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  1. saw something you wrote in a 2012 thread. so... i hope you return to the forum again soon :nice:

  2. If he seems different in any way, that usually indicates he needs to see the vet. Cats especially don't really tell us when something is wrong. I told a client a similar thing when she said her dog seemed normal but more lethargic. Turned out he had a UTI. Better safe than sorry.
  3. I would say to let him go. If one of your values is that you don't want your partner to sleep with other people without you, then you shouldn't compromise there. If it makes you uncomfortable, you can't help that, and that sort of discomfort in a relationship can lead to more problems. I would take this experience as a learning aid. Be up front with things you want from a relationship and encourage prospective partners to do the same. People deserve to be with people who share their values. Besides, it makes things easier. Life and relationships are hard enough as is. Sharing values makes things just a little easier.
  4. I definitely keep a journal. I mostly use it for expelling negative feelings, making lists of what I want to do for the next day, or the mantra I want to use for my next meditation. It's basically my mind's ADD monologue. I find it easier to let things go when I write them down.
  5. Nemmy Nem! All is very well, thank you. :) trying to get on when I can, but my laptop had dead pixels so I haven't really been on it.

    How have you been, dahlink?

  6. :curtain:

    Long time no see! Hope all is well!

  7. Hi there how do I personal message a user on this forum?

  8. My bad. Was looking at the wrong post. Sorrryyyyy, sorry, sorry, sroorrryyy *bowing while backing up

  9. My new year's resolution is to listen more to my body, actually. Quitting smoking is ppart of that, I suppose. Lol

  10. New years resolution quit smoking?

  11. Tramadol is safe for human consumption, but it can cause seizures. I wouldn't take it to get high.
  12. Why did the study use an uneven value of men and women?
  13. You're very welcome. I'm just relaying my current experiences. :)

  14. Thank you for posting this. :) :hug: