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  1. Your career isn't bound by what your type "generally" does. I'm an ENFP. Textbook type for my profession (I'm in social work/counseling). But I've met an ISTJ who is excellent and has very high emotional intelligence, and my advisor, arguably an ENTP, is insanely brilliant at social work despite being so obviously a thinker and not a typical "feely woo woo" kind of woman. I know another professor who is an ESTJ and she takes on leadership roles in agencies with ease. Honestly, your type gives you strengths, and those strengths can be used in unorthodox ways for an atypical profession choice for your type. Also, in a way, there can be a strength in being a minority because you'll bring to the table things that may be uncommon for the typical STEM thinkers in your profession. That might set you apart. An ISFP mathematician who might also be creative and spontaneous? That could be a real treasure for your workplace.
  2. ye olde potatoe
  3. Best cage I could find for Pickles! ...... added to this post 2 minutes later: Best cage I could find for Pickles!
  4. Isn't being valueless the point of something going in the lounge?
  5. LOL. Mostly multiple choice tests for psych majors, which hardly justifies some of the armchair psychologists who think they're sooo smurt by the end of it. Classical studies, my other degree, sort of depends. Like Jesus, some of those language tests were fucking intense. Latin and Ancient Greek teachers are Nazis... However, I think some of the history/mythology classes were kind of like psych where they ask you multiple choice questions for the readings. I honestly learned a shit ton from having to write so many essays though. That was more free-form knowledge acquisition and boy did it teach me how to argue a point.
  6. It's happened almost instantly to me before.
  7. That was an incredibly beautiful piece and synopsis, thank you! You have a very good memory, I do indeed hate Bach! And for the reason you listed too, the systematicness. Lol. I even turned off a guy on a date once for expressing my vehement hatred of him. It's amazing because the Romantic Era is my favorite time period for arts of all medias and Tchaikovsky is probably my favorite composer (though I switch around a lot, I've probably favored him most from childhood and on). You have a gift!
  8. Definitely not an ENFJ hon. I think you're an INFJ who has well-developed Ti. You probably think you could be a thinker because you're so logical but honestly a lot of feelers can be highly logical.
  9. Here's one I could actually do! However, my pastas aren't very beautiful (even if they are delicious!) and I don't own any cool plates or china to present it on
  10. You keep doing that is it really that fun?
  11. Well, I'm glad to know you'd never raid my fridge
  12. Greek yogurt?? REALLY? o_O Wtf is wrong with you? Greek yogurt is amazing and healthy! If this is a texture, it's like frosting in its texture.
  13. I really hate canned peaches. Seriously, I practically throw up anytime I get a whiff of them. I blame it on how the big dumpsters in my grade school years would have leftover canned peaches dumped in them, and they'd be baking in the hot sun for days. We'd have to stand in line to buy lunch by those dumpsters. I'd gag each time I bought lunch and would always hold my nose. (Luckily my parents usually didn't have me buy lunch.) Regardless, canned peaches equal hot garbage to me and trigger very persistent gag reflexes.