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    4w5 sp/sx
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    Rlu|A|I (Acc.)
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    Hello, I'm Snowy.
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    South-central Texas
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    Trying to figure out myself and the world around me.
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  1. Heh, yeah I totally feel that, especially the waiting for it to stop part. Like I don't want to be mean or rude, though I do feel bad that I'm not as invested in the moment as they are. I think it's good to let them know though, if it's something that bothers you. They'd likely understand, especially if you let them know it's not because you don't want to kiss them or anything, it's just a case of having too much of a good thing.

  2. (Great thread idea, by the way.) Picked 2 out of my 3 ideal jobs. Freelance Artists didn't have anything: Bonus..
  3. Ah. Got it. With mine, they just don't seem to get tired of it or know when to stop I guess? I mean it's fun for a while, but man after a certain point I'm just wanting it to be over. Especially when I finally manage to pull away and we're just laying there or something and then they turn back into me and make another move and I'm like "welp, here we go again." Of course I cared about the girls I was/am dating so I put up with it. I feel like it'd be weird to suggest "can you um, please kiss me less?" ya know?

  4. Contemplating sleep..
  5. But pancakes are tasty without syrup, and syrup is tasty without pancakes. :p
  6. Needy partner, required a lot of physical affection. Fun sometimes, but mostly not.

    How was / is it with yours? Enjoyable, tolerable, difficult to keep up with? :cool:

  7. Incredible need? What exactly do you mean by that?

  8. It came from incredible need, which was incredibly exhausting.. :faint:

  9. Skylar is not a good example of the common woman, but of one everyone should stay away from, and strive not to become.
  10. That would actually be an insightful superpower..
  11. Who the heck puts yellow as a webpage background color..? - - - Sure :)
  12. I have to agree, however unintentional it is.
  13. Extroverted when it comes to people close to me. But otherwise..
  14. I didn't even know half of these words, just used my intuition. Guess I should work on my vocabulary skills, but.. How?
  15. I liked to kiss way, way less than my previous partner. It was a little irritating, since my lips would often go raw. Honestly I'm glad that's not an issue anymore.