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    Trillian said to me once at Milliways:
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  1. What about those who live in countries with constitutions written by others than Thomas Jefferson?
  2. This it's the fourth thread following the very same model. It's getting asinine. Will you make a thread for every profession with a sexual majority? This it's an extremely inefficient and silly way to avoid discussing your obvious point that men an women have innate differences. What I'd like to hear is what you propose it follows once your theory it's acknowledged as true.
  3. Does this mean you consider acceptable an abortion in case of severe illness of the embryo/fetus?
  4. Well once you grow the fuck up and stop acting that way you'll have more time to ponder the reason.
  5. You should ask your mother if she thinks your relatives are a bunch of pervs. She might not like that, though.
  6. Won't name names but I had one heavy crush in this forum. She stopped showing around a while ago anyway. Nowadays there are some people of rather interesting geometries and personalities, but seems that after years of misery my brain finally learned and I no longer get so attached or invested in people I haven't met in person or who live in a different city.
  7. Fox Sports talking about the Australian Grand Prix practices.
  8. What is this not pathetic childish tantrum response comrade? How dare you talking about actual art and Marxism showing off that you actually know about both? Just comply and post an entirely arbitrary number of dope pop musicians!
  9. With all those questions and exclamation sings looks like it's your feelings the hurt ones. I never implied anything about your mother. What would you think about an argument stated as "my mum told me once"? Specially since you give no reason initially as to why her opinion adds weight to the idea. Is she a political scientists? A refugee from a communist country? Look, I don't care about Marxism, I can't arse to read about it either. I mean no offence to you or your mother. But you can't expect to be taken seriously in a debate when your position it's defended with a "my mum knows a lot trust me guys period" and a freaking Infowars video. But what the hell, I arsed to watch the video. It does the easy task of pointing out the indeed huge amount of shit in current popular culture. But for one it ignores the also huge amount of quality stuff that one can find if one cares to look, but it's not just hidden in the backwaters of the internet, tv series, moving out from actual broadcasted television, have seen a major rise in artistic quality. People see the past with tinted glasses. 20th century culture was full of shit, but all that was forgotten because all we remember it's the quality work. While Shakespeare and Mozart were fond of fart jokes. And the connection with Marxism makes no sense at all. The guy makes a very vague connection saying that the professors who invented moral relativism were a bunch of commies. But look at communist art. Soviet realism was a somewhat stylised style, mostly bland, allegoric but depleted of symbolism, nothing to do with crass celebrities, and that was shared with a fairly classical style of art: lots of ballet, opera, classical music, realistic painting and sculpture. There was no moral relativism at all; the state determined morals and they were absolute. I may agree with the video guy about the lack of a mainstream major counterculture, and I blame it on the internet, trends deviating from what mass media offers are very atomised and less likely to compete with it than in the past. So as for the question in the thread title, Marxism only makes for meme material in our culture.
  10. Are you serious? I mean, seriously, are you fucking serious? Have you ever read Marx's writing by yourself, and if so, when was the last time you did? Hell, I don't even like most people who claim to follow Marxism, but the intellectual laziness that you suggest makes me icky. Also, if the Soviet Union produced the Trololol song, Marxism can't be that bad for a culture.
  11. Seems like you went your way to pick the poorest example you could get. The Texas shooter was a deranged extremist and only other deranged extremists think his actions were for a greater good. A better example would be Guy Gabaldon, a Mexican-American marine who was able to talk out to surrender over 1500 Japanese in WWII. He had grown up with a Japanese Family so he knew how they thought. It casts a doubt on the pretty much universally accepted fact that the Pacific Theatre's level of cruelty was unavoidable due to Japanese unyielding will of never surrendering. Or we can look at the Colombian peace process. FARC, ISIS-grade terrorists, are getting little to no jailtime and will be allowed in politics. The catch? The military hospital, usually filled with war casualties, to the point of having to perfom an emergency removal of an unexploded 40mm grenade from a soldier's leg in the hospital's parking lot, has been nearly empty for the last two years, and they're considering transferring to civilian service to not go underused. Recruited children are slowly reduced to civilian life, and overall violence has been greatly reduced. But many consider the impunity as unacceptable and an unavoidable obstacle towards true peace, therefore wanting to nullify the agreements. Not through violence, but both sides are fighting due to the incoming elections, and both consider they are fighting for peace. Who's In the right? Who's to say?
  12. So you're just doing the same than in your thread on penis size, reacting to awful behaviour by mirroring it. What's next, physically hurting men to avenge domestic violence?
  13. Don't do and never have.
  14. This thread doesn't belong to the psychology forum. Arthur Dent.