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  1. Have you seen 'Harvey'? about a 6' tall invisible rabbit.
  2. But now I'm wondering what other meanings crossed your mind.

    1. MissJ


      LOL. This makes total sense now. Oooh, well, I thought at first you meant to joke around, pointing that I should look the other way because of the scar tissues and then "the man behind the curtain" is your soul within the scarred appearance. Then I thought you meant to look "there", "there" being Beesnthebrees because it was her blog and we were getting of topic by focusing too much on you. 

  3. You got some long fingers. Reminds me of another members who has marfans.
  4. You asked for weird not necessarily good so you can't leave out Killer clowns from outer space. Esp if you have a clown phobia.
  5. Silly girl, when women look that damn good, I don't nitpick or question why. Hell I'm not even looking at her boobs, I'm just loving how great she looks.
  6. I love them, but may be bias because my beard was red.
  7. A Boy and His Dog, an old Don Johnson movie
  8. Hmmm, does that mean you do not value men very highly.
  9. Great So it could be as simple as a communication problem, and once you learn each others language you can both be happier. Now if for example his is acts of service, you may notice him doing those little things for you, and feel loved, understanding the way he communicates love. You may not get it in the form you want it but can see the way it's being sent to you. For example I hate gift shopping. I can never find just the right thing and you can read the disappointment in peoples faces sometimes. So I don't celebrate any gift giving holidays to avoid it.
  10. This makes me think of that love languages test, have you ever taken it? If gifts are your language of love it's no surprise you are wondering about his level of love. Have him take the test too , and see if he was giving you his language of love in a different form that you didn't feel. http://365tests.com/personality-tests/what-is-your-love-language/
  11. All I can think of is how that place must smell.
  12. Welcome back to the forum. It's good to see you posting again.:bighug:

    1. RiverSong47


      Thank you so much! Sorry that I stayed away for so long...

  13. I vote ANTJ , that's A as in ambivert . Why would you have to lean towards either end if you are pretty well balanced or centered in that category?
  14. Sounds like they have different sets of morals. Sometimes as an adult you have to do things you don't want to but it's the right thing to do. Sounds like he didn't want children either but felt compelled to take care of family rather than whatever alternatives were available. And she agreed to it. The ages of both the children and the husband and wife would have a major factor on what course to take