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  1. Wow, I didn't think you were THAT old, Wait, now I can see the wrinkles.
  2. Here is another old fogey song for you.

    It's really not that great of a song but it does have one great line in it I like a lot. Can you guess which one?:nice:

    1. MissJ


      You can't please everyone, so you gotta please yourself? 

      Thank you for the song :hug:

  3. You knew before you asked people will be on both sides of this, but here is my take. A. and most important, YOU like it. B. The dog already likes it so no training needed. C. Does you S.O. like it? Add those up and you have your answer. Two of my dogs want to be anywhere I sat or slept. If I go to the bathroom, they will be sitting in my spot on the couch. If my bedroom door is not shut during the day, they will be in my bed bunching the blankets up into a mess. I do recommend throwing an extra cover on top that is easily washable, to keep control of dirt and dog hair. dogs not allowed under covers here. I also have another dog that prefers to sleep alone which is fine with me too. Bottom line, do what makes you and your dog happy. No one else matters.
  4. Or spider webs.
  5. I agree it's way too long, will likely be off centered, hopefully no misspellings. Take another three years to think about it. What have you got to lose? I think more people regret tattoos than regret not getting them. I knew a guy who got, 'Trail to adventure' tattooed from his abdomen and down his cock. As his luck would have it, the last ,'E" got infected So hopefully you won't get an infection in that area.
  6. Now that just makes me hungry. And I get the idea you probably make your own BBQ sauce too instead of something straight out of the bottle.
  7. My kitchen is a mess esp with all the different sizes of spice containers around the stove. I like tinkering with wood and want to built a better spice rack, but need ideas. And how many spices do you have on hand? I have a little rack that holds 10 spices but the bigger ones don't fit on it, like the vanilla, baking powder etc. Pics greatly appreciated.
  8. When they fart in front of you. Bathroom door is never closed. When you're doing menial chores for each other.
  9. Have you seen 'Harvey'? about a 6' tall invisible rabbit.
  10. But now I'm wondering what other meanings crossed your mind.

    1. MissJ


      LOL. This makes total sense now. Oooh, well, I thought at first you meant to joke around, pointing that I should look the other way because of the scar tissues and then "the man behind the curtain" is your soul within the scarred appearance. Then I thought you meant to look "there", "there" being Beesnthebrees because it was her blog and we were getting of topic by focusing too much on you. 

  11. You got some long fingers. Reminds me of another members who has marfans.
  12. You asked for weird not necessarily good so you can't leave out Killer clowns from outer space. Esp if you have a clown phobia.
  13. Silly girl, when women look that damn good, I don't nitpick or question why. Hell I'm not even looking at her boobs, I'm just loving how great she looks.
  14. I love them, but may be bias because my beard was red.