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  1. Maybe I did though I have long forgotten the reason why :confused:

  2. You hate to agree with me that much? ;D

  3. Linguistic wankery more than anything else. We use both tenseless and tensed language without contradiction.
  4. Under no circumstance is suicide justifiable. It is a crime against humanity. It is to treat humanity in oneself as a mere means, a violation of a perfect duty.
  5. Nice picture, lol

  6. I voted for Ron Paul in the primaries. I experienced the disillusion of the Bernie Bros a while ago ....

  7. I thought global warming caused the BRExit

  8. Cryptography is cool. *.* I've studied it a bit in my spare time, but I only know the theory, not how to apply it. (That sentence would make an excellent summary of most of my life.) But I agree: privacy should be a high priority for individuals, and outsourcing the responsibility sounds terribly risky.

    I read a bunch of stories in Analogue yesterday. None of them were that good, though. <( ̄3 ̄)> I fail to understand how 90% of the stories out there come into existence. Do people actually derive pleasure from writing them, or do they do it for the money, or what?

    I take it you mean the 4th Amendment to the American Constitution: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures?

    Are you researching anything aside from politics right now? I'm poking around looking at precambrian biology, as well as doing some puzzles. (I solved "Einstein's" riddle; it wasn't that hard, just time-consuming.)

    1. setsume


      this site has become unnavigatable of late. Merry Christmas.

  9. You rock! A thinker...

  10. Human life is not a commodity and is therefore priceless.
  11. I'm good at throwing people off. What good is there to live inside a box in the minds of others? *mysticiousness level over 9000*

    Not necessarily to convince them they are crazy, but to foster sanity. I looked up David Brin on wikipedia and saw his stance on privacy and surveillance in "The Transparent Society" which I found worrying. I'm a fan of the fourth amendment. I do recognize an existential threat with the internet that requires humanity to mature enough to protect and defend privacy on it. People need to relearn the art of mysticiousness as well as learn to use cryptography properly, and not outsource that responsibility to any third party.

  12. Yes, that's right. I've used the same principle to argue personhood begins at conception, along with the fact that it is only at conception there is sufficient genetic material for the cell to develop, only needing a supply of nutrients to grow (and in this respect it does not differ to any other stage of development). Therefore the moral capacity already exist in its most primitive undeveloped form in the zygote, and is formed at conception.

  13. The unborn obviously have "the potential to be moral agents". Therefore, you believe they have rights. Yes?

  14. Oh, thank you. I have chronic pain, and sometimes it gets acute. Also, insomnia will get bad if I take the pain medicine. I have to eat very little, and have other limitations. I'm OK today. I can't get out but I am not in too much pain, and that is very good. :)

  15. saw the post in the R&M forum, hope you are okay.