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    I will fail but I want to live out the reason why I have been born.
  1. Yep, looks like there's a lot of growing up to go through, the instance of "my truth is the only truth" seems deeply embedded, and as Autumn already pointed out it's up to you to change the internal wiring.
  2. Following advice here I've ordered some limited stock from 4noggins, now it's time to pick a pipe in the local store, I hope they have some basic corn cobs there.
  3. Yup, it changes my inhibition levels, although I've been getting pretty good at working them out lately anyway. Less chatter in the head means I can Ni and Se alot easier.
  4. Just finished How to Survive because it reminded me of Alien Swarm:Infested, I suppose it will be more along those lines of gameplay when they add multiplayer and co-op aspect that sadly doesn't make it often in today's games. Finished Shadow Warrior (the new one) and thoroughly enjoyed the story more than actual gameplay. Will be playing Battlefield 4 when it downloads - 24gb is quite abit even these days - I'm on a smaller SSD HDD so space preservation (or rather conservation) is high on the list.
  5. I used to rage in pvp in company of heroes. As usual it's because my partners weren't up to scratch or most likely because of the "imbalance" between teams. At times though it was an authentically better team, but in 1v1s it almost never happened - probably because I knew it was all up to me and if I failed then it's my butt on the line. Most of pvp or online team or MMO games had the element of n00biness as was already described by razgrim - or rather, I would describe it as absence of dedication to knowledge where people simply come to have a good time and don't really learn the ins and outs of "advanced" game-play.
  6. Work will only supply you that far when you're on your own, but as many people pointed out it's a good idea to live with someone you trust. On the other hand, career can only provide you with "limited" income, so it's much better to start hustling and organize something else alongside to boost your finances. This can be investments (passive or active income) (and I mean, profitable investments above 3-4% annual that just covers inflation) that YOU research into and understand how it's done, business (operational cashflow) or something else. Savings are useless in the bank as they're essentially dead money if they do not generate you more money, so it's of little matter how much you got saved.
  7. I haven't gotten there yet and am starting very slowly with cigars. Not sure how it will compare to pipes, but it's likely to be less dense and intense since tobacco may not be as hard pressed together as in the cigars. Cigars are quite nice and I can share my experiences here with them so far in the last few months if you want.
  8. Being rich, honest / truthful or the opposites are all subjective and relative matters. You can be both and neither at the same time to people at times in places etc etc etc, there simply NO BLACK AND WHITE when it comes to it, why is it so difficult to grasp? Life is full of abstracts, concepts, conundrums and polar opposites that work out quite nicely together when you have the know-how.
  9. Quality and style, generally, although when status screams at you with a huge logo like others said, it becomes overbearing. Haven't seen or tried anything of Ben Sherman yet, thanks for bringing it up, I already found myself a few good pieces!
  10. I generally tend to ignore witty remarks and comments sent my way - works perfectly and after a while people learn that it's a waste of time trying to provoke me. Actions, on the other hand, tend to go the fist route - back in high school a fellow spat on my sweater and I "washed" his face with it; we took it outside and I got beaten, but it was a good lesson for both of us - he never bothered me afterwards.
  11. I'm not talking about playing someone else's life but rather managing your own affairs and going through your "quests". Besides, even though some games these days incorporate some degree of randomness, its mechanics can still be clearly seen through it. Real life may have alot of randomness, but that makes it even more so exciting to find out the rules in behind the scenes. Game achievements are intangible marks on the digital paper - killed X, achieved Y, gone through Z, that can be changed at will. Real life achievements, however, are tangible because they are real and mean more to you and others.
  12. Real life - best game, hands down.
  13. A set of vintage Stetson cologne and Skin Bracer on eBay.
  14. "Help cannot be given, it can only be accepted" would be appropriate here, it's up to him to make necessary changes in his life if he so desires (or not). Your help will be of little use as you said he forgets it almost immediately, and, unless you're willing to nurture him ALL the time and be with him to support, he will remain what he is. Even in this case he may become dependant on your support and then you will face difficult decision of letting it go versus your personal affairs. This may sound harsh, but it's the reality as there's only one person who can help him - himself. Once he gets going on this path and realize that first, he will be fine.
  15. You are a Cougar! (your score: 25) 25 Characters: Adrek, Endrus, and Daria in the Aspect of Crow trilogy Powers: Stealth, strength, phenomenal jumping ability, as well as enhanced sight and hearing Grrr, baby—you're the personification of animal magnetism. Your confidence, beauty, and athleticism make you the target of many romantically inclined individuals. Too bad for them—you don't stick around long enough to make breakfast, much less a lifetime commitment. Hello Kitty, Goodbye Heart. Best matches: Spiders, Wolverines, Hawks Watch out for: Swans, Horses, Otters