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  1. Always just one execution away from utopia, eh thod?
  2. Between family and state level enablers, and debt financed everything, it's very difficult to tell people who have their shit together from those who don't. It's easy to put on a mask of civility while you as an individual aren't a sustainable creature, only being held together by other forces. Beyond that, if you do have your shit together, why would you announce it? People get envious of success (undeserved luck they say) and the nail that stands out gets hammered down. It's just as likely the people who have success are hiding it and pretending to be troubled like everyone else. It's the age we live in. If you were the only Millenial that owned a house and was happily married with 2.5 kids and a decent job while still in your twenties, someone would probably firebomb your house.
  3. Things really haven't changed everywhere yet. Agriculture is not sustainable in many of the places we currently farm. We pump ancient aquifers dry, attempting to till what are effectively deserts that would frequently produce nothing if weather patterns didn't go well. In those cases what makes the most sense on a long term basis is to let animals turn energy we can't use, most wild vegetation, into energy we can use. You also consume about 10 calories of mechanical calories of energy for every calorie of food you eat. So you don't really eat plants or animals, you really eat oil.
  4. First off, you have to pretty much be in the top 10% (and therefore not oppressed by any measure) to realistically be in a spot where you need to "negotiate" for your salary. Most people have jobs not careers, and they have pay scales dictated by the job title, seniority, experience, education or hours worked. The person who hires you is a dispassionate manager who doesn't get to pocket the money if they manage to screw a minority out of a few cents an hour on a case by case basis. Furthermore, in the corporate world what you are saying just sounds insane and it runs counter to my personal experience. I've worked along side every race, gender, and several flavors of religion and in none of the cases were wages determined by such things. This just sounds like more general issue wage gap myth that's been debunked a hundred times, but tired old commies won't give up the straight up lie along with more women supposedly being raped on US college campuses than in ISIS occupied territories. For better of worse the PR campaign against supposedly right wing extremists (who still end up with socialist in the name and don't uphold individual rights) has sunk in more than against lefty extremists. Basically the left shuts down all their mental capabilities when any of the much longer laundry list of mass murders and violence carried out in the name of socialism is brought up. The first step is admitting you have a problem, and everyone knows Nazis are bad, but the left still pines for violent revolutions, work camps, and hand waves away their murderous past. An objective look at the current actions and the historical record is all I'm really asking, and based on that objective, left leaning extremists have much more power in the mainstream than the handful of authentic neo-nazis hiding in northern Idaho. Math! Math please! It will take millennia for the rate of supposed police violence to equal the size of even one socialist government sized purge of their opposition that's already taken place in history. That's even counting the cases where the minority is basically committing suicide by cop. Then you've got the whole lefty paradox of "All cops are racist pigs, and they are the only ones that should have guns!" Work that one out yet? Oh wow you manage to dodge the great atheists purges of the early 2000s in the US? How'd you manage that? /sarcasm You mean they pull out their smartphone and call AAA like everyone else because their money is as green as anyone else's? Keep talking. I want to see if you can lose any credibility you might have left with anyone here. Hahaha....
