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Arthur Dent

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    Reserved Realist


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    Remarkably unremarkable 6ft tall ape descendant.
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    Mechanical Engineering student.
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    Life, the universe and everything. Specifically, Rock, racing, aircraft, history and dystopias
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    Trillian said to me once at Milliways:
    "Poor Arthur, you're not really cut out for this life are you?"

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  1. Most definitely, yes. And surely attractive people suffer less when they have a lack of social skills, but the effect it's not that big. Might do for one night stands and gold diggers, but not for an ltr.
  2. Girls don't like guys with shit social skills. Then they get bitter, bundle up online and make up all sorts of theories that blame everything but themselves.
  3. I would be extremely tempted to poison the entire water supply.
  4. Salary can be tempting, but I'm too lazy for their suicide-inducing workload.
  5. Just beer. If I ever had a group of friends, may be whiskey.
  6. Another reason I couldn't stand living on an American suburb. Rather have no front yard than interacting with neighbours.
  7. I'm not INT. Doubly triggered!
  8. In the most offensive way possIble
  9. Women have literally told me "but you're not ugly". Which means I am a lot. A damn lot.
  10. Pasta with chicken and rice. Because fuck you that's how we eat it in my house.
  11. Buy the forum and ban everyone.
  12. I wasn't aware MBTI was part of sexual orientation (which it's not the same as gender). So now do we have to add four letters to the LGTBIQWHATEVER abecedary?
  13. I don't know why biology came into discussion. What we can and can't eat it's well known. I find more intereting exploring what actually is a social construct. Curent levels of meat consumption in developed countries seem more like a commercial construct to me.