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  1. Would healthcare in general be improved, if government intervention into religion forces some doctors or hospitals to shut down in order to maintain their beliefs? Would no hospital at all be better?
  2. While several years ago it was perhaps debatable in polite society that Venezuela's socialist economy would collapse ultimately unleashing hyperinflation, any doubt was put to rest early this year when the IMF's own inflationary forecast confirmed as much. However, while the international community had long accepted the inevitable fate of Maduro's socialist paradise, the local government sternly refused to admit reality and to avoid confirming what the local population already knew, it insisted on keeping the highest denomination bill in circulation at 100 bolivars, whose worth is approximately 8 cents on the black market, turning the most basic transactions into logistical nightmares and saddling banks with crippling money-handling costs. Economists and central bank employees say Mr. Maduro didn’t want to acknowledge the country’s inflation problem by printing bigger notes. This has finally changed, and as the WSJ reports, Venezuela’s government, slammed by hyperinflation has finally thrown in the towel, and is planning to issue new bills in December with larger denominations—up to 200 times higher than the current biggest bill, according to people familiar with the plans. The move marks an implicit acknowledgment by the government that skyrocketing prices have slashed the value of the currency. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-27/venezuela-throws-towel-hyperinflation-will-print-200x-higher-denominated-bills This is the ultimate outcome of all attempts at socialism. Promises are made that can't be kept. They tell you they can fix things with more paper money. They can't. Then you find yourself hunting local house cats for meat in the soup pot.
  3. Just pointing out the problem government tries to sell us, and the one that really exists aren't necessarily the same thing. Never let a crisis go to waste, as it were. This is sort of self contradictory though. A no strings attached shelter isn't going to help you do anything except dig your hole deeper. Drugs, booze, no problem! Pile on your own suffering. The issue is you're asking people to do something that is hard, a lot of them just don't want to do it. The idea we need to put all these people in a spa environment...ugh no. Please, don't waste anything else on them. They need to find themselves first and sugar coating it for them isn't going to help. You just need to resign yourself to the fact they can't all be saved, instead of trying to use them to justify violence against your neighbors.
  4. Well frequently people say "Look at the thousands of homeless! If only we could get the resources to help them!" But the homeless don't demand those resources, so even if we provided them, they wouldn't be used. Usually because they come with caveats of straitening up. Of course anyone employed in those assistance programs would insist on their usefulness, because that's where their paycheck comes from. As to government funding, you're assuming private charity couldn't meet the limited demand, but they probably could. The thing is if we respect people's freedom and choices, we won't ever wipe out this issue, because the people with the issue don't want it wiped out. Using force to do so is a waste of resources. This is from someone with a family member with these issues. I've watched them burn chance after chance, wrecked cars, lost jobs. It's a bottomless money pit. Until they want it for themselves, help from outside doesn't help.
  5. I wasn't taking a position. I was just stating the result. The implication is that you can use force to help someone, but like I said, people who don't want help can't be helped. The resources are there, and they take as much of the resources as they want. They don't want to face the challenges going straight requires. When they hit their own personal limits, they will look for assistance on their own. At some point you have to be a cynic about drug use. Of course people are going to try to put a honorable face on their failures. That doesn't necessarily make them true. They are just offering an excuse for a behavior even they know is wrong, so they try to flower it up.
  6. What I've seen is the opposite. There are beds available for these people, but since they aren't involuntarily confined, they prefer their freedom to the restrictions placed upon them by shelters and charities, and when adverse conditions do appear like really cold weather, these people still flock to the shelters, temporarily until they can go back to doing their own thing. Usually panhandling to get cash then pick their drug of choice. If they wanted to go straight the resources are there, but they don't want to go straight.
  7. Except the government does profit. The Clintons went into power flat broke, and came out filthy rich. Now you're just turning your eyes away from the obvious. Basically, both institutions can be corrupted, businesses self correct, governments don't. It's called capitalism. Capital is just saved money. Really, for a communist you're not up on your communism. Even lawyers and doctors are just better off workers. A capitalist is someone who can make money from money, a business owner. It's how the real rich people become rich. For instance, if you own your home, you don't pay rent anymore, and effectively earn that much. You're going to have to make the government sound better than mob bosses offering protecting schemes. Forced charity isn't a virtue. I don't know what you want. Other people aren't my problem, and generally the reason we discover is that people can't be helped until they are willing to help themselves. Resources thrown at people just end up wasted. If you don't constrain waste in your system they'll simply grow as a cancer. Adapt and find something useful to do. Providing comfortable environments for useless people to reproduce is self-destructive. Pain is simply signals to adapt. Listen to them. Yeah they shouldn't have crossed the big boss gangster.
