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    A wandering echo of something long forgot.
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    Steadily deteriorating into nothingness.
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    Is it possible that existence is our exile and nothingness our home?

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    "I don't regard my state of mind as some pessimistic view of the world. I regard it as the world itself. Evolution cannot avoid bringing intelligent life to an awareness of one thing above all else and that one things is futility...If people saw the world for what it truly is. Saw their lives for what they truly are. Without dreams or illusions. I don't believe they could offer the first reason why they should not elect to die as soon as possible…I know what is out there and I know who is out there. I rush to nuzzle his bony cheek. No doubt he'll be surprised to find himself so cherished." 

    —Cormac McCarthy.

  2. The entirety of Earth and Pillars' new album is now available to stream. Meow.

  3. Your pseudo-concern for the well-being of a person's progeny is amusing. Evidently, you fail to realize that the only way to ensure a child won't suffer developmentally, emotionally, or otherwise is to prevent them from being brought into existence in the first place. For, even if it were possible to provide a corpse-bearer with the best prenatal conditions possible―whatever you imagine those being―once out of the womb, their offspring will still necessarily be subjected―or, at the very least vulnerable―to an array of objectionable experiences, eventually culminating in their certain death. From the incessant demands of maintaining a functional human body, to the quite universal experiences of contracting an illness, sustaining an injury, or being in a state of emotional or mental distress, to the slightly less frequent―though still entirely possible―and often more intensely painful ordeals of being the subject of various forms of physical and/or emotional abuse, to all the other thinkable and unthinkable horrors under the sun―there isn't a single human in existence―past or present―who hasn't fallen somewhere on this spectrum. All of which could have been avoided with a simple act of reasoned self-restraint. As a species, even if our knowledge of how best to live continues to improve―and even if your advocacy for better prenatal conditions is a result of this supposed increase in cumulative well-being―humans still have yet to formulate a convincing argument as to why it's best to live, in the face of our assured destruction. Why must the world, and every future event imagined, be teeming with humans? Why do those who claim to care about the reduction of suffering continue to partake in prolonging and increasing it through procreating? Why are so many unable or unwilling to recognize that the only ones who are ever truly 'better off as a whole' are the unborn? Why do sentient beings seldom hear, let alone follow the advice of the eternal screams of life begging them to go extinct? Why?
  4. Declining birth rates.
  5. I live above a business whose hours of operation inversely coincide with the hours I'm usually awake, and I actively avoid interacting with the other human―or, more correctly, non-feline―occupants of my building.
  6. tumblr_obieubxcXI1v1ce4no1_1280_zps60vzv


    "Mankind as a whole has no goal or purpose whatsoever, but is a mere superfluous speck in the unfathomable vortices of infinity and eternity. Accordingly, I have hardly been able to experience anything which one could call real happiness; or to take as vital an interest in human affairs as can one who still retains the hallucination of a 'great purpose' in the general plan of terrestrial life."


    —H.P. Lovecraft.

  7. Battle Dagorath - I: Dark Dragons of the Cosmos and the first track from the forthcoming Earth and Pillars album.
  8. Iskandr - Zon.
  9. Mare Cognitum - Luminiferous Aether.
  10. Deadlife - Painlessly Lifeless.
  11. During my most recent weekly cat walk, I rescued one of the kitties I regularly encounter from nearly being locked inside of a parking garage overnight. Meow.
  12. Yes. I'm concerned that this particular reminder of the forces of disorder in the world won't infect enough newborns to prevent a numerically significant portion of the female population from becoming pregnant. Since reproducing already requires a certain degree of blind and baseless optimism, there's a comedic element to this virus which isn't lost on me: its transmission ensures that the half-witted decision to have a child is incarnated in the flesh.
  13. Hermóðr - Carved in Ice. Hermóðr - Past the Quiet Forest.