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  1. Well my check engine light came on. After getting the car back from the mechanic I lost any desire to spend more money this season. I got my niece a nice gift (Gameboy 3DS and a couple of games, maybe $160 total), but that's honestly because her mom's poor and the kid ought to have a little fun.
  2. Actually, the way you act around here, I honestly think you believe it. You're just using false humor to attempt to disguise your warped view of reality.
  3. I don't understand this. It's like children playing video games deciding a certain action in a video game is "cheap" and trying to get it banned. If it's effective, it's effective. Calling your opponent a pussy as you get defeated doesn't change the reality of your defeat.
  4. Good stuff in that thread of mine. When I joined I disagreed with you, but as I learn I find myself getting a but more conservative and agreeing with the people I once fought against.

  5. I aim to please.

  6. I love this response.

  7. Yeah, I was saying the same basic thing on a thread last week, but I saw that video just recently and it was a very good summation of the idea.

  8. You must watch Stefan.

  9. Thanks again. ^_^

  10. Ha. NP. I enjoy a good brawl when I have the free time for it.

  11. Thanks for accepting my friend request. The SJWs are growing in number, so I need all the help I can get to inflict psychological torture upon them, both here and elsewhere.

  12. We're simply in an era where the truth is too dangerous to be told by official sources. For instance, if the average person understood the precarious nature of their bank deposits (banks insolvent with trillions in derivative exposure) then there would immediately be a bank run. If they understood negative interest rates and the war on cash, there would immediately be a bank run. If they understood quantitative easing, and that the primary purchaser of all US debt and most Japanese and European debt has been their own central banks, there would be an immediate rush to material goods an out of currency. If they understood the unsustainability of the various social safety nets, there would be an immediate panic. Basically, denial and normalcy bias is the only thing the system has going for it, inertia. Our government is broke, our politicians are liars, our life support systems are unsustainable, and even admitting to the problem would bring on a collapse. Therefore anyone and anything else is blamed for the problem. We let the major political narrative of the nation be dictated by a fight between 50 cops dying a year and 150 blacks dying to police a year. Neither are really an important issue on a nation scale. Kill twice the number next year and nothing fundamentally changes in the nation. The rule of law is breaking down. We are no longer a nation of laws, but one of individuals with power acting for their own interest. Asking what "we" should do about it is the first problem. What are you going to do about it?
  13. Zinggggggggg. Wonderful.

  14. I edited the post prior.