  5. So, you're saying after a few millennia of mining, no one who ever entered a mine had an inkling of the idea that the profession was dangerous, until some 20th century progressive government told them so? Or that there weren't strong voices in the medical community and basic observable data that smoking was bad for your health until the magical surgeon general slapped a warning label on the side of the package, while still allowing everyone to smoke them no less? Sorry, but neither of these things are the same as the gulag or mass murders launched by governments. Men do dangerous things for money all the time since the dawn of time because if they don't they probably won't procreate. That's not the same as someone putting a gun to your head and stealing yourself. And smoking is just self destruction, and requires your own input. I get what you are trying to say, but they aren't anywhere near the same things. Yes, and eventually the sun will go nova and the universe will go cold dark from decay, but that's not the point either. The point is what happens between now and then. Bad governments kill tens and hundreds of millions of people, while committing any number of crimes of theft and keep going much longer than any business subject to the continued support of their customers. Yes, I'm sure the 100 million killed by communism are rolling in their graves right now while you equate their direct violent slaughter to smoking cigarettes. Actually sounds like a jackpot, but actually that's self correcting too, because if you're actually the badass you claim to be, someone else who values money above attacking people's religious beliefs will hire you and eventually those businesses die out. This just seems like willful ignorance that doesn't deserve a response more than pointing that out. You need to accept the violent nature of those you congregate with. Ignoring it while it happens is just silly. This is just extreme paranoia. If the dominate American group, call it whatever you want, wanted any of these minority groups dead, there's no one who could realistically stop it. Ranting and raving about genocide while also claiming to be powerless? Shouldn't you be dead already if that's the case? It's become cliché to call everyone to don't like a Nazi, so at this point if anyone makes the claim I need to see the actual death camps and furnaces, buses and trains full of minorities leading off to be processed for mass murder if you're going to use that poisonous lingo.
  6. Scandinavia is just an area that didn't have any out-groups until recently. They were just the ultimate conformists because their isolation until recently didn't even allow for much diversity of thought. They were all 2nd cousins, so why have conflict? Granted, but bad businesses die out, bad governments kill people. One self-corrects in bankruptcy, the other sets up the gulags. Everything made by humans can be corrupted, but the degree of damage governments do is far worse because they see resources outside of their direct control as belonging to them. Sort of like a cancer that takes up resources other cells need in the body. A big business that forces you into a "choice" does so because it can out compete you and your inefficiencies. A government just sends some storm troops to kill you because you might be a threat to their power. This is just semantics. If their opinions influence you and their opinions aren't objectively valid, then something is wrong with you. Uh, then why are they the ones burning down cities? Obviously they don't feel secure because they are constantly attacking everyone around them. Instead of "live and let live" it's "my way or the highway" when it comes to SJWs and their tendencies towards unmitigated direct violence. The issue is there's always a point where the cure needed to secure your ideal scenario is worse than the disease. For instance in today's America unless you go around picking a fight with believers, most aren't going to refuse to interact with you on some professional level. Even those who think you've made a bad choice aren't likely to act directly against you in word or deed. The necessary violence required to make the world a better place for atheists is counter-productive in resources, and would probably just produce a blowblack as you target believers who probably for the most part would have gotten along with you. Basically government is too blunt an instruments to make any further gains then "Don't direct violence to group X just because you don't agree with them." Judge people by the fruit they bear, the content of their character. I hold no special exemption for white guys. I know white guys that do meth and sleep under bridges. Look at Trump, he's what, 70 and has a 10 year old kid. He can pull that off because he's a billionaire. The stats you are providing are confusing 3 groups of men, poor idiot men with no resources playing the welfare state by having 10 baby mommas, men of middling ability who are best focused on supporting a single family, and powerful men with so many resources that they can provide for many children.
  7. Men and women fall into different specialties because there's less of a survival pay off for certain activities for men compared to women. Biologically, men are nature's risk takers because a single man who achieves an insane level of power can create off-spring with many women. A super-talented woman can't really have that many more children than an average woman. In fact her super-talents that draw her into the realms of statecraft or science would probably just make her less likely to reproduce and pass on those traits. That's why there's a denser cluster of women around average capability, while men show a greater range of talents between dim and bright. Basically, great female hunters die out over the generations, while great mothers pass their genes on.
  8. Well, that's utopian thinking though. What sort of direct mind control would you need to remove all "judgements" down to the microaggression? Would such a life at the hands of some centrally controlled group-think center even be worth living? A more practical point would be to stop caring about what others think about stereotypes, because controlling the thoughts of all others is an impractical totalitarian ideal. If personal insecurity keeps you from power, you don't deserve power.
  9. This is generally used to describe a person who can see through a corrupt system, therefore won't be able to advance through it. No manager ever wants an employee smarter than they are. It's just a threat to their system.
