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  1. Haven't been to any of those places, but it sounds like fun!

  2. Haha thanks for the tip on the pretzel on the table, you saved me $3.50 and wasted a restaurants perfectly good pretzel they tried tricking me into eating, when I remembered your advice.

    So Munich was amazing, I went three times already, and once for Oktoberfest. I'm staying in Linz and also visited Vienna last weekend. Planning on hitting up Venice and Budapest soon, any strong recommendations for must see places? Did you ever go to Hallstatt? Why is the chicken here so much better?

  3. My ESTP friend gets along with and is very close with the ENFP and INFP in my group, though is usually only so with them in private. ESTP's are made both very aggressive and very insecure by ESTJ's, I think a strong Te can intimidate them, but unlike with those of us that have an Ni they can appeal to, Te guided by Si leaves them with no recourse to respond with. Tactic: Introduce the ESTP to an ESTJ Advice: Stop hating on ESTP's, they are some of my favorite people.
  4. Have fun! The last time I was in Munich was 5 years ago, so I don't remember much, but you should take advantage of the Bavarian cuisine!

    Remember, the water and bread on the table cost money... (pretzels too)

  5. No ---------- Post added 09-07-2014 at 09:01 PM ---------- Yes
  6. Leaving tomorrow morning for Munich! Im staying with some guy I found on AirBnB just a few blocks east of south English Park. Any recommendations for things to do there for five days?

  7. We got back together a while ago, he visited me again and this time I visited him in Europe.

  8. The old one? I thought you two broke up

  9. Not kidding, I'm here visiting my boyfriend.

  10. Oh shit are you kidding?! :(

    What are you doing over there? I just got back from New York getting my VISA :)

  11. Cool, good luck, seems like you get there just as I leave...I'm here until Sept 2.

  12. What I am saying is completely informed by my reading and understanding on MBTI. The other beliefs of Jung and his opinions on other things, having nothing to do with MBTI. That would be like saying that every physicist must also be an alchemist because Newton thought he could turn things into gold. Nothing more adorable than watching someone get all smug about a concept they only half understand and a carrot of confidence dangled in front of them by a line they read in some book. Astrology is garbage, and if you don't think so, argue why it isn't, don't bring Jung into it. I appreciate the first solid scientific explanation of Astrology i've ever received. It is important to recognise what makes us unique, and trying to celebrate your own origin is definitely cool, but the way planets are aligned is not what explains a majority of peoples personalities and behaviours, it is much more complicated than that, and personality theories like MBTI, Enneagram, Big Five all contribute to classifying and in some ways explaining behavior that can be observed. For someone who wants to understand people, Astrology just doesn't offer much.
  13. Astrology IS utter BS. Say outloud what it is claiming and it sounds more ridiculous. Your personality is determined at birth by which arbitrary interval out of twelve in a calendar year you are born into, the year born is irrelevant, just which time of year. This would make sense if someone were to say seasons cause different moods, but since seasons are not consistent and indeed weather or planet positioning are not consistent for people who can all share a same birthdate let alone a same astrological sign, it's utter garbage. It's offensive to have it brought up alongside MBTI as a "personality theory".
  14. Leaving in two weeks! I'm staying in Linz