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  1. *boops your snoot*

  2. hey, did you get that thing i sent you?

  3. I am everywhere and nowhere, all at once.

  4. Lets find some time in the coming weeks to hang out. I haven't seen you in a while and I miss you!

  5. Busy! Between work and school, my time requires planning and focus. Two things that I do not have and have had to learn to develop them. Calculus II is some real Alice in Wonderland shit. We're learning how to integrate a 3 dimensional object using the washer/disc/shell methods while the graph rotates on an axis. It's pretty badass.

  6. If your shoe is untied, tie it.
  7. This is what husbands joke about with other husbands. Just pretend to care about her book club and gardening, and make her orgasm more than you.
  8. Ladies please one at a time!
  9. Was talking to a drunk Russian when I was living in Germany and he asked me why American boys wear "pants like girl and hair like stupid" while we were talking about shaved head superiority.
  10. That's fucking hilarious.
  11. Even in sarcasm your post has merit, what you feed your body determines how your body functions.
  12. Yes, and the victim never shows up.
  13. I agree, the act of getting someone drunk enough that they will consent to sex is disgusting; however, I would not say that should change the conclusion of prosecution. It's impossible to charge anyone with getting another person too drunk, it would never hold up in court. Drinking to the point of making poor decisions should always be done in a trusted environment and a person will always be initially sober when they start to drink.
  14. But that is rape culture. Remember, when a woman is drunk, she should still depend on the man to make rational decisions.