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  1. I thought I was the only one stuck in between :)

  2. It's not. It's what professionals consider intelligence to be. IQ, Intelligence Quotient - The ability to reason out and solve problems compared to the standard deviation of others who have taken the same test. It doesn't measure your ability to talk with people, understand them, gain success, or any skills you may have after practicing or memorizing. Things an IQ test doesn't measure include creativity, emotional sensitivity, social competence, various acquired skills and many other things that usually fall under the general heading of intelligence. Now when I say there are other forms of intelligence, that means people who are not as technical with the word can use the word to mean emotional intelligence or other forms. Hence, EMOTIONAL intelligence is NOT THE SAME THING as intelligence.
  3. Not at all. Intelligence "involves the ability to reason, plan, solve problems, think abstractly, comprehend complex ideas, learn quickly and learn from experience." An F oriented person who makes their decisions based on feelings, even if he's REALLY good at it, doesn't mean that person is considered intelligent, but perhaps may be considered emotionally intelligent. Get the difference?
  4. I hope you are well.

  5. It means he's saying you're stressed so your Fe is coming out (as opposed to your Fi). In terms of intelligence, there are two conversations being mixed up in this thread. You all are correct, leaving out all of the sarcastic INTJ/others controversial challenges out. Intelligence IS defined by what you get on an IQ test administered by a professional. There are also other forms of intelligence. Emotional intelligence is VERY important for carrying forward your intelligence/skills/abilities/desires/goals. If an INTP/INTJ is the smartest personality (and IT IS!), it's great that you are proud of it, but be proud if you can do what Cherrybits is getting at -- Not so much balance out your percentages, but balance out your desire for fun, learn how people tick, be expressive, connect with people on an emotional level, and make a lot of illogical decisions for the sake of others or even yourself. I'll give you one good example. You got a lot of negative heads turned when you straight up say, "I HAVE THE SMARTEST PERSONALITY". That is 90% T and you come across as a jackass even to other Ts. Not very emotionally smart, are you? So who cares what you have to say about something logical, because no one cares to listen to you. Develop some Fe or Fi and you'll see some changes in response. Know what I mean? Being in the middle of the percentages is an ideal position because that person chooses both cognitive functions equally. However, if the cognitive functions are not developed, who cares? Percentage doesn't matter because it doesn't measure how developed your N vs S really is, for example. Someone could have preferences that are highly developed into the 90% and 100%. I have 100% intuition, but my Se and Si are very well developed as well. Highly developed cognitive functions is the key to a perfect balance, but I do believe E, N, T, J should be the dominant letters. You can check out the poll for what type everyone wants to be, considering the letters separately. ENTJ won by far.
  6. It's possible that you are a lower S. OR an S with a developed N. Your official MBTI can wait. If you don't have enough information yet, and you really want to know, find out how much it costs to find out by a professional.
  7. Yeah that could make sense. I'm not sure if I answered the questions appropriately. For example, I'm afraid of social situations because I'm uncomfortable with what to do. But I memorized a lot of things to do in a lot of situations.

    I am officially diagnosed by a professional. According to her, I have Asperger's, much deeper than that test reveals. Remember that all aspies are different as well and it's something that takes a PhD to make the proper assessment. And even then, there is room for mistakes.

  8. Pretty normal, I'm in the middle too. So I guess third of us is neurotypical, third is neutral in the middle an a thrid is pure aspie. If I remember correctly, aspies sort of make a point and take a pride in scoring fullblown aspie results :D

