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  1. 16 years for me, but then again I'm 16 years old...
  2. People over rate white women (imo)
  3. Not according to biology. ---------- Post added 05-31-2013 at 10:41 PM ---------- I can see a lot of people are letting their emotions get the better of them... Never thought this would happen on INTJf, of all places.
  4. No, but it doesn't really affect me. Hey, I'm not homophobic... Biology is. I don't have an issue with homosexual people, biology does. What i'm trying to conclude is whether homosexuals are irrelevant in the eyes of biology. I don't think it's wrong, biology does. Two heterosexuals can reproduce whereas two homosexuals cant. No, but I will read up on it :)
  5. I'm not talking about the people, I'm talking about being attracted to the same gender. Straight people not wanting to reproduce has no relevance at all. Expand, please.
  6. Isn't it wrong? Our purpose in life is to procreate (biologically speaking) and although then can they'd be very reluctant to. I don't understand how people can justify it... They are irrelevant. Sorry.
  7. Lets say someone creates an analogy something along the lines of 'A White person being racist to a Black person is the same thing as a Black man being racist to a White man'. It really isn't. People would perceive the White person to actually be racist while if the latter happened they wouldn't take it seriously. I think this is because of the stigma between black people and slavery/ racism. People will take it more seriously because it's known to happen, and has happened a huge time before. However, if a Black person is racist against a White person it wouldn't be taken as seriously because there hasn't really been a situation where they were enslaved or been acceptable to be openly racist against. Nomsain? In my experience, people would be more shocked if a White person called a Black person a 'nigger' than if a Black person called a White person 'White trash'. Thoughts?
  8. I have to agree on this one. I had a harder time growing up with my family because of my being an INTX, and them being ESXXs. My sisters had it much easier growing up than I did, but now I realise that it has made me stronger and I don't need people's approval. My sisters would bend over backwards to make people happy, but if something isn't in my best interest I wouldn't do it, no matter who they are. I guess it reflects my view of life.. It's a dog eat dog world out there while they probably think life is a walk in the park. I wonder whose perceptions are closer to what the world actually is like..
  9. Things are strange... It's like I'm turning more extroverted. Recently I've had strong urges to talk to people, whether it be on the internet or real life. Until next time, folke.
  10. Well, you how people who could be considered geniuses act differently to 'normal people', is it because they think a different way? Do thoughts have an effect on your behavior? Not thoughts on thinking how to behave, but normal erryday thoughts for the genei and normal.
  11. Sorry to see you leave.

  12. [Yes, I'm leaving although the majority of people probably wont even care... It's been an interesting experience to say the least. I'd like to say I've learnt something from INTJf but I really haven't. ]
  13. I had a dream like this, felt disgusted when I woke up. ---------- Post added 03-21-2013 at 10:25 PM ---------- I've never had one of those dreams...
  14. I'd say some parts need fixing...
  15. Tenacious