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  1. Doesn't even look good.
  2. Does me seeing faith as stupid preclude me from the first option?
  3. Oh that post was directed TO me?
  4. I have no idea! I just stumbled upon it on a hentai website!
  5. Thanks a lot! Watching this compelled me to say farewell to paint.net ...... added to this post 4 minutes later: Btw your avatar looks very sharp, though not as sharp as my santa hat!
  6. Such garbage music! Your standards are low, my friend.
  7. Not even close! And what an insult!
  8. Hobos are very much more succinct than INTPs, but less so than cats! Your response is no response. This is not even a debate!
  9. Uh... I mean... if the litmus test of conciseness is to not speak at all, it is cats that win, no contest!
  10. Well, assuming a moderator even bothers coming to this thread... a ha ha ha ha! ...... added to this post 10 minutes later: Yeah but what about the hope of finding life NOT boring after all? Could you say PREMATURE DEATH? Haha!
  11. I hear alcohol is more effective than coffee in that regard.
  12. It's a shame I've never had an ENFJ teacher...
  13. Why, it is because INTPs don't even bother to have a discussion! ...... added to this post 0 minutes later: Yes.
  14. Photoshop is free while paint.net and GIMP cost $99!
  15. There's no such thing as a miracle drink!