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    I won't be able to write this till I'm dead.
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    Silicon Valley
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    No longer employed at my local jc bookstore and with an ENTP entrepreneur who sells books online
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    playing Piano, watching Anime, researching Games and never playing them, ...ect
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    ^Yes, if you're wondering, an INFJ.

    24735 does it have any significance?
    I love meddling around with php because I have no clue about it.
  1. Wow dude, kinda inspirational. I hope you can do all that stuff. :) Makes me think, perhaps I should make that list...

  2. I'm not sure everyone can use those positive emotions - gotta learn to be able to take advantage of those kinds of moods (not sure INTJ style critical thinking runs well off of that). Even so, good thing to try.

  3. Thanks :D, I'm not sure, but I think it was intentionally over impassioned, almost as a parody of typical "motivational" things. I suppose I also did it because I keep hearing about the overabundance of negativity.

  4. Don't worry about not being able to see yourself in a mirror. No one ever can. It's the way dreams are :cheesy: so don't take it to heart.

  5. Here's a non Roescoenian thing to do: Post a message, a motivational one, addressed to everyone. Dear everyone I just want you to see, to see the world for what it is. A place of dreams, a place of real dreams, good ones and nightmares. A place to live, a place to die. I want you all to see that this is a place of work. No one gets around sitting down all the time, no one gets "life" if you just wait for it to come to you! You must seek it out. You must strive for achievement. You must strive for a better place, make it yours. But don't stop there! You have to make ours, everyone's. You must show what it means to love and be loved. You must show what it means to struggle and be under, to be on the verge of give up. In fact to have given up, yet to come back! To come BACK! Show the world who you are, who we are. Be the love you wish for. And most importantly, seek life!
  6. The size of my pancreas is twice the size of what you would get if you enlarged a Gaussian Surface enclosing flux with twice the charge of the moon, when it was pushed by the tides of the earth toward the center of the galaxy eventually resulting in total loss of force from which the earth rotates.
  7. Mostly the latter--I've come to realize that I can define myself better than any of the M-B theorists have thus far proven able to; so the framework's lost considerable (personal) utility.


  8. So Suraj gets the identity crisis eh? Or is it a direct denial to MBTI?:derp:

  9. Why thank you. :cheesy:

  10. This is surprisingly insightful for this forum

  11. So who's gonna be first to 100k posts? :derp: You and Coop have been neck and neck... Glad to be back :)

  12. Lol "Coping" You really have to realize that not everyone thinks alike, which I can tell you know, but you also have to realize that you aren't necessarily "right". I have come to be able to "relate" to sensors by means of asking them real life questions. Everyone has to think, at least a little bit, about questions like, "what are your current goals". Another thing to realize is that you probably won't get much of an answer out of people. Really the only way to find them is to hunt them ;) Even though I am a definite introvert, I have meet with tons of people. You simply have to get over the initial interaction stage and then you can free yourself to find more people. Because if you think about it logically, the more people you meet the more likely it is to meet someone you know how to talk to. Along the the way you'll be learning valuable lessons about yourself. It's really the way life works. And yes, there will be people you never can communicate to the extent you want to. You just have to take it as-is and realize that they may be telling it to you in a different way...
  13. I really like steins gate as well. Its one of my favorite anime's.