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  1. I think dogs are kind of like mindless slaves and they have so much less personality than cats do. They also are smelly.
  2. A Major I hope you know how to boogie. Congratulations, you’re A Major, and you got them blues! A Major is an ideal key for playing blues in, due to its decreased number of sharps when played with flat 3rds and 7ths. Guitar players love this key, and several have actually made careers of playing A, D and E chords over and over again in that oh so cliché I IV V progression we all know and love. Being a bluesy key is a blessing, since you can be emotive and soulful out the ass. All that’s missing is a few blue notes and you’re golden. So you may not have the blues, you say? Well this key isn’t really about sadness, it’s about being individualistic and emotive, with enough soulfulness to go around. You can’t help but be an emotional person, but that’s a great thing. Just don’t stay on the metaphorical blue notes too long, eventually dissonance gets a wee bit obnoxious. SONG EXAMPLE: Lady Madonna by The Beatles. INTERESTING TIDBIT: * Despite clarinets being tuned in B Flat, a good number of Mozart’s clarinet based works are written in sharp key signatures, notably including a lot of A Major. I guess he had some sort of grudge against the poor clarinetist he hired.
  3. make some stupid SJ your slave and mold their weak sensor mind into doing everything for you
  4. orange cream sherbet ice cream (basically the ice cream version of a creamsicle)
  5. There are different types of intelligence. Having compatible conversations is more important than equal types of one single intelligence.
  6. I suggest you write a lot more about your motives, your personality, your quirks, your interests and your actions if you want people to analyze you. You barely post on here. Less than 500 posts in a year and a half on this forum is practically inactive by INTJf's standards. This forum moves too fast for that However, for what it's worth, you always seemed INFP to me. The way you phrase things seems to be emotional and coming from an emotional motive. This is not to say you aren't logical or intelligent or analytical (I'm all those things, and I'm an ENFP ). You just seem so "feeler" to me.
  7. I do love Costco very very much, but I've had to seriously cut back shopping there since my funding for graduate school is getting more restricted. As others have mentioned, it's difficult to get out of the store without having spent over $150. Luckily, I don't have to pay the fee for membership because it was gifted to me. I feel like I need to emphasize the one amazing thing about my membership that I still take advantage of frequently: gas. The gas at my Costco is the cheapest in probably a 30 mile radius. (I think there are a couple gas stations the next town over that about match Costco's gas prices. I used gasbuddy.com to check just now). I regularly check if I'm getting the best deal because I need to be a penny pincher, and 98% of the time it's better than everyone else by at least 20 cents a gallon. I also want to emphasize that as corporations go, Costco appears to be a good one with a conscience; it reputably treats employees very well with a high living wage and full time benefits. I do appreciate that in a company, so I feel that's worth mentioning. I'm not sure if BJs or Sam's are the same.
  8. When I hear "mental hygiene" I think of "mental self-care" so perhaps you should think of something a little less confusing to use as a term for that description, seeing as the psychological definition of self-care isn't what you're talking about. On a different note, I feel like examining my values and worldviews comes through several different ways. I often choose to surround myself with intelligent, perceptive, honest people who challenge me and call me on my shit. That has helped iron out the kinks of my dysfunctional mental templates. I came from an abusive home enviroment, so having a friend be like "you only feel that way because your mom sent you X toxic message growing up" has really helped me mature as a person over the years. Another very helpful avenue for your idea of "mental hygiene" is to go to therapy. A good therapist will challenge you when your perspective, attitude, or actions are unhealthy or they will help you refine what you truly want deep down. An excellent therapist's art comes not from pure advice giving, but from helping draw out what advice you have within you. Finally, I find that setting aside time to meditate, reflect, and allow yourself to simply "be" allows the unpleasant aspects of your psyche to bubble up to the surface. Journalling also helps you use different parts of your brain all at once in ways that speaking alone won't often do. The logical, analytical, language driven-part will unify with the emotional, primal, nonverbal limbic system driven part when you put words onto paper. It's very healthy and holistic to examine your feelings, thoughts, and perspective that way.
  9. I like Tide or Costco's knock-off version of Tide, which is so cheap, especially when it's on sale. For major stains or things that look like the wash could ruin them (like with beads, sparkles, etc.) I hand-wash stuff in my sink with Woolite delicates. I drizzle that stuff with Shout stain remover and scrub with a toothbrush, which I also do with the regular laundry stuff. I douse the living shit out of my clothes when it comes to detergent and spot treatment. I splurge on laundry stuff because for some reason I've had bad experiences with my stains/bodily odor not coming out with other detergent. I think part of this is I tend to wear my clothes more than once; never if it's smelly or anything, just that I think it's totally okay to wear something a few times before washing it. I think the other part is I've had bad experiences with the effectiveness of washing machines I've had to use in the past. I definitely go overboard when it comes to putting detergent on things, especially compared to my boyfriend who just uses a single cup for like his only load of wash each week. I will use shout wipes (kind of like the tide to go pens) to extend the lives of clothes before washing them too. I also have so many clothes that I don't really need to wash them all that often because there are so many in rotation. I do try to wash my sheets, comforter, and pillow cases as much as possible though (so like I try to every 2 weeks though that sometimes doesn't happen). That's just good for your skin and being sanitary. In the end though, laundry can be such an ordeal for me because I have so many clothes and I'm so intense about it that I will often send it out to a local place that does it for me. I don't send out the heavy stuff or the delicates or the sheets though.
  10. Yes and no. I think I'm more book smart than a lot of people in my social work graduate program, though I feel much of that is skill that's been refined over the years. (Most of them haven't had a humanities education like the one I received, so they can't analyze things or churn out 20 page essays as quickly.) On the other hand, I went to a very good undergrad college where I regularly met people with genius level IQs or who were far more talented than me, so I am not foolish enough to think I have nothing to learn. I've been surrounded by intellectuals my whole life. Besides, there's really no one way to gauge intelligence, because there are multiple types (and this is coming from someone who could be legally allowed to administer IQ tests with the degree I'm receiving ). I am of the opinion that I can learn something new from everyone that I meet, as everyone is skilled at different things and has different life experience. That's my mantra. I also think I'm smart enough to know that I know nothing in the scope of things. The people who think they're reaaaallllyyyy smart? Those are the dumb ones
  11. I keep missing you in chat - you seem to log out right before I log in lol. CONSPIRACY!?!?! WTF EMMY, Y U AVOIDING ME?!

    But really, we should chat again soon! Been a while.

    1. eminentThymine


      Maybe you're monitoring active chat users and log in when you see me log off. CONSPIRACY?

      I'll still be around, but classes start tomorrow so I might not be on as often on certain days.

  12. Exposing my friend to "Cake Farts"
  13. I think we're unique enough to be memorable, and we give off a fiery, sexy vibe.
  14. Oh, cool, I always play as mages. That should be well-suited to how I normally am in games then.
  15. My ex told me this story once. Apparently in the original Sims, Bella from the premade family came over to his sim's house, didn't talk to anyone, went straight to the pool just to drown herself... She was in NPC mode so it was super spooky. NPC suicide