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    The more I learn the less I realise I know
  1. yes, sadly, Malaysia does have a problem with exported terrorism to Indonesia. Indonesia struggles with it. The camps at Poso and elsewhere have traditionally had outside funding and trainers from everywhere from Syria to Malaysia. Even Great Britain. But Abu Bakar Bashir, was a very famous example of the Malaysian issue.

    Also, fundamentalism is strong in Malaysia outside of KL and a couple other spots. More diverse communities have less of a problem. But years ago, fundamentalism announced itself when schoolgirls who did not wear headscarves were bullied by other students. It has become more accepted but more widespread.

  2. I do. I recently gave up a safe, well paying corporate job because it had become so meaningless (apart from the paycheck) and frustrating with corporate BS. I tried to just check out mentally and cash in but it didn't fit. At the moment I'm searching for something that I'll really be able to connect to so I can recommit and be happy putting some effort in.
  3. No prob. Enjoy your new tan. ;)

    Oh and if you could prepare for just one thing... Don't forget the bug spray!

  4. That is a good point. If alone I actually would avoid Malaysia as well. Smaller communities can be more heavily islamic fundamentalist than Indonesia. The Bali and Jakarta bomb terrorists were largely from Malaysia or run through Malaysia

  5. I can't remember exactly where I found it but the artist is Patricia Ariel. I love the way she blends intense and insightful looks with the vagueness of watercolors (or at least their look).

  6. rest & parkour, there's another dichotomy ;) Thanks for the comments.

  7. Hey, where did you find that avatar pic? Who's the artist, do you know?

  8. Anything that will give me a new perspective on anything or a new way of thinking about something. Otherwise some rapid fire witty biting conversations.
  9. There's a lot of different types of leadership which will have different levels of success depending on the situations you want to lead in. Some people will simply use charisma and voice and not a whole lot else. That's not my style. I only lead 6 people in a technical environment, but I see my role as their support and guidance which is a different skill set to what most people consider leadership to be.
  10. IMO too. The dichotomy is kind of the point and the uneasiness. Thanks, it's this kind of sentiment that pushed me to do it. I've tried the gradual approach but it's been too easy to fall back into my standard self and ways. At the moment I'm looking at Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and maybe Malaysia.
  11. Plan / review stuff that's on my plate or what I want to be doing, I try to have something to write with around to get thoughts out instead of running around in my head. Otherwise daydream from my myriad of fantasies (I generally have a few on the go that I flip back to and build on or change)
  12. So, I quit my job and now have a vague idea to go backpacking through SE Asia in pretty random fashion for 4 months (have to be back for a wedding). The highly detailed, normally strategic, introverted side of me is now wondering WTF are you thinking. Has anyone else done something like this (not just travelling but jumping from a quite highly structured, safe environment into noisy randomness)? How did it push your typical INTJ buttons? Any tips?
  13. When you figure you should probably hug a friend after finishing an important personal conversation, in doing so they thank you and say they wanted to but weren't going to because they didn't want to upset you.
  14. 3 words - Not good enough Right now not good, but hopefully transversing to not good enough, good enough and good.
  15. I recommend a serious revaluation on this front. Random uncontrolled emotion is weakness, positive emotion is the thing that can keep you motivated and make things worthwhile. At the moment I've lost my vision, emotion and motivation, but when I was motivated it was because I had a vision of what I wanted and it felt good to pursue it. I think I rationalized my way away from this.