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  1. Hmmm, can we vote people off the island?
  2. I would build a bridge on the opposite side of the island to attract all the trolls from the forum to hide under, and would run around naked to help repel any strays that come near my camp.
  3. I'd be getting as far away from you nuts like Distance did, but just on the other side of the island if it was big enough.
  4. Just go send her a PM that you've missed her.
  5. Most families already have an ass or two.
  6. I have heard Stabbing Westward before and do like them, just never knew their name, but I'm bad like that with names.



    1. JadeDeLair


      Sweet, its cool. I do that all the time with songs I hear on the radio. I know the songs but don't know the bands. I noticed them a long time ago, around the same time as I noticed Rammstein so I love both the same even though they're a little different.

  7. Don't get a puppy, to high energy and will drive your neighbors crazy with the whining. But an older low energy dog might be perfect. They will be past the chewing stage too.
  8. Entertainment and recreational expenses are the biggest ways people seem to waste their money.
  9. You can still get to know her through the internet for now, and meet up later when time permits and you warm up to each other. As you are learning more about her, your adoptive mother will have time to adjust to the idea of you wanting to meet your sister too.
  10. Why did you pick such a man to father your child? You are old enough to know how babies are made and I doubt if he just got that stupid over night. Do you maybe have bad judgement just like the father?
  11. Haven't seen you around in a while:bighug:

    Come in and check out the new chat when you get time.

    Have you had time to look at my astrology stuff yet?


  12. are you able to post in chat now?


  13. I thought you were gonna come back today? We are  bored, come entertain us


  14. Use the eye icon to put a spoiler in a post.

    1. desuntcetera



      thank you!


  15. How about fwb 2.0?