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  1. Thank you so much for the very helpful answer! I hope we will be able to use this and perhaps even make some money someday.
  2. Yah, my boyfriend and I have a goal of going garage/yard sale hunting regularly for retro games this summer. He collects games and has a ridiculously huge collection. Any tips on what ones we should look for? He's mentioned how if we're ever down on our luck he wouldn't mind flipping some of the games so it'd be worth it to know what would be more valuable. Also, it'd be useful to know what might be determinants for considering something to be in good condition without trying it in the actual console. I'm a little worried some of the games won't work, but that's a risk you have to take when you shop at garage sales I suppose.
  3. Thanks for clarifying about your training. I am hoping that what I said didn't sound demeaning about your experience. You should always be entitled to ask questions about anything you might not fully understand and we should be able to discuss that in a way that encourages growth, not the opposite. I didn't mean to hinder that growth if it seemed like I was talking down to you. This place should be a positive environment for learning about psychology, not a negative one. Maybe that above situation is coming partly from your tendency to analyze and best utilize the architectural/design concepts of "space" and "mass." I mean, you're an architect, why wouldn't you be anal if something is "off" in the physical world? Your job is to make things work physically. You should be sensitive to such. Perhaps this "analness" is just you having refined understandings and experiences of the physical world due to your training. Or maybe that refined sensitivity is what originally made you a good architect. Chicken or the egg argument. --- Anyway OCD and OCPD come from specific neurotemplates, much like other psychological diagnoses, though I'm not saying it's 100% from that. I don't like to say that psychological tendencies and disorders are only genetic; that assumption that some medical professionals make has always bothered me. Both my own training and my own experience leads me to believe that the majority of the causes are environmental factors which make genetic predispositions flare up. Basically things like this might be a way your mind and body is trying to adapt to stress. You might be genetically predispositioned to react to stress in such a way. So perhaps your "nitpickiness" is your mind's way of asserting control and boundaries over its environment on top of your aforementioned sensitivity to aesthetics/physical environment.
  4. Hmm. This might be an national difference. In the United States you would've had training in the DSM regardless, even if you weren't making the same assessments. I would've at least assumed you'd utilize the ICD-10 to make diagnostic calls. My bad for not knowing that. Either way, that's how the updated DSM-5 version works. Perhaps the information from my above post may assist you in your quest for further knowledge with this topic.
  5. Well most of the tendencies in the DSM-5 as you know Sarea are already natural tendencies found across humankind. The DSM-5 diagnoses themselves are once the tendencies breach into "extreme" territory. Like a spectrum from white to black, of course there are some people who are varying shades of gray.
  6. So much chopping @_@ @yes, do you use one of those little chopping machines or do you chop that EVERY morning? God, I can barely roll out of bed that early let alone find the motivation to chop a bunch of vegetables.
  7. I saw two chubster linebacker type guys holding hands when I drove past them and it made me happy for the rest of the day i feel like you don't usually see two bears at once, usually a bear and some other type of guy, maybe a twink...
  8. Oh god. If my boyfriend didn't love me anymore I'd be destroyed. Like I literally can't think about what I would feel like, it's too painful to picture.
  9. When are you going to realize that I am a complete and total basket case? Sigh. Sometimes you seem too good to be true. It's hard for me because I keep thinking you'll want to leave me for having flaws... but you're as loyal as they come. I am so lucky to have you. It's so hard wrestling with imperfection. It's difficult because we're about to move forward on to the next step. I've never been this far with anyone and neither have you. Yet you inspire me every step of the way, with your wisdom and emotional intelligence and patience and kindness. You put many of the social workers in my cohort to shame with how good you are at counseling even though you have no education in that realm. You're amazing. I love you so much. Thank you for giving me the time and attention that I need when I am scared. You made it all better, though of course this fear isn't something that will go away overnight. Once again I love you handsome. Thank you again. I'll talk to you again tomorrow when you come back from work.
  10. i died at the halo thing. ...... added to this post 37 minutes later: teabag that misogynist ...... added to this post 13 minutes later: lmao @ spongebob ww2 memes
  11. Yaaaaaaaaay an enfp lesbian!!!
  12. i want that to be my clubhouse!!
  13. This happened a fair amount in my adult life. I was limerant a couple different times for rather long term periods. I also nursed a handful of much shorter crushes in college, though I got those out of my system quickly by asking the person out and being rejected. I finally realized about a year and a half ago that this "unrequited love from afar" entracement was a method I used to protect myself. If you only think about relationships, you can avoid the vulnerability aspect of them. It's significantly easier to feed off of infatuation and never have to actually be emotionally intimate with someone. Also, it saves you the pain that comes from both experiencing conflict and acknowledging the flaws of you and your partner. Believe me, I know both sides to this. It's EXHILARATING to be obsessed with someone and never share it with them. You can come up with a million romantic fantasies about them, experiment endlessly with perfect conversations in your head, and analyze everything you know about them a thousand times over. It feels so fulfilling to indulge in something that isn't, so beautifully tragic since they don't know or don't want you back... But more than anything, it's safe. The thing is, that's not love. For the longest time, I thought it was. I thought love was simply caring a ridiculous amount about a person, thinking about them all the time, feeling exhilarated by the mere thought of them. But that's not love. And just that feeling is really not as fulfilling as it feels. Real love is knowing someone. Real love is having them see you, truly you, metaphorically naked. Real love is standing by someone when shit hits the fan. Real love is a choice, not a feeling. Sure you feel the fuzzy infatuation with them... But it's not the constant infatuation that movies make it out to be. That infatuation is just a feeling, it wavers up and down because biologically, you can't be obsessed with someone at that intensity forever. It will drain your brain of dopamine. You would get mentally sick. Infatuation lights the brain up the way addiction does, after all. And we all know that addiction isn't sustainable. Real life love reveals you. It opens you up to what you aren't, and it exposes your flaws and shortcomings in a way that you could never realize on your own. At the same time though, it repairs you. It comforts you open-armed, accepts you for what you are. Though it's powerful, it's still a simmer, a comfort, a companionability. It motivates you to be the best you can be, but still gives you a place to fall back on. It wants the best for you, but it wants to do it together. It wants to put in the time and the work that "loving from afar" never could. It's hard. Really, really fucking hard. Possibly the hardest thing you might ever do. But it's worth it. There's nothing more empowering than truly loving or being loved. I highly recommend it.
  14. i don't know who's weirder, me or you i'm glad you let me wake you up to cuddle. i will do that after i'm done bouncing around the house with hyperactivity. it was also sweet today when you told me you felt jealous. you've never really allowed yourself to look "weak" (your perception of it) with an emotion like that. it's sweet.