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  1. i'm glad to see you still visit the forum.

    1. Guppy


      I don't.

    2. Whoops


      i just meant you still peak in, even if you don't post.

  2. Have any thoughts on this? Care to PM me? I'll respond thoughtfully back.

  3. Do you think you're a simple person or complex person? Why?
  4. How severe were they? How old were you? Do you feel this is normal child behavior? For those of you who had significant tantrum problems, has this been associated with any disorder/condition you have/had?
  5. You're an n of 1, and the variation within ASD is immense. If you do some googling, you'll find the two are relatively often confused for one another.
  6. Link to article here. I wanted to share this since I find a lot of people don't understand the difference and often confuse some people with AS for being narcissists or even having NPD. Feel free to comment.
  7. I wouldn't talk to a doctor as my problems do not involve medication at all. It's more about therapy and learning how to heal some issues I have. Drugging someone doesn't do that.
  8. See, that's the problem: court order. Say I get married and then go through a divorce. One can see how easy it would be for lawyers to spin a mental illness in a way that would vilify a person. Or if there was ever a problem at work at ended up in the legal system; again, a formal diagnosis could cause trouble. I feel like I'm between a rock and a hard place because I think I do need help, but I'm afraid of seeking it due to the potential consequences of being labeled.
  9. Say you know you have a psychological disorder of some kind. Is there any reason to NOT get a formal diagnosis? Say for example you don't want a certain label about you put on any kind of record? Is that being paranoid? What are the pros and cons to getting a diagnosis?
  10. My thoughts as well, slanted to the point of being comical and difficult if not impossible to be taken seriously.
  11. Thanks. I might check it out.

  12. Say you started dating someone and they're seem like a great person in pretty much every way. They're smart, funny, kind, etc, but after talking to them a lot and getting to know them, you find out they really see no point or purpose in life and only care about things like sex, drugs, food, entertainment, etc. No purpose in life, no purpose in work, doesn't care at all about the quality of work they do, making a difference in other peoples' lives, etc. They're not necessarily overtly selfish; they just see no point to anything in life outside of basic pleasures. No real drive. No real ambition. What would be your thoughts? Would a serious relationship with such a person be viable to you?
  13. That's rough, both for you and your step-dad. It's great he adopted you though. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Sorry that all of your family members are dead, but that's a very different thing from what I was talking about. I've had relatives die, and I can say with certainty it's much easier to let go of someone and be happy in life when they simply die than when they're such a rotten person you have to try to live your life as if they don't exist (but cannot forget that they do). It's horrible. This doesn't even begin to address the damage they've caused you prior to you cutting them out. Personally, I think having no mother/father/etc at all is better than having a really shitty one who damages you.