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  1. I too am doomed to wander the world repairing things, the only trouble is that I bore quite easily and move on, so ending up with a very broad range of skills but perhaps (at least by my rather harsh INTJ standards) with only a few areas of real expertise.
  2. I used to hate it with a passion, and my Garden was always an overgrown mess, these days I have a couple of brushcutters and a petrol lawnmower and its such an easy task that I just do it .
  3. I have heard that people with damage to their Pons Medulla can do things like that.
  4. I am really perplexed at you guys trying to calculate why a Harley Rider is having trouble cornering, great bikes they may be but cornering is low on their list of priorities, they are usually constrained by their appallingly poor ground clearance, better bikes are not thus constrained.
  5. I am considered to be rather good at driving cars/trucks and riding motorcycles, It was an important skill when I was younger and I formed good habits, I use observation and experience to anticipate the antics of others and am probably happier in a "challenging" situation or riding in a "making progress" fashion than I am in everyday driving, where sometimes I lack the input to keep me concentrating.
  6. That´s pretty cool, an aquatic version of it.

  7. I found that spending a lot of time living on my boat gave me the solitude and exposure to nature that I needed, I kept it up a tidal creek, in view of the mountains, I saw all kinds of wildlife, life was dominated by the tides and weather, I sailed around empty sea and had as much human contact as I desired, it also enabled me to meet people who also "get it"
  8. I tried it about ten years ago, I noticed no discernible effect, mind you I have been taking SSRIs for a couple of years now and I dont really notice anything there either, I am going to stop them and observe what happens.
  9. Indifferent at best, they are an anachronism in the modern world, not many people are actually monarchists.
  10. Sounds like a combination of machismo and a language problem to me, dont take it to heart, He was probably trying to impress.
  11. Waste time online in a number of fora, Motorcycle, bicycle for exercise, used to play guitar, need to get back in, really enjoy mechanical fixing things, today I serviced an elderly friends car, yesterday I repaired mine after my wife drove into a flood, really enjoyed living on my boat for weeks at a time, being out in the fresh air is good for me, also enjoy constructive exercise like log splitting, I think I am often choosing activities that offer instant gratification, when my car started up yesterday it felt great.
  12. I dont like shouting, in an argument the first person to raise their voice has just lost, rarely raise my voice, when I was teaching the kids noticed that I never shouted at them, not considered a bad thing, on the rare occasions that I do raise my voice the effect can be dramatic, possibly due to the rarity value.
  13. Sorry for your loss, I lost my father this summer, He did not want to die alone in the night so I moved in, we were not that matched, but reconciled some stuff, really glad I did it, it took a load off Mum, even though he was a bastard to me in my earlier life we found common ground, even though you think it (grief) is not affecting you, it will be, and you will only realise that as it goes away.
  14. Boats moving, small tents, the worse the weather the better once I am snug.