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Deadlock Riff

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    Type 5, 5w6
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    Reserved Thinker
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    <-- Automotive crazy right here with odd taste on everything. Prefer to be by myself or like mind
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    VA Beach, US (from Long Island)
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    MI in the US Army
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    Cars (modification, repair, and making), guitars (the same as cars), anime, and computers.
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  1. I use winamp. I tried musicbee but had to drop it. Which ever twatmuffin decided that making ctrl+p the play button is a drunken sailor. I shouldn't be printing from every program ever when trying to play/pause.
  2. Welcome to the INTJ forum mate.

  3. Hey, I swore into the Army with MOS 35F (Intelligence Analyst). I wanted to know of your experiences in the armed forces. If there are if you in the 35-series that would be really cool to know about. I hear the AIT for any of the 35 series jobs have a decently high washout any comments on that? Also anything in the army to specifically look out for/make sure not to run into? As far as I can see I'm probably gonna make a full career out of this just as my father did in the Navy (currently on his 25th year). I've asked him numerous questions but one person can only answer so much, especially since he is in the Navy and not the Army.
  4. He's referring to commercial use like companies and what not. I wouldn't mind as long as they are not allowed to go past a certain size. Thus limiting its capabilities of what it can carry aboard. Also a limitation on where they fly, such as hotels, daycares, schools, police buildings, military bases, etc. Licensing might also be a good idea so that way for the ones that are piloted near humans/high value objects/vehicles are not accidentally crashed as a result of experience (outside of the UAV's own stability control if it has one). Of course there will be those who do not abide by those rules but that will apply to practically anything.
  5. From a work point of view, I've always taken it as self pride. Doing your work with a smile and throwing your best at it. Leaving all problems at the home when the door closes. It's to the point when I see someone who is emotionally (not physically) upset or 'blah' I wonder where their work ethic is. People think I'm harsh when I complain about workers of all levels with flat or frowning faces, especially in food service. I don't care what your pay is or what the problems at home are. You're at work now, take your pride and put it on your face. Plus if you do that, your fellow crew members will tend to follow suit. This is more so if you are a higher position then them. In a social setting, as like an outing to a restaurant or party for the sake of the atmosphere, a positive attitude must be kept. Now if you're with a group of close people and you all are having a certain discussion the positive face may be dropped accordingly. Basically, unless it is something necessarily negative or the situation calls for it, keep the smile plastered on your face, or at least a non-frowning one. This excludes "bitchy resting face", that sometimes cannot be avoided. >.> I'd also like to note, if you aren't used to doing it, for a while it seem fake and instead it'll be worse than just having a plan face.
  6. All of my exes are still my friends. One has fallen away but there are no negatives between. Maybe that one holds something against me, but I dont know, it's possible. It can work if both agreed and it wasn't just one partner brashly breaking it off or the other in retaliation to what the other had done.
  7. I have much better things to do, as far as I'm concerned, than to mow the lawn. I'd rather much have some dirt I can have fun on anyways,
  8. Or JUST maybe he isn't a sexual predator? You ever think about that. He also probably refrained from continuing further because your response from his POV was quite asshole-ish of you.
  9. I am honestly great with kids, or so I have been told whenever someone sees me with one. I have no problem with the children themselves but like I said, the switch hits off when I see the mother/father. I also have this issue (if it counts as an "issue"). Something about pregnant women makes my skin clammy.
  10. I would have to say the opposite entirely. Any time I see a woman with a child or pregnant my brains scatters into the far corner of my skull, puts its arms out and screams in horror, "Take it away, TAKE IT AWWAHAHAAAYYY!!"
  11. Face, arse, and brains. Smart women = hot >.>
  12. Face, chest, and dat arrssseee. Of course the obligatory 'The D' as well.
  13. Skinny, swimmer, skinnyfat. :3
  14. 1, boyish Sometimes 6 & 9