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    A wandering echo of something long forgot.
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    Steadily deteriorating into nothingness.
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  1. Found this gem while browsing through Bandcamp earlier:
  2. For your next avatar:


    1. Genotype


      Such a good idea.

  3. Reflection Nebula - Ekhar.
  4. My stillborn brother.
  5. tumblr_oal7gjA8ei1v1ce4no1_1280.jpg

    "Life's mystery wounds and frightens us in many ways. Sometimes it comes to us as a formless phantasm, the monstrous incarnation of non-being, and our soul trembles in the most terrible of fears. At other times it―the whole truth in all the horror of our inability ever to know it―lurks behind us, visible only so long as we do not turn round to see it. But the horror that racks me today is at once less noble and more corrosive. It is a wish not to think, a desire never to have been anything, a conscious despair in every cell of my soul. It is a sudden sense of being locked up in an infinite prison. Where can one even think of fleeing, if the prison cell is all there is?" 

    ―Fernando Pessoa.

  6. 1. I know of no wound―whether mental or physical―capable of surpassing being forever severed from non-existence through birth. 2. While a variety of fates may seem to follow from this irreparable event―ranging from the singularly wretched to the comparatively pleasant―every existent entity will eventually succumb to the ubiquity of their ruin. Eliminating the incurable scourge of being born from the equation dispenses with every possible unit of misfortune which could befall someone. But cognitive inadequacy inhibits most people's appreciation of this fact. 3. Those who recognize the calamitous nature of birth are precluded from a certain state of psychological quietude, myself included.
  7. I have an overactive dream life and can usually recall several details―from vague shadowy imprints to vivid mental impressions―of my oneiric exploits. This is unproblematic for the most part, excepting the all too harrowing intrusion of an indelible nightmare on my unconscious moments.
  8. Though my miserabilism is hardly conducive to garnering romantic interest, I'm quite selective with respect to who I choose to direct my interest toward, and am only drawn to those whose mental make-up mirrors my own. This preference―unhinged from suspicions of narcissism―is rather rooted in my desire to be understood. I'm inclined to believe that the person best suited to do so is someone whose experiences have caused them to arrive at the same unfavourable conclusions of existence as I have.
  9. tumblr_og8r4hjQ4N1v1ce4no1_1280.jpg

    "Imagine a brain in outer space, floating motionless, surrounded by black seas of infinity. The brain develops an eye, which turns to its surroundings, attempting to make sense of the empty black space, interpreting the light of the surrounding stars, the possible meaning of that light. The thoughts manifest a planet, a glowing orb swirling with milky clouds―its colour radiant. The planet is swarming with the world―the world-for-us―its finer details invisible from a great distance. The world comes together; a great amount of blood is shed over conflicts forgotten by time, and the colours of the glowing orb begin to change, to sour; the world breaks apart. The world-for-us, suddenly faced with the possibility of the world-without-us, looks beyond the known and toward the unknown, thus creating the otherworldly. This act of creation results in a great fear of the unknown, or the infinite black space that seems to endlessly push in from beyond. The brain cannot fathom the otherworldly and remains unaware of its own disappearance, slipping into those blackest folds between distant stars."

    ―David Peak.

    1. Genotype


      The spectacle of void? Or has Peak any other relevant publication?

    2. Nietzsche


      I found the quote somewhere on the internet without a citation, but I'm fairly certain it is from The Spectacle of the Void. 

  10. Arrebol - Restless.