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  1. i'm in the "eat the worst first, save the rest for later" camp delaying gratification is the KEY to life
  2. What do you mean? That you relate to them and want them to be your type lol? I have related to a lot of INFPs and INFJs in movies (example: Amelie Poulain). Maybe it's just the NF connection we have?
  3. I would like that if so. It was one of my favorite stories as a child A good evolution of the Eros and Psyche tale. However, she seems far more INFP/INFJ in the animated movie. But back when I first got into MBTI I really wanted Belle to be an ENFP because I related to her and she was my favorite Disney princess.
  5. I have serious attachment disorder issues. I flip back and forth between "normal BP" and being extremely anxious/avoidant/standoffish/cold as I become progressively more and more vulnerable with someone. I look for flaws so I can run away, then I always have to rationalize not doing so. When single, I can be very flirty and fun with people I don't care about. However, with a person I legit care about, I can be a nervous wreck, especially as time goes on. My poor boyfriend is very patient. We have just moved in together and he's having to put up with so much bullshit on my end because this is a vulnerable thing for me I am trying to be more mature about it but it's hard... This song is what it's like to date me, both the music video and the lyrics: Also, I'm very cuddly but with a caveat - I have like 100 different exuberant laughs which means if I'm cuddling close to my BF we're likely playing and being silly so I'll be bursting out laughing and cackling. Because I just bust up like that, I tend to spit on him a lot on accident LMAO it's become a running joke. Which is quite unfortunate. See, he really puts up with so much there should be like a label on me: DON'T DATE ME UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET SPIT ON!
  6. i never really can tell honestly. my opinion of my looks can change by the hour. most of the time these days i try to dress my best and look well put together. i cultivate my own personal style to express myself and try to do my makeup nicely. that way at least i can feel happy that i look as nice as i can and that at least gives me confidence. i always perform at my best when i'm trying to make the most of what i have. i feel more secure in my appearance then too. ...... added to this post 2 minutes later: oh did i already answer in this thread?
  7. i like you. you're nice.
  8. I'M IN A BASIC MOOD, OK?!?!?!??!
  9. yes because i am a cat.
  10. not so much alone so much as an unfulfilled life. i would rather not die alone, but it wouldn't surprise me if that happens. by the time i die, i want to have a loving relationship with myself so that i might've had a full life by the time I fade.
  11. LOL I'm so glad you made it Kprog. I recall we were talking about how people often think extroverts are "dumb" because they don't appear like the stereotypical serious loner nerd that TV shows always have as the trope. There definitely can be evil extroverts. I know some qualities of mine that make me good at social work (but could also be used for evil if I didn't have a really intense ethical code and a very guilty conscience) would be manipulation, reading people, "rolling with the punches" in any given situation, and charm. Like hell some kid that has to contingency plan everything before acting can top that on the spot. I think when you can taper your impulse control too, you can be quite calculating as an extrovert. That's the sweet spot.
  12. Run into an area with either a lot of rocks or a lot of really thick trees, then blow those things up so they fall on him.
  13. Yes. From 1st grade through the beginning of 10th grade. So a solid decade in my early school years, many different bullies. I think I was an easy target because I was taught to turn the other cheek, be passive, and care about everyone else's needs but my own. I was an HSP empath with a narcissist mother so I think she liked that I was bullied because she could be the martyr and make me more dependent on her. Then I was bullied last year for a semester by the Queen Bee of my cohort when I was in a group project with her. I've had people tell me she didn't like that I had innovative ideas and that I didn't always want to go along with her plans. My unintentional noncomformity threatened her. My best friend thinks she was threatened by my looks too, but I am not so sure I agree because my cohort has an unusually large amount of very attractive women (social psych just attracts pretty girls I guess lol). I dressed like a slob all the time that year as I was too stressed to care. Regardless, I found out from a new friend who is not in my program that this Queen Bee actually attended a group therapy session with her at one point and Queen Bee opened up about her passive aggression and control freakish ways and was trying to work on that immaturity. It was weird to hear about that and find out through the grapevine that Queen Bee is admitting she has a problem. I might dig for more information down the line if this new friend becomes closer to me, as I'm really curious to know more about Queen Bee lol.
  14. Yes... of course it is lol. My best friend went to school there and her English has the British accent and everything. She's like the coolest person I know. She's so snarky and badass and calm and intellectual. AND THE ACCENT OF COURSE!
  15. This. This. 100x this. Emotions are a compass which point to where you are and are always okay. They don't need to be repressed. However, a poor potential choice for an action might need to be repressed.