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  1. Shortest day of the year only has about 10 hours of daylight. If you work an 8 hour job during daylight hours plus 1/2hr for lunch plus say a 15 min commute to and from work, you only have 1 hour left to play with. Longest day in the summer is about 14 1/2 hrs of daylight leaving you with 5 1/2 hours of play time. Playing with the clock does not give you more or less daylight. It's just a mind game people play with themselves. And the only way to get that extra hour of sleep is to go to bed earlier. You still only get 24hrs a day.
  2. But you do realize changing the settings on a clock does nothing to lengthen the amount of daylight you get. We do not change it where I live and don't really see any benefits to those of you who do.
  3. The memes thread is making me laugh uncontrollably! 

    You have posted some gems Bawb...I will endeavour to find some more myself, when I log in next.


    1. bawb


      Why thank you so much.

      I just find it so fascinating to share the same humor with someone so far way from a different culture even when people around me are so PC they find offence with everything.

      People need to learn to lighten up and laugh at things and not take everything seriously.

    2. Neoaves



      You will find, a clear majority Down Under  have the same Funny Bone as you. 

      Blessings, Man:P


  4. As far as men go, I think you already found one unicorn, but the odds of finding another part time unicorn to fulfill your unmet needs are pretty slim. And although you feel you completely care for all your husbands needs and do everything for him, I would suspect that you may have some shortcomings too. You may not be aware of them because he could completely accept them. You spoke of wanting someone you want to bone all night long, well speaking as a man, I can think of no one woman I would want like that year after year. Things could be getting a little stale for him too, but that's life. He didn't marry a porn star for mind blowing sex everynight, he married a woman with similar values who would be a good mother to his kids.
  5. I have no answers just a couple thoughts. It's seems like you and your husband both worked hard to build a life many would envy, but when you achieved it find it lacking. Kids are the biggest hurdle for an introvert who needs some time alone and you can't divorce them , and hopefully you don't have any problem children that will require extra attention. Unfortunately having so many kids with that much age range is going to be such a time drain for many years to come regardless if you divorce or not. I remember a couple who were married 50-60 years was asked what they attributed their long marriage to. They replied that they had fallen out of love with each other over the years but fortunately never at the same time. So there is hope you can rediscover a passion for your husband too. I know you can't love him for all the things he is not but hopefully you can still find love for the things he is. None of us are who we were ten years ago, we all change, so he too can change even if he is resistant if first. Good luck and I wish you the best outcome whatever it may be.
  6. Potential Darwin award winner.
  7. Move the hell out even if it's just renting a room. If you are an adult, you don't need to live with mommy anymore. Put your big boys pants on an move out on you own. Nothing good is to be gained by staying there, sure, you could stir up shit and piss everyone off, but where does that get you? Get you own place and you can start ENJOYING life sooner. That should be your goal, not staying in a place you will never be happy. Don't be a whiner about your lot in life, be an adult and make changes to better your life.
  8. We have a different perspective over the same issue. You view it as a problem where I see it as normal behavior for an introvert. I value my privacy and may only want to share things with a few people, and on the other hand I don't really care a lot what other people do that does not pertain to me. Many times you have to interact with people you do not like at work, so the less you know the better.
  9. But they had some innate ability or at least an ear for music. The OP has neither, so it's like comparing apples to rotten tomatoes.
  10. This seems to be a major problem area but it would be far easier to make some time than get a divorce. If the husband is going to have the children 12 hours a week when you get divorced anyway, why try something like that while you are still married? There is no such thing as a perfect mate and it sounds like your husband is well above average. You mentioned once he texted you to see how you were doing and you didn't want to talk with him, then later say he doesn't try to communicate or understand you. It seems he may be putting forth more of a effort than you are. If you have a big enough house how about putting aside a room just for yourself for your alone time? Some of the kids are big enough to look after the others while mommy is in her meditation room. This would not cure all your problems and desires, but it would at least give you some time to destress each day.
  11. This guy had a style all his own too and certainly put all he had into his singing. And Bevan, you are being narrow minded thinking guys are not appreciated anywhere for their talents. Think about the stereotypical designer type jobs, dancers, and who was the ice skating guys who was an announcer during the Olympics.
  12. Please, use the autotuning software since you don't want to take lessons or learn anything. Your singing reminds me of my mothers cooking, she likes to cook as you like to sing, but you both do it poorly. Every times she screws up a recipe, she calls it her own interpretation, and refuses to admit failure. That very similar to you asking everyone's opinion and ignoring the fact no one liked your singing. Some people do have a gift and can sing very well with no training others have to work at it. You are not one of the gifted ones and since you have no motivation to take lessons you will stay terrible like most of us. Do your singing alone in your car and spare your family and friends.
  13. Would you act they same way if it was a white guy? If not then you WERE being racist treating him differently because of the color of his skin. But you get a pass because you are a minority too. Just think how much worse it would have been if you were white!
  14. Since he likes to read get him this book for the second question. There was also a book and a movie about comas but do not recall the name right now. While the internet is great, much of the time we just look up the one sentence of paragraph that answers our questions. We skim the surface of a subject missing everything below. Getting him started on reading whole books relating to his questions will give him answers to questions he never thought of asking.
  15. I try not to complain on the forum, but IRL I have a hard time not telling people when they are idiots. Somewhat similar to Sheldon on BBT, I don't really have any animosity towards them, they just annoy me with their stupidity and I want them to go away or to shut up and listen.