  10. No the spreadsheet optimizer is paid more than the delivery driver because he can optimize 100 or 1000 drivers, and even being the best delivery driver ever is only going to make you marginally better than an average one. If anything, the optimizer is being paid a smaller share of his contribution than the drvier is getting, because the optimizer's contribution is orders of magnitude higher than any single driver. Saving $10 a week is a joke. someone can be in an apartment, pay a payment on a used car, have money for insurance, clothes, food, internet, etc and save 40% of full time minimum wage. That's $116 a week. Once the car is paid off, the savings go up. Once enough money is saved, modest housing can be purchased and rent goes away. It only snowballs from there even assuming you stay at min wage forever, which is unrealistic. Basically you pay yourself the money for rent that others pay, etc. You don't need a business to do this. Britian was an economic basket case in that era and didn't even start coming out of it until the 80s, and even then it was mainly due to north sea oil discoveries. They had full on bread lines and shortages. It did the worst of all the post-war economies, and they didn't even have the worst situation. All I hear you guys saying is, "Why don't we let the poor eat the seed corn?" Because then next year there will be no harvest.
  11. The socialization arguement is just the bland vanilla response from anyone who doesn't bother to look into the science on the matter. People are born with traits and personalities of their own. Brothers and sisters offered the same opportunities within various classes come out with wildly different outcomes due to the personality and intelligence of the individual. My little brother is a blue collar trade schooler with a chemical facsination and an 80 IQ who can't save a dime despite support, and squanders family support when it's provided. Can you take anyone and lower them to the lowest common denominator by locking them in a dungeon and beating them every day as a kid? Sure, but that's not an accurate description of any level of 3/4ths of the world's situations. It's a simple play for sympathy to those who don't deserve it. You've had to so bad, you have to be morally treated as an animal and not human? Pfft. These people aren't "trauamatized" by the rich. American standards of poverty...as the joke goes, you still have a flip phone and you're embarassed to bust it out in front of chicks. That horrible abject poverty. In the west at least it's purely the politics of envy. It's not about survival or even living comfortably. This is the most comfortable age for the largest percentage of the population ever. So, if today's poor are brain-washed by the trama of having to eat off brand ceral, then how did anyone in any past age operate when things were vastly more difficult on a day to day basis? The poor remain poor because they don't save, they act poorly with what they do have and don't take care of it, they chase status symbols while neglecting the base investments that would eventually get them there. They are short term oriented, so they'll never get to the top. The top is a moving target, so 40% of the people will spend part of their life in the top %10, but if you spend your youth as a wastrel drinking and whoring, you're not going to get there.
  12. Along with family ties, making this division is what allows small scale socialism to work on a tribal level, while it fails and collapses economies at larger levels. If you're being useless, and the people who decide if you get to eat are in the same village with you, you're going to act better than if you're just getting a check in the mail regardless. Yes thod, the poor all have angel halos, have no role in their own condition. Although there's plenty of corruption among the rich, blanket hatred of them has never benefited a group of people. There will always be capital accumulation because people are not equal and have different priorities. Rather than seek a reset, we should just let the rich fail when they do rather than bail them out. This is the natural process.
  13. For all the grumbling in the west if you wanted to choose the option that gave you the best financial outcome, and the options were #1 Be born in the top 5% for wealth, or #2 Be born in the top 5% for intelligence, you're still better off by age 40 to be born in the top 5% for intelligence. ...... added to this post 1 minute later: Drug use among natives has to do with the semi-autonomous nature of their reservations, and the ease of which their police forces are bought off by drug trafficers and producers. A isolated rural location with cheaply bought off cops...
  14. I've played enough EU4 to know the Commonwealth had their hay day and did some looting and plundering of their own. >_> It's like this with every culture if you go looking for it. Italy is a backwater now, but it was once the center of the world and so on. I doubt America will stay the center forever either, or even if it still is today.
  15. Resources are definitely a factor, but not the defining one. After all, other people got there with a few ten thousands of year head start and didn't produce modern democracy.