  8. The difference is in how they are held accountable when they go bad, at best you have to sit around and wait until the negative effects of bad policy and corruption are seen by 50%+ of the populace in a democracy, giving time for the rot to spread, assumes those at the top don't just buy votes with their corruption. At worst you get an assault rifle pointed at your head and nothing changes ever. Businesses who go bad are held accountable by their lenders and customers, and implode ala Enron, Worldcom, etc. A government is just a business you must purchase from, and always has other people's money available, which makes it more dangerous. Self inflicted wound. It's entirely possible to live below your means and save. I won't submit to totalitarian rule because some people are idiots with their money. People will be more rich, when their largest expense, taxes, is reduced. Transfers from rich to poor are theft. There's a large overlap between drug use and mental illness as people "self diagnois and self medicate". Less of a motive is necessary as everyone becomes richer. The entire act of socialism can be briefly described as a discussion of if it's cheaper to fight the desperate or buy them off. Socialism just produces inefficent workers, and entitlement mentalities, and discouraged investment that creates a socialist death spiral. Oddly, the others you rob from are supposed to self control, while you rob them. That's hillarious. Turn around and rob them instead, and certainly they'd be the emotional ones.
  9. At this point, if you're in a position to be giving speeches to Goldman Sachs, you're the enemy.
  10. Your black and white analysis of Europe vs America lacks depth. I'm sure I can find gated communities and ghettos anywhere in Europe. It seems like falling victim to stereotyping. As far as the technicalities go....pick a place to live and embrace it. That's part of the problem. Popping around to half a dozen countries is for the jetset, not for people who need to worry about getting welfare payments and free health care for their kids. Europe was never really united. You might have to apply for a visa (gasp!) If your kids study abroad.
  11. If it's a poor migrant on Medicaid, then it just goes onto the national debt. That's called inflation, something we're supposed to "adjust out" of GDP. The same amount of goods at a higher price is only a "notional" gain, not a real one. Bright people who could have put an extra floor on your house, gave you tango lessons, or sold you a set of steak knives. And if the taxes that fund the benefits outstrips the extra benefits? Well you are just digging a hole, since we know they are a net loss. You pay tax, then the migrants spend that cash in your store for free effectively. Supply of workers will most certainly lower their price. It's supply x demand, not just demand. Rome wanted their slaves too. Innovation can't happen until we get rid of the cheap slave labor.
  12. That's a gross mischaracterization of most people I know with a chemical fascination. You know that as well. They generally burn through chance after chance with their family and friends before hitting the street.
  13. Humans are the most dangerous thing on the planet. Honestly, if we paid upfront for all those things, most in the western wouldn't get that anyway. We're just lying with debt spending for ourselves, much less others.
  14. So China should have 5 times US GDP? Energy consumption is a closer tie.
  15. Look at it this way. Healthcare spending increases GDP. Let's say you get cancer and spend $50,000 in savings or debt for treatment. GDP is $50,000 higher. Are you better off than you were the prior year? No, you're out $50,000 and sick as hell. Everyone would be better off if you didn't get sick at all. The nurses and doctors would do something else materially useful, and you'd keep your purchasing power. This is just one of the many flaws of GDP as a measurement, the broken window fallacy. An additional dollar spent on cops isn't an investment, it's a maintenance cost we derive no actual material benefit from except not getting killed in our sleep by immigrants who wouldn't be here in the first place without the handouts. Besides, those investments are paid with tax dollars...so again, not a part of the productive economy. If they have to get paid the same as American workers, demand for them will drop off dramatically, so they'll work fewer hours, and produce less. It's zero sum. ...... added to this post 33 minutes later: You could probably dismiss it as rhetoric. Or you could argue that since Mexicans are getting most of the $40 billion in benefits, if they stop getting the benefits, Mexicans are sort of paying for it, since those people will instead be a burden on Mexico or their home country. Money is fungible. I bet he could throw a wrench in NAFTA if not disband it, some executive security measure that's just designed to shutdown trade, until the parties are willing to compromise.