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  1. everyone please have some rolled eyes cream
  2. "going to enjoy the single life, HOW ABOUT YOU?" "nothing too exciting, HOW ABOUT YOU?" "oh same old same old, HOW ABOUT YOU?" "i don't know yet, hopefully something fun. HOW ABOUT YOU?" "something sketchy and sinister, HOW ABOUT YOU?" "omg are you talking to ME?!" [hyperventilate] "hey i think [name of their boss] was looking for you." "you remind me of [say their name] so much." "why?" "is there something in my nose?" [get really close up to their face, past personal bubble limits] "i'm tired from all the hookers and blow." "i have to meet up with my AA mentor." "i'm meeting my mail order bride." "why are you acting like you care?" "please, don't talk to me." "don't you have someone better to bother?" "you have something in your nose." "your breath smells like [BREATHE IN REALLY LOUDLY FOR A LONG TIME] ..i don't know, like something really familiar." "you're beautiful." "are you flirting with me?" "what kind of perfume/cologne is that?" "you remind me so much of [name of one of the bosses]." "hey, do you have a minute to talk about the bible with me?" "i need to catch up on all my porn subscriptions this weekend."
  3. welcome to the forum :]
  4. top of the world needs a remake
  5. /eye twich x9.5 ...... added to this post 3 minutes later: syd barrett, called it.
  6. how dare you! i am so serious.
  7. disgusting. get a room!
  8. depends on if saving it means i'm the one who can savor. if there is a hungry pet or person around, then i might even forego if i don't care enough. i tend to wait.
  9. even if someone told you what it says about your brain.. /wanders off midsentence
  10. the reason anyone could say he was acting like a little bitch (i don't know or care enough [yet] to have an opinion on him) is bc he and her duke it out [verbal sparring] for fun. the problem is that she let it out on insta without him knowing and he's not ok with it, when otherwise [in his words] it's ok for them to make fun of each other. the reason i said it might have been [in her mind] equally embarrassing for her that he's complaining about it here on this forum is bc it can be equally anonymous &/or open as insta, like airing out beef that's between them, as friends/former friends. i didn't say it was embarrassing to her or that i thought it was equally bad, only that it could be. i don't know her, i don't know him, but it is possible that she could be as sensitive to this as he is in another situation. without her version or her side of the story, no one can know for certain. for all we know, he could have publicly humiliated her and she retaliated by "publicly" humiliating him. who's to say if only one of them is a bitch or both or none? anyone else misunderstand what i actually meant, oh well. /shrugs4days
  11. getting to watch me die really slowly.
  12. more forum crushes please. thanks!