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    23 | existentialist | writer | pro napper
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    I am aggressively myself.

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  1. Is that you in your profile pic? I'll come do yoga with you ;P

  2. :love:

    1. Berserker
    2. Eye on Earth

      Eye on Earth

      *Boops twice and then bleeps*

  3. tokidokiiiiiiiii iluuuuuuu

    i got your package today! This is THE BEST.  I can't believe you did thos for me.  BEST BOX EVER.  Pls buy a cat and share custody with me for the rest of our live thnx.

    1. toki


      :heart: [i'm glad you like the stuffs - &&&& happy irl level up day~]

    2. Berserker


      lvl 23 unlocked \●w●/

  4. [i didn't want to spend 80 on shipping so it should get to you on wednesday] :heart: 

  5. Happy BIRTHDAY <33333333333333333333333333

  6. You're wonderfully perfect for me <3

  7. I have the fanciest of panties.....

    Thank you.

    You rock.

    1. Berserker


      You're very welcome :)  They all fit ok?

    2. paranoidfembot



      I especially love the buttfloss!

      You're a gem. 

  8. how's the fit life goin? 

    /drive-by Mew-ing!

    1. Berserker


      /drive by cupkake leaving 


  9. Sounds like she has unhealthy trust issues/paranoia. You did the norm, she did the crazy imo. Normal, healthy relationships have open communication. If you ever had any queries you should first have brought them to her attention, asking her to disclose the need for multiple accounts, one of which you have no access to, and had a conversation about it like adults. Regardless, it obviously seems like she isn't mature enough to handle exchanges on this level, as her response to even your mild curiosity was to shut down all contact with her. If you're just a boytoy I could see why she has been so reclusive/controlling in what she shares, but if she truly considers you her significant other, there is no reason for this extreme reaction. Best advice, tell her she's being immature by shutting you out, and to communicate with you like an adult. Otherwise, write her off.
  10. HI :D

    1. theAstronaut


      hello. u are such a friendly intj haha

    2. Berserker


      I'm not friendly! RAWR~