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  1. Summary results: IQ = 146 Correct answers: 19 out of 19 ~4,5min left. Either we are all intelligent like fuck or, more likely, the test is pure bs.
  2. No, not a member. I thought about it taking the supervised test, but the local chapter didn't have any scheduled when I looked.

    A couple of threads exist regarding Mensa membership.

  3. Thank you, I've done that test once before. Don't really know what I would gain by writing the supervised test tho. Are you a member of mensa?

  4. Scored 66. Had some problems with the words (since I'm swedish). I also find pic-relating quite tough. Sometimes I can't really see whats in all pictures and sometimes I find more than one connection that I also find rational (which makes me think - do they want med to respond with this or that connection, etc.). I tend to get better results on the spatials.
  5. What I dislike about parties is that the music usually is both bad and too loud. Like most of the users above I see no point in small/meanless talk. Being in presence of stupid (drunk) people annoys me. A lot. Adding: drinking games. So stupid.
  6. Getting through some of the classics. Currently reading Lord of the Flies by William Golding.
  7. I'll contribute with another Swedish song:
  8. Been told many times that I would be better off with less thinking. And I agree - they've been right. I would be better off in most cases. But thinking is like breathing to me. When really stressed or worried and its bedtime - im better off staying awake. It's just like that.
  9. Define "some knowledge". Of course you need to understand basics like addition, subtraction, and so on. Math is actually a great example to prove the difference. As long you know the basics you can get pretty far by just being intelligent. At least by using the most recieved defintion of intelligence (logic, ability to identify patterns, etc).
  10. 143. Have done a couple of similar tests before (not exactly the same tho) which may bias the result. And then there is also the problem with validity of high scores. Never done a supervised test like mensa's.
  11. A Clockwork Orange American Psycho V for Vendetta