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  1. You can always use people to your own advantage..
  2. Generally, humans value safety and security above everything else, most of us are just afraid of opening the door to the scary unknown. It's easier to cary emotions with if you hold them on shallow ground.
  3. The briggs and Mayers personality theory is based on 16 cocnitive function, each type uses 4 consciously and 4 unconsciously. So basically, if you're interested at understanding your own psychology, study the cognitive functions of intj's. Our conscious processes Dominant: Introverted intuition http://personalityjunkie.com/10/introverted-intuition-ni/ Secondary: Extroverted Thinking http://www.cognitiveprocesses.com/Cognitive-Functions/Extraverted-Thinking.cfm Auxiliary: Introverted Feeling: http://www.cognitiveprocesses.com/Cognitive-Functions/Introverted-Feeling.cfm Inferior: Extroverted sensing:http://www.cognitiveprocesses.com/Cognitive-Functions/Extraverted-Sensing.cfm
  4. Tönsberg, Geiranger, Trollstigen...
  5. No, not really. This is a machine were you're able to connect your brain to others, and thus creating a system of one consciousness manifested as many(you still live in different bodies). You are then able to see inside ''them'' and vice versa, experience emotions of others, thoughts ands so on... Today you're able to express your views and ideals, but they have still not got the chance of experience you. Briefly: You would be able to exchange consciousness with others, a kind of hyper version of the internet.
  6. Theories regarding technically computerized interconnections would never turn out to be good in a society like this one. The evolution of technology has by far outmaneuvered our emotional and spiritual development, leaving a natural strive for material and economical success, this match with the sovereign majority of people. The thought of sharing my most inner values, ideas and priorities with bloodthirsty bandits in a kind of interconnected consciousness... nah. If I knew the people in person, if I had had the chance to analyze their behavior, their perceptions, maybe I would intervene. Don't know if Transhumanism would create a multi-councsious-connected society, seems plausible, though.
  7. For example; When I Imagine a fantasy story-moment the creation begins with the wallpaper. When the background's there, flashes creates motion. Weather affects physical elements; 'trees, rivers, grasslands' is starting to dance. Then, characters emerge. Fictional souls search for previously missed details in the foreign land - using their senses. Emotional states are next in line, looking for threats and opportunities. As time goes these building blocks expands...
  8. You don't understand my objectives in life, no meaning sharing them. You want to go on as we always have? Yep. That's it then, get .. outta here. As I see it, that's the problem, because you're not questioning it.
  9. So whats your godly message? and if you don't understand social phrases as mainstream, it's bad, really bad. If I'm trapped in my head your trapped in the leaders hands. You're being controlled, I'm not, who's lost... and that I havin a higher understanding than you... no... we just don't understand each other, and that's what i've been talkin about, and that's what I find hard...
  10. I'm not talkin about you(!!!) you're misled fkn stupid joke. This is about how people in general get along with me, and how I flow with em. Mainstream PEOPLE, not you fool, you're a stranger - I cannot judge strangers. I'm talking about how I cope with co-workers and other people involved in the reality around me. Read between the lines ffs. I wrote the ''sovereign majority'', you're talking for them? do you? ---------- Post added 02-13-2013 at 07:53 PM ---------- true word
  11. I don't know anything really, but it's not the important thing. I can think in your kind of way and understand why you look at things the way you do, but ''you'' don't act that way, and theres where it all darts. If I listen to the mainstream bullshit all day just to get along and they shut their system down when I open my mouth... Who's ignorant? You're not considering the alternative of being wrong - I have, and that's the difference.
  12. ''you'' = The brainwashed majority. There's no we. Long run = Maybe ''your'' ignorant way of being will smash you down, time will tell, and we're walking fast. - Our current way of living being totally wrong, our strive for self control being part of it. Regarding my so called mentality, I'm grey.
  13. <I agree with ya - regarding your thread> Heh, I see it like this: "And whether the people who talk bad about you know it or not, they really save you from obscurity every time they mention your name/ You see, anytime anybody ever talks about you, either directly or indirectly; they put a quarter in your immortal meter/ They keep you alive, whether they want to or not/ They practically do the opposite of what they wanna do, which is forget you/" - BIS It's why we have to fight the blind :) But, maybe, it's not worth it... It's my responsibility to go as far as I can. It's my responsibility to analyze things even if it meets sanity. Why self control when we don't even know what it's translated into(in the long run). I can understand ''you'' guy's, but ''you're'' acting like ignorant f....
  14. Yep, I've been jumping between those two for a time now. Personally, I hate tests due to the multiple ways you can answer/view questions. However, I always type myself as an INTJ, both on the MBTI and the cognitive tests. I consider myself as hyper objective. I can jump in to all kinds of minds and understand why they acted the way they did(as I see it), and how they perceive the world. I can't relate to Extroverted feeling(the description of it), but I'm not sure if it's because of me being unhealthy or something(or Fe being an undeveloped function). Extroverted thinking sings the same song. I do relate to this though! http://www.cognitiveprocesses.com/Cognitive-Functions/Extraverted-Thinking.cfm If we jump to temperaments I cannot really choose one of them(NF vs NT). 'I' see myself as an idealist. -Focus more on fantasy than reality-. On the other hand, strangers don't, but of course, they are judging my coat, not my guarded soul. He('s): -Harsh -Tells the truth -Uses sarcastic humor -plans, shares it with confidence -always questioning current approaches -ignoring rules -hates small talk ---
  15. No, its not like that. I can be a pure realist and dig real facts sometimes. But i'm not inclined to trust all that shit like the sovereign majority of us do, therefore i'm questioning the sandbox and the sand within it. Left side screams: I do trust all real laws to this life, our physical laws. Right: Questioning reality is the thing man. Go for it. maybe it's taking over