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  1. In America the society is encouraged by the state and media to be as divided as possible. Along with race, age, religion, political beliefs and economic caste Americans are taught to hold precious their hometown. This is done to prevent the populace from ever realizing their true common enemy. An African proverb comes to mind: Me and my village against the world Me and my family against my village Me and my brother against my family Me against my brother
  2. While any form of animal use by humans other than hunting for food is arguably unethical, bullfighting, dogfighting, cockfighting and other cruelty for sports go several steps beyond. The drawn out and painful death of a bull in a bullfight in front of a crowd goes much further than Bubba knocking a steer's head in with a sledgehammer. There is little to justify it on an ethical level unless you are one of those soulless individuals who believes non-human equals non-legitimate lifeform.
  3. I'm going to presume we all know the deal with the Force. If you don't, go back and re-live your childhood correctly or something. Anyways the Force has a dark side. Not sure what the light side is called. The Jedi way? The point is, the Force can be used in neutral or helpful ways or it can be used, dark side style, to manipulate and destroy. So it goes with emotions. Emotions can be used in two ways. One is for expression or for one's own moral compass. The other way, dark side style, emotions are used to manipulate others, gain sympathy or things like that. Let's review: Anger- Used appropriately, anger is one end of our moral compass. It is also the emotion that rises when we or our loved ones are threatened. We are angry toward that which we view as harmful. The dark side of anger- Anger is misused, generally, in situations where we are angry about things that are not harmful. We use threats or lash out and make those around us miserable when we aren't getting our way. We use anger to control the actions of others through threats or actual abuse. Fear- Fear is the emotion that keeps us out of danger. It stimulates our action glands for flight or fight. It hones our awareness. It makes us smarter. We warn others of danger when we sense fear. The dark side of fear- Fear can be used as a tool of manipulation, possibly more so than anger. Fear can create a mob mentality in groups of people. Fear can convince large groups of people that certain places are evil, certain people are enemies. Fear makes people cling to comfort. Joy- Happiness is how we express the other end of our moral compass, that which is good for us. Joy is an emotional response to the things we love. We express joy and it can make others around us happy. The dark side of joy- Can happiness have a dark side? Some people seem to thrive off smothering the joy of others. Also, the advertising and food industries are two bodies in particular that find ways to make things which aren't necessarily good for us give us a sense of joy. And so on. Discuss. My take is that when our emotions are genuine and self-contained they are good. When they are used to manipulate others they are bad.
  4. I've been fucking around with the idea of a utopian society myself lately. Shit is a lot of work.
  5. Don't get it perfect, just get it done.
  6. Maybe get a large stuffed animal you can fondle, dance with and say things to until it feels natural. Old people, pets and other inconsequential beings of our world can also be used to practice these things.
  7. Point one is too much for the average person. Point two encourages nihilism and chaos. Point three would be horrible for anyone who enjoys target shooting and anyone who lives in an area populated by large animals. Point four contradicts point two and also will lead to dictatorship. I like point five but there has to be a framework for halting crime in progress.
  8. -About to be hit by incoming train -Laying on fuel soaked Persian rug with nearby Zippo blazing - Drowning in shallow water -Loud popping noises
  9. You know who I never realized was gay is that one black comedian who said that you can't be racist against white people. He was on the Chappelle show a couple times too.
  10. I take about 3 seconds to fall in love with people. Like the first time I saw my ex wife I was like daaaaaaaaaaaang I will marry this woman.
  11. Shit I pass judgement before we even make small talk. Must be the Sherlock Holmes in me.
  12. He's bored.
  13. Don't try to control the actions, thoughts or words of others. View them as you would the weather and respond as you would the weather.
  14. Bro that's hideous
  15. I don't get why anyone looking for a serious relationship asks for criticism on their profile. Obviously the person who you are looking for would be someone who is happy to look over your entire profile and is interested. As long as what you put in is true it should be fine. I understand that a profile for someone who is looking for hookups would want to optimize but that's not the case here.