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  1. Any woman who is smarter than me is smart enough to not date me.
  2. I have not dated a woman who has hit on me but it was more because the attraction wasn't there or maybe I wasn't single at the time. I don't think there's any thing wrong with a woman approaching a guy.
  3. Well you are shallow as fuck so I suggest you leave her alone. However, to a normal person who wanted to get to know this woman better I would say ask her out and see how she's dressed on the date. That way you know if she dresses up for things that matter instead of stupid school or if she just dresses like a scrub all the time.
  4. What you're like a super cool cuddly bear.
  5. Because all of those jobs are for wimps and pansies, that's why. Besides, any guy who becomes a teacher for anything under high school level is going to be labeled a creep or a pedo.
  6. It says perma
  7. The concept of fighting for peace has always been the result of a successful propaganda machine on the state's part. We are told there is a threat or that we are protectors, our way of life is at stake. Religion is often cited as a motive, as zealots always seem to want to crush infidels. You, reader, are of the belief that 80-90% of all wars in history were motivated by religion. This should indicate how successful these propaganda machines are. Truth be told, 100% of the wars in history were motivated by the acquisition of wealth and resources by one state over another. A land of taxpayers here, an oil field there, gold mining country over there, an important trade route over here. They are all fought and always have been fought for the benefit of the wealthiest classes. As long as there are states, there will be war.
  8. For the most part there only ever was a white middle class in America and it existed because unions brought it about in the era between WWII and globalization. A generation is already maturing that has been supported by it's baby boomer parents, now has children of its own and is wondering how the fuck it will provide for its own kids with this shit economy and no true government protection and social services. The current state of civil unrest in America is a result of all that. Through the whole transition towards our post globalization world the state has kept up a solid block of propaganda that has radicalized the left and right. One recognizes that America is the only first world country with no real social services, the other blames the unraveling of a once robust economy on immigration and government spending. Both sides being wrong as the source of our shit society is the Profit Motive, our economy and state is entirely controlled by an elite club of capitalist psychopaths.
  9. Pity Handjobs would be the rule rather than the exception.
  10. I found that not watching television or movies or playing video games has made me view other people as living beings rather than objects.
  11. So to summarize perhaps an editorial on some ethics in getting your partner off would have been more helpful than this blanket statement suggesting it's wrong to want to get your partner off.
  12. Man I hate to hear that. Sorry. Sounds like he had to take it out on you to preserve his fragile ego so I can pretty much guarantee he is always miserable if that's any consolation.
  13. http://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/a9169991/why-guys-love-female-orgasms/?src=socialflowTW I always thought that it was a desirable thing in men that they sort of, you know, care whether or not their female partner gets off during sex. The negative stereotype on the other hand being the fella who just goes at it with no foreplay and goes to sleep or leaves when he's done. Made sense to me. Nope, says this editorial. Any desire on the male's part to pleasure his partner is completely selfish and furthers masculine something or other. Wot du?
  14. I don't get it. You have a phobia that you will be frozen in a never ending thought? Or that your thoughts will lead to a place that gives you anxiety? There have been a few times, maybe five times, when I've gotten baked and had these experiences that remind me of the way people describe being on DMT and those thoughts have led to frightening places or startling revelations. It's like OK turn it off now, LOL. I don't know if that is anything remotely close to what you experience though.