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  1. I'm sort of this geeky dweeb who is kind of an asshole but I'm also tall and still have all my hair so 5/10.
  2. I'm out after 17k
  3. The way typical men evaluate, observe and express emotion is different from the way many women do, but I don't think there is much difference in quantity or capacity. Very few men are truly non emotional or are unable to empathize or anything like that. Also psychopathy/sociopathy/narcissism are thrown around by peons so much that one gets the impression they are common. They are not. Just a lot of anger issues, consumerism and lack of responsibility.
  4. Girls tend to like masculine men with a sense of efficacy, some leadership skills, someone who can provide for and protect a family. "Nice guys" are just passive aggressive entitled little fucking pussies.
  5. Everything is not a social construct. Just social constructs.
  6. Get over yourself, should solve the problem.
  7. I have always had the habit of keeping things amicable with my exes, which probably prolongs having feelings remain. But getting over it as in missing them, feeling like your life is fucked up and whatnot, anywhere between a couple months to over a year. I am getting over a woman now, feels bad man but I just try to focus on what I have now and move on.
  8. Teach them that they have to pander to angry outbursts and whining in their loved ones.
  9. Getting hard to walk around in this thread without stepping in anything
  10. It's all to eventually get humans into pods and their consciousness uploaded into the matrix.
  11. People get frustrated with a stupid person for not being able to keep up with conversations, they need to be shown basic tasks, they are able to vote despite having no comprehension of the political process, etc. But don't feel bad, most people are stupid.
  12. If you're going through that many it doesn't sound like they're ever coming back for seconds.
  13. Stop thinking about the future and trying to control things you cannot control.
  14. Not that it's the solution but McDonald's has its own degreaser they use in their floor mix that works well on many greases and it doesn't seem to be very toxic/hazardous. Maybe I should find out what the active ingredient is.
  15. I was my own lawyer so the divorce was cheap on my end. I think it was about $125 to file, $350 for this bullshit arbitration thing the judge made us try and they made me pay $1000 towards my wife's legal costs which were I believe around $7000 for her lawyers. I kept all my shit, she kept all of hers. Our contention was over custody of our son. They ruled she kept him full time but couldn't move him out of state, so she left him with me and moved to California to be with her true love which apparently lasted six months.