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  1. First time I hear about this really. Its something I have not read about. Interesting.
  2. Well yeah I agree with that. I did start exercising and then stopped which lead to another drop in physical activity. Fitness macht frei!
  3. Well thats exactly it. I constantly evaluates, while N constantly extrapolates, while T depersonalizes and P constantly fiddles with every value you take in to no end. Thus one is completely deactivated. Devoid of action potential. INTPs are consantly trapped in mind prison where there is no alternative. They cant pull out of it, because either direction they go they invariably end back where they started. Its like being stuck in a maze with no exit. The solution is synergy. Force every element of the personality to one single element that directs one into a single purposeful action. The issue is sort of like in prisoners dilemma that each time a game is played one betrays the other. Each function trying to be rational gets you nowhere. One function must yield to the other function. Thus the key here is "irrationality".
  4. I think its the closest. But I wouldnt say its exactly it. I cant describe it really. Its sort of like having a thought that never finishes.
  5. http://common-phobias.com/Phronemo/phobia.htm I mean I was thinking about this for months and wondering whats wrong. But always though its got something to do with stress and stuff. But the more I think about the more its apparent that I have a really debilitating phobia.
  6. But school is all about silly puzzels. Until you do something above the curriculum or get to college.
  7. Hes too young to type. At 13 hes still developing a personality. His MBTI is not apparent from the videos. Seems like confident and somewhat smart kid, but other than that I dont think there is any type he could be over any other.
  8. Reasonable implies there is some reason. SO what are the reasons?
  9. Extremist meet extremsit.
  10. Of course. Thats what people expect. But this story sounds a lot like virgin and the horny guy in a relationship. And lets not forget she had sex with him too. I guess most women like to think of sex as commodity. They try to get attention of guys, but they play games that sometimes fail. This time the male team wins. She wanted to play the game of sex is everything and if we have sex we must stay together. But realistically relationships are more than sex. She can have as much as sex with a guy as she can and still fail in a relationship. The guy might be a tool, but every guy knows he can get sex elsewhere if he likes. Women put too much value on sex and forget about the true meaning of relationship. Its much more than sex and if its all about sex then the guy will have sex and leave thereafter, because he knows hes just wasting his time and here time.
  11. Interesting. I read the first article and it seems some women are really voting for political reasons rather than sociological feminist reasons. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/nov/17/feminist-vote-for-donald-trump-women-hillary-clinton-gender
  12. .... who agree with Trump being a president?
  13. Hitler got nothing on Stalin. Russia wins again!!!
  14. I am not going to speak about social media, but about quality of forums. I have seen high quality content on some forums and some forums that are 1000 times worse than this forum after Trump was elected. Whats really important to note is that the more general forum is and the more general mix of people the more of different people meet and that goes into a lot of conflict. I noticed that the more specialized forums were the more intelligent and quality content was present. For example here we have a philosophy subforum. Now you can go and check out a forum dediacted purely to philosophy and compare notes. I found vitriol is usually present in political forums and sociological forums. Because both of these topics are full of opinions and most people dont understand these things. Anything social is some way also linked to politics and vice versa. Its also religion because religious topics are also linked to politics and social topics. Because people have opinions that are usually cemented in and very strong feelings are associated with them and since there is such a wide array of different views its natural that people clash and cause for vitriol.
  15. The limitless guy was savage J and extreme N and, probably ENTJ on roids. He was impulsive even reckless. He would speed driving through narrow streets in his brand new car and jump into unknown waters from a giant cliff. Its hard to say what he really did was anything but impulsive. The exact opposite is an introvert who thinks about everything and makes sure every move is safe and not too risky or worth the risk.