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  1. I used the sagging technique when I was younger because I was poor and outgrowing my clothes.
  2. I don't think that baggy is synonymous with sagging. A person can sag tight pants and baggy pants can be worn with no sag at all.
  3. Are your pants perpetuating a trend?
  4. So far, no one on this thread said "I was perpetuating a trend".
  5. All of the answers form the people who actually wore sagging pants were sensible and very coherent.
  6. I wanted to hear from people who actually wore sagging pants. Before now I've only heard hypotheses from people who never wore sagging pants a day in their life.
  7. I have a question for anyone who ever wore sagging pants at any time in their life. Why did or do you wear sagging pants?
  8. When we legalized and regulated a drug, the use of that drug among minors decreases. This is why we need to legalize heroin and meth. Do it for the children.
  9. Are you telling me that all Asian Americans aren't yellow and all African Americans aren't black?
  10. While we're at it, Asian Americans should just call themselves yellow, Native Americans should call themselves red skins and Italian Americans should call themselves white.
  11. Wow you're right no one in America ever says "I'm Italian".
  12. I know plenty of Americans that call themselves Italian, Irish, Spanish, Puerto Rican, Native American etc. Why are you singling out the African American? Are you a racist?
  13. Cheating doesn't make any sense when you live in a free country. All adults are free to see whoever they want whenever they want to. Anything else is just plain cowardly.
  14. Is it cheating if you already told your spouse that you want a divorce?
  15. The percentage of people that use drugs is the same in all parts of town. The only difference is that our police do more drug bust in areas that have people that can't afford lawyers.