  9. Because you remind me of my ENTP friend and the personality part of him (the 50% to 75% accuracy of MBTI) overlaps with you. This means, the way he perceives the world, gets his energy, makes decisions, and organizes his thoughts is identical to you. I know an ENTP when I see one, especially one who "isn't confident" in his own "usually seemingly-arrogant" confidence of understanding his environment (Ne). My ENTP friend went through the same thing, this sensitive Fe type of soft side that only an ENTP can give off in "that" way. "That" way is hard to describe, but a good way to put it would be that ENTPs are one of the most sensitive T types, while INTJs throw more of a logical fit outloud, INTP are sensitive like ENTPs but are more to themselves about it, ENTJs have an immune system built toward being hurt if they have developed at least semi-decently.... So why, if you're throwing Fe all over the place, did I think that you weren't Fe dominant? Because there was too much logic and "yearning to learn how things work" (ENTPs trademark). Also, you seem like you are the stubborn type when it comes to your arguments, even though you are being open to others' opinions, that's only so you can strengthen your opinion, get a good stance on where you stand, and go back to your normal self. And you look like you aren't sensitive to hearing ANYTHING ANYONE has to say, as long as it's constructive and meaningful. I bet I could even throw in a half-insult with insightful logical spice and your feelings would be just fine. Also, the avatar you chose looks like a scholar, the boring type that a feeling oriented person just wouldn't choose. He looks like he's about to read how something is suppose to be from a book and spill out an argument. Look at his concerned face, as if his child did something wrong and needs to be lectured and pointed into the right direction of logic. YOU picked the picture, right? Of course, I'd be wrong to base my opinion only on this, but when mixed with everything, it shouts ENTP to me in every way shape and form. I don't know what you're waiting for. You need to change that XXXX into ENTP and start being proud of it. You're a pretty decently-built ENTP, at least you're developing well into one if you keep on in this direction.
  10. The more details you throw into this, the more confusing this will all be. By the way, he's not new to personality types. He's satisfied with choosing a personality type based on what other people think, especially <<< KEY Now we know what cognitive function that is: Fe! ENFJs and ESFJs are Fe Dom, but Kirsanov puts things together logically, he just wants an more accurate analysis from others, but not necessarily fit in with the group emotionally as his primary motivation. He wants to be typed and is tired of doing the research for it because he has learned enough. This leaves out Fe as the first or second cognitive function, and puts Te or Ti in either first or second. So let's follow the T. How does he explain things and understand things? Yes! In fact, when he describes his surroundings, it's influenced by his ENFJ mother; meaning that his logic is influenced by his Feelings-based decision to listen to his INFLUENTIAL mother. But we already concluded he's not F Dom or Aux, so how is that possible? Well Ts can be logic sensitive when given Ne (hence great understanding of one's environment can also mean one is sensitive to his environment). INTPs and ENTPs both have Ne as either first or second if he's N. I think we all agreed that he's N (I mean he's pretty analytical). So since he's Ne because he's not F and Ts are sensitive to their environments when given Ne, that means he's either an ENTP or an INTP. (Ne Ti Fe Si) Si comes from remembering how his ENFJ mother thought and taught him (the law, ENTPs Bibles). Fe is what I discussed in the beginning of this post and I think that being in college, kirsanov is developing his Fe (so he comes here and wants to accept anyone's logic), and using his weaker cognitive function is draining so he says, "I have perused your posts and shall allow some time tonight for digestion." Is this an I needing time to reflect alone, or an E who had enough stimulation and needs to rest on thoughts, alone (ENTPs do this). FYI, I thought ENTP immediately while reading the first post. Then he concludes he's INTP. We're on track at this point, but he will accept anything at this point. He's tired of guessing what he is because his ENTP ability to understand the questions and lie to change types is being mixed with what his ENFJ mother taught him (Si) about manipulating/influencing ideas and concepts (the ENFJs main "thing" they do). INTPs DO NOT LIKE this much attention to be labeled. I feel like they go naturally out of their way to be labeled by others (introverted tendencies). An I who does that, would not care so much about the logic and more about the connection with people. An E who does that, is use to connecting with people, but wants some kind of logical conclusion (hence no sarcasm, while an INTP would playfully use sarcasm because they rely on self reflection). Another point is that he defines law. Oh yeah, isn't that what he wants to be, and doesn't like how INTP was labeled as the unlaw type? This is not a personality thing. This is an ENTP who needs some guidance (or needs his own learning experience) to sort all this stuff that's going on while he develops his Fe (who get lost about their paths often because they tap into others' paths and get mixed up a bit and need refreshing). I think I've proven he's ENTP. There are other details I don't feel like pointing out. ---------- Post added 01-12-2013 at 02:25 AM ---------- When I say his mother taught him, that can mean when his life taught him, because he's stuck to things he remembers, conventionally with Si. So take mother teaching him as a metaphor to his life events.
  11. Poetic and more accurate. Thank you for this.
  12. I've been studying on and off since august. I don't think that's a lot of time. And I know a lot but I think I can learn a lot more. I put medium knowledge, small amount of time.
  13. Yes, I do. You?

  14. Hey, thanks for befriending me. I did not expect that actualy. So you allready have diagnosed AS?

  15. It's not about relying on a reliable source of opinion. We all know it's not professional opinions. This forum is for people interested in the personality theories more so than going to a psychologist and getting professionally typed. Opinions are always valuable for our growth. That is why it's good to read. It builds bridges and inspires thoughts and gets the brain cranking and thinking of new ideas, etc.