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  1. You are right. A lot has been done. Yet it is still not enough. I could become a contrarian like Bill Gates, dupe the masses and amass a big sump of wealth in order to redistribute it. But I would no longer be able to reconcile with my self identity. I just don't see humanity as something to toy with. As it stands, I doubt the rich will ever be able to be convinced. They were greedy enough to appropriate all that wealth to begin with after all. I don't believe solving greed with more greed is the way to go. And I forgot to add one thing in my vision of no poverty. No exploitation. But if they cannot be convinced, the only solution would be bloodshed... How then to avoid bloodshed in the process of the eradication of poverty? I have not yet found a solution to that problem. I will read Henry Hazlitt's Economics in One Lesson before responding to any further replies.
  2. I still don't quite get how to sing from the chest. If I do it I sound like this http://vocaroo.com/i/s1mzDMTRAfVk
  3. I actually wrote two papers about poverty. For both papers I did not bother to retrieve them. The first one I got 80. The solutions I suggested were just rehashed from the literature. They all literally came from one single source of an online encyclopedia. It is in that paper I talked about how poverty came to be in detail. It was a history class after all. The second paper, I did it with my ENTP friend. We examined poverty from every conceivable angle. He from the business, psychological, nonprofit side. Me from the environmental, social, historical, economic side. I think I got 70 something. He insisted on the concept of learned helplessness, while I kept rejecting it. He also thought the poor are poor because they make no effort. I disagreed with him. In the analysis, the suggested solutions were just feel-good conventional answers such as increasing the financial contribution to poor countries and tell people to donate proportionately to their income, much like waiter tips, instead of flat amounts. I don't think it is as grandiose and unrealistic as you imagine. I base my definition of poverty on the basis of equal access to food, shelter, water, education, and now, the Internet. Once it is reality, all that will be left is... for me to pursue my own hobbies. ...... added to this post 10 minutes later: You hit no nerve. I was just in tears while reading through and responding, due to my own suffering.
  4. I am not bipolar. And I have been sleeping and eating. This has been a very emotive topic for me, especially with playing while I read through and responded to you all. I am vague because that is all I am able to come up with now. My strategy is no strategy. What I will do now and in the future, will form my emergent strategy. In strategic management, you are taught to have big goals. BHAGS, Big Hairy Audacious Goals, they call them. That goal will be the basis from which you concentrate all your effort toward your purpose. I don't think my goal is out of the reach of reality. That is why I aim so big, and that will serve as my motivation to see it to the end.
  5. I am an egalitarian person at heart. Poverty never resounded within me when I had access to all this present-day wealth. Silently I've been suffering for however long I can remember. For my last term in CEGEP, I wrote a paper about how to solve poverty. It all started with the colonist regimes, and the disparity has only been growing since then. All those overworked Chinese, Indian, South American workers. And the 800 million suffering from famine. The only thing to do... is to solve it once and for all, and in doing so, end the pain I've suffered.
  6. Yes. Slouching caused by weak abs will cause back pain. The cause is the slouching, the unstraightness of the back.
  7. I think you are deluded if you think negotiating with those greedy capitalists will amount to anything in the end. That qualification, I do not care about it. I am more than a paper. While the social context of business seems like an interesting and potentially useful course, I can self-teach myself. ...... added to this post 1 minute later: It is not enough. My life mission is to eradicate poverty from the face of this earth. You may think I am deluded in this grand mission I have undertaken myself, but it is what it is. I will not settle for anything less. I may die trying, and so be it. I will live with no regrets.
  8. That, is something I've been ruminating about since I realized my purpose in life a month ago. And something I will no doubt keep ruminating, until I find a solution to the problem of poverty. It may amount to nothing in the end... That is how Ni intuition works after all. But I would prefer that, to slaving away in a system corrupted by greed. If the strategic management class I'm taking this semester taught me anything useful, it is about finding your purpose, setting a grand goal, and letting the strategy unfold as I strive toward that goal.
  9. Yes... big butted people can't sleep on the floor. That certainly explains why the Japanese have been sleeping on the floor for most of their life. They have no butts.
  10. You misunderstood me. I do not intend to work in order to live a lavish life. I intend to sacrifice everything in order to make my vision come true. I... just want to preserve my self identity in the process.
  11. Oh, you're black. That certainly explains it. Or i'm just Asian. Asians have no butts, right?
  12. Heh... At least I'm not the only one who thinks it's not not a zero-sum game... I already understand how most of finance works. The courses I've already taken are Introduction to Finance Corporate Finance Capital Markets & Institutions Investment Management International Finance 1 This semester I'm taking Applied Corporate Finance Financial Statement Analysis All that remains next semester is Topics in Finance 1 (the subject is venture capital) Financial Derivatives International Finance 2 I don't see how it could be any more useful...
  13. But FINANCE is useless in what I intend to do! I've done all the requisites of the B.Com. (Well, nearly. All that's left is Social Context of Business after this semester) All that's left are that B.Com requisite, one more philosophy course for my minor, and 3 finance classes.
  14. Well, yeah. This is only valid for those with a normal spine. Though I do believe it can be fixed. Prior to going to a buddhist chiropractor that really worked her back (She was in pain. I too was in the short amount she decided to pound on my back, while the problem I had was limited to my arm's mobility after I fell on it), my mom was unable to sleep on the floor. Now her back hurts whenever she sleeps on the bed, which is more often than I like, as my hard-headed ISTJ dad heedlessly forces her to sleep with him on the bed.
  15. I've thought about it. A B.Com in finance doesn't amount to much in the end. My door is not forever barred either. I can always return to finish it later on, assuming I don't go back on my rationalization of continuing until the end of this semester. But even then that can be arranged through faking depression...