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  1. I've boned a few forum members.
  2. -About to be hit by incoming train -Laying on fuel soaked Persian rug with nearby Zippo blazing - Drowning in shallow water -Loud popping noises
  3. You know who I never realized was gay is that one black comedian who said that you can't be racist against white people. He was on the Chappelle show a couple times too.
  4. I take about 3 seconds to fall in love with people. Like the first time I saw my ex wife I was like daaaaaaaaaaaang I will marry this woman.
  5. Shit I pass judgement before we even make small talk. Must be the Sherlock Holmes in me.
  6. Don't try to control the actions, thoughts or words of others. View them as you would the weather and respond as you would the weather.
  7. Bro that's hideous
  8. I don't get why anyone looking for a serious relationship asks for criticism on their profile. Obviously the person who you are looking for would be someone who is happy to look over your entire profile and is interested. As long as what you put in is true it should be fine. I understand that a profile for someone who is looking for hookups would want to optimize but that's not the case here.
  9. I like to wear bikini underwears but I don't think I could handle the butt floss style.
  10. I just don't think a robot could S the D like an INTJ can.
  11. You just behave in a civilized manner, do shit together that makes the both of you happy.
  12. Hey, I haven't seen you on here in a while. Hope all is going well.

  13. You win this round, round Earth.
  14. Well I mean you see objects regularly that are much further than 150 miles. Also the Pacific Ocean is pretty fucking massive and the air is probably pretty clear at 80,000 feet. This isn't about the human eye's ability to see far. This is about whether or not an object should be visible with regard to the Earth's curvature.