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Arthur Dent

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    Remarkably unremarkable 6ft tall ape descendant.
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    Mechanical Engineering student.
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    Life, the universe and everything. Specifically, Rock, racing, aircraft, history and dystopias
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    Trillian said to me once at Milliways:
    "Poor Arthur, you're not really cut out for this life are you?"

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  1. Objectively and undebiably, fried plantain.
  2. Conquer the galaxy. Not the whole univese, that'd be preposterus.
  3. I just keep wondering why even considerable amounts of alcohol won't rise my confidence a milimeter and my behaviour doesn't change at all. I remain as the the same shy, quiet, boring and overthinking person.
  4. I just mentioned 2 sims <.< rFactor is fun to mess around for a while but the AI is lame and i suck too much to play online.
  5. I'm a non bloomer My priorities were videogames, reading and motorsports. Not much has changed.
  6. Mostly Fallout 4 and not as often War Thunder, DCS and X Plane 10.
  7. I say sell all your things, soul included if needed, and get a Miura
  8. Almost daily.
  9. My mommy wakes me up <.<
  10. Midori What the fucking hell did I just watch
  11. @Ambra, when a friend helps you study Spanish, that's a benefit
  12. tumblr_oj8nal3zvQ1tlb56zo1_400.gif

    1. Madden


      See? Just follow the bunny's example, and you'll never go wrong. 

  13. Walk home shitfaced at 3 am with my phone in my hand and know I only have to worry about traffic lights and not about being stabbed.
  14. Hourly. They annoy me almost as much as neceoposters.