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    Remarkably unremarkable 6ft tall ape descendant.
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    Mechanical Engineering student.
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    Life, the universe and everything. Specifically, Rock, racing, aircraft, history and dystopias
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    Trillian said to me once at Milliways:
    "Poor Arthur, you're not really cut out for this life are you?"

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  1. John Wick Chapter 2. My testosterone it's satisfied.
  2. No single change acomplishes that much.
  3. Papercraft models!
  4. Not at all. Antifas very likely hate anarcho capitalists. Due to the nature of anarchy, there's anarcho everything. If there's something anarchists like more than fighting the state, it's fighting among them. But ultimately there's an element of ad hom in your basement comment; when it comes to discuss theoretical societies, I don't think lack of real world experience it's a strong disqualifier.
  5. What does that have to do with anarcho capitalism?
  6. Those shows are so repetitive and the forensics so far fetched that they never really get my interest. And in general don't feel convinced either by European police shows. The world wide beloved Komissar Rex makes Austria look like a crime ridden shithole worst than Medellin in the 80s, and I suspect that's not the case.
  7. As a man I can only imagine it's less painful that a kick in the balls because only very few fetishists say they'd like to get another one
  8. Columbia: 1- river 1214 miles (1953 kilometers) long in southwestern Canada and the northwestern part of the U.S. rising in southeastern British Columbia and flowing south and west into the Pacific 2. planned city in central Maryland between Baltimore and Washington, D.C. population 99,615 3. city north of Jefferson City in central Missouri population 108,500 4. city on the Congaree River in west central South Carolina population 129,272 ◆Columbia is the state capital of South Carolina. 5. city in central Tennessee south-southwest of Nashville population 34,681 Colombia: country of northwestern South America bordering on the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean and crossed by the Equator in the southern part; capital Bogotá area 439,735 square miles (1,138,914 square kilometers), population 41,468,400 I'm willing to take the word of the Merrian-Webster dictionary over yours when it comes to English language.
  9. Nope, Columbia was the district that turned into Washington and British Columbia. The name chosen by Bolivar has no difference between Spanish and English languages, as the wikipedia article or any related diplomatic document from English speaking nations show.
  10. From the amount of gringos who say Columbia, I'd say the misspell it's an American thing.
  11. 475d17f993aa7b4f95ab5f25decc1f3e.jpg

    1. Arthur Dent

      Arthur Dent

      8I hope you posted it because the intrinsic worth of the concept and not because a misspelled assumption <.<

    2. Madden



      I posted it because it's a cute rabbit!!!

  12. Disorder | Rating ParanoidDisorder | High SchizoidDisorder | Moderate SchizotypalDisorder | High AntisocialDisorder | Moderate BorderlineDisorder | High HistrionicDisorder | Moderate NarcissisticDisorder | Moderate AvoidantDisorder | Very High DependentDisorder | High Obsessive-CompulsiveDisorder | Moderate Oh golly
  13. Unaware of the ongoing debate, I just thought asking that question was only a polite way to say "Don't you realize that despite the inmense variation of human preferences, you're objectively a boring loser who nobody well ever want? Now go deal with it and don't make us waste our collective time making threads asking why you can't get laid".