just doing things to impress. Sometimes I think people are just doing things because they are considered a good thing. Sometimes I think people often associate stuff based on how its precieved. So they do things that are precieved achivements so they do things, because if they do them they arent going to be considered losers, such as losing virginity for teenagers or getting a well payed job as young adults or getting a house whenn older or getting married, because that way you can say you got married. Or hooking up with lots of women because its cool and stuff. Not true of all people, but some people like to rub these things into your nose all the time. Covering up insecurities or something.
  15. So I guy like SHerlock is going to be sitting infront of a computer and writing about MBTI on a forum? Wasnt it Watson who was constantly writting about this stuff on a computer?