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  1. As I learned while obsessively digging for answers about my lack of drive to do meaningful things, obsession is a sign of extroverted sensing (Se) being dominant instead of introverted intuition. Apparently this is a state in which INTJs shouldn't remain too long as it could become a habit. I still don't now how to get rid of "the grip" though...
  2. Well, that's uncertain. Until he tells me otherwise.
  3. I don't know how much... but we talk a lot, we're developing new ideas, exchanging opinions and perspectives. But that's just like synching brainwaves. I like that uncertainty somehow. Probably we'll find a way to talk about emotional synching without feeling awkward.
  4. YOUR VIRTUES 10% Compassion 78% Intelligence 63% Humility 67% Honesty 38% Discipline 43% Courage 25% Passion
  5. Well, I guess that double brain capacity is double fun :) We started plotting projects since the second date... I mean, this is how we get to know each other.
  6. Well, I've met this guy and I learned he's like an almost perfect copy of myself. I mean we look different, but we think the same way. We have the same desires and questions. Except that he's gay and I'm bisexual. I'm really fond of him. And I guess that it's mutual. So, here's the deal. How to deal with a fellow soul who thinks and reasons the same way? I mean, my usual way of dealing with potential partners wouldn't work, because he'd see right through it. So I reasoned that it's better to be honest about everything. But still, I just can't deside what to do or what to say, because I would know to possible result, because that's how I would react to it. It's a really weird situation like I've never had before. Why do I feel so insecure about this?
  7. "Female role" or "male role" are totally misleading. For two males or two females having sex there are other terms to describe which one of them prefers what. Top, bottom, versatile (both, top & bottom). Top stands for giving/dominant role (or position), bottom stands for receiving/submissive role/position (depends on the activity itself). See, it works even without gender based roles. Well, if the question is how the queer folks decide which position suits them best... I'd say it's a matter of taste!
  8. Seriously, the destinction is as same as if you were talking about whether there are only gay or straight people. The preference of who gives and who takes depends on the person's likes and dislikes. There is no dominant=top=male or submissive=bottom=female bullshit. We're humans, not animals. That's how retards think about how sex works.
  9. Never met a dominant woman, eh? Poor you.
  10. A total fixer here. Well, if I can't fix it myself it has to be fixed anyways!
  11. Uhm, interesting question... I prefer indirect light, e.g. sun behind blinds and any light in upward, or downward position. I hate darkness, or being busy in a shady room whithout enough light. Although, I like the sun for recreational activies... mmmh sunlight and warmth.
  12. (Score: 84 out of 200) 42% Somewhat Evil. I'm dissapointed. There were not enought options. And the test is not up-to-date.
  13. ...which is not true. Both positions are equally frequent in Europe, it depends on the person. I confirm that guys who are generally a bit feminine prefer the knee over knee position, but it's not the rule, because guys who just don't give a shit what others think do that as well. Also I observed that guys who are sexually insecure tend to spread their legs (it must hurt, doesn't it?) in public showing off how manly they are. Those guy don't even cross their legs ankle over knee, because it's also gay for them.
  14. Yeah, let AC flow in his ego trip... he owns this thread now.
  15. Money quote: I bet these people are thankful for your generalized evaluation of their careers.