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  1. Coffee is life. Life is coffee.
  2. Hi, nice to see someone like-minded. Yeah, leftist can be tough. Most of them are just projecting their own greed and inmorality onto capitalism.

  3. I read your posts on Anarcho-Capitalism (or free market anarchism if you wish) in the thread "All INTJ Government." I just suddenly got a massive urge to drop by and say hi, as an AnCap myself.


    PS, it's not easy to debate with leftists, i know. For some reason they never actually seem to have any proof or sources regarding what they are talking about. Socialism doesn't work, and anyone who understands politics and has lived in a socialistic country understands that.

  4. I mastered the art of perjury at a young age. The fact that i'd get physically punished for rewinding the VHS tape in the wrong direction might have had something to do with it! :D
  5. I'd say my identity is 40% my career, 50% my values, 10% attitude. Simply because i love my job with a passion and wouldn't care to do anything else. My values are mostly political thoughts symphatizing with the idea of freedom. Attitude varies between activities and such of course, but what's always at the bottom of it is anti-authority.
  6. A, A all the way. I don't believe in relationships. I can actually do something productive (and entertaining) with money.
  7. "Don't let the state take my things."
  8. I voted no, even though it actually depends on the circumstances. It's her decision.
  9. They'll keep on discovering perfectly preserved dog shit in plastic bags and wonder what the fuck is wrong with us. Also, they'll probably think of us the same way we think of the 18th century. (Or before, even.) OR They'll praise us like gods for creating early concepts of their devices.
  10. Answered no for the poll. By my books someone 'average' is someone i am not attracted to. If i am attracted to someone, she's an insta-10 in my mind even if she'd be 'average' to everyone else.
  11. I've only discussed them at an internet forum after experiencing something very traumatic. Never have talked about them to another person that i've known "IRL", never will.
  12. This thread is amusing, i like it. And the correct answer to the above question: The suit makes the man obviously. Welcome to the forum.
  13. Here's the test, you can check the results by scrolling down. http://www.naute.com/puzzles/woods.php Took about eight seconds to find it.
  14. House Targaryen 60% Stark, 81% Lannister, 65% Baratheon, 52% Tully, 58% Tyrell, 79% Martell, 85% Targaryen, 71% Greyjoy and 7% Arryn! - Quick-tempered - Prone to extremes - Will fight to the end for what they feel they deserve - If they want something, they take it - Willing to use any and all means necessary to accomplish their goals - Little interest in philosophizing about issues of morality - Little tolerance for weak or foolish people - Do not wish to be seen as ordinary or common
  15. 1. I'm walking alone. 2. It's a wolf. 3. We both looked at each other for a minute and went separate ways. 4. It's a fairly big mansion. 5. There's a low iron fence with sharpened heads. 6. There's a long mahogany table with seats around it, nothing more. 7. Porcelain. 8. I take a quick look at it and let it be. 9. It's a small pond. 10. I walked on top of it.