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  1. welcome to the forum :]
  2. he told me he hadn't found the right girl yet and there was big hope for me :-). I asked him if i could visit him (10 days ago). So far he's replied that i off course can come over, but he still needs to get back to me with dates that suit him. This gives me the impression he isn't too keen and would prefer to wait until i get fed up with it? Can someone please give me some advice on how to interpret all this? Should i give up (he's just not that into you) or continue? I am happy to send our whole conversation through PM for further analysis :-), because i really really like him (almost feels like an obsession :-)).
  3. pine nut congee jk. ended up having salad w blueberries. :T
  4. /explains further anyways that was when she was fresh, and new, she/it prefers to be seen and remembered at her peak pillowy best.
  5. i have a double sided waifu gf i was gifted from japan. she fulfills all my gf requirements and crinkles quite attractively when i am lonely. maybe you can make a similar arrangement.
  6. lead to the head
  7. there's an interesting excerpt about one of the topic writers for Grepley and slade19's science salon: Writing diaries was an integral part of polar expeditions and Wegener was an obsessive diarist. For him, keeping a diary during his polar expeditions fulfilled several functions. A diary, for one thing, kept track of the course of the expeditions and served as a basis for further scientific and popular publications and narrations. It helped him organize and reflect upon daily experiences, and was a place where he could document natural phenomena and observations. For scientists and explorers, writing diaries provided a vital, existential function in relation to their experience in extreme (and often potentially deadly) environmental conditions. It allowed the explorer to maintain a sense of self and acted as a welcome distraction in a threatening and hostile environment. Wegener's diaries additionally provide a backdrop for and a supplement to his scientific publications. (source: http://www.environmentandsociety.org/exhibitions/wegener-diaries/greenland-diaries) --- (i consider a blog a type of diary) whether it's true for anyone else, i find it comforting in writing and organizing the things that are mentally digested food for thought.
  8. just an interesting (well, to me) extra for anyone that pertains to point 1, i've read everything linked and a little bit more. http://www.environmentandsociety.org/exhibitions/wegener-diaries/greenland-diaries the originals are linked to within the parent link: http://www.environmentandsociety.org/exhibitions/wegener-diaries/original-document i was curious about whether there would be a difference in the anomalies with the amount the magnetization changed (increased/reversed, etc.) by the sheer volume of vertical mass or if it was more influenced by the metal makeup and if would change by location (antarctica to ocean floor at the point of a reversal to giant's causeway). i don't completely understand everything, i don't think i'll be able to, and there's so much more to read than i thought there would be. anyways, i've been having a lot of fun reading up, thanks for hosting this topic @Grepley
  9. welcome to the forum. i wouldn't worry too much about her or her type, enjoy the type of people who appreciate you instead.
  10. silencing others is true wisdom's best reply
  11. i took the boot but i need one more