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  1. FWIW I agree with mieu. BPD traits for sure...Switching and such. Dump him...there is no hope. Wish I had dumped one such lady. ---------- Post added 09-21-2012 at 07:06 PM ---------- This is extremely difficult to do with a BPD. They actually try to convince you you are crazy...They need you to fill their pain. Boundaries are great but absent marriage or children....run.
  2. Go to a good school where you can be average....
  3. What about marriage to a nutcase?
  4. Sorry, not much to offer but if he is a BPD...determine that quickly and if a possibility run like he-hell!! ...And don't look back.
  5. My most hated is riddling/ making statements that BEG a question or response...
  6. No intj wants drama and all of this is drama. You confess to starting or at least allowing/facilitating the the storm. Best of luck with the poor bastard.
  7. Well I'm older than you, so don't get too depressed. What does an "IT Puke" do? Data spewing?

  8. Hello Pisses me off SC banned laser jammers. Oh wait, they banned speeding too...
  9. Hello. Interesting place...yes it 'tis...
  10. Borderline Personality Disorder

    One of there specialties is convincing the signf other that they are the nut case

  11. Their ex is a bipolar disorder? ;)

  12. Interesting...maybe your ex is a BPD. They usually try to convince you to give yourself the radiator fluid...
  13. In a word no. There isn't a search and destroy operation but no, I do not keep them.
  14. Who knows. Both my folks were just another 2 people against the world.. I never heard one say an unkind word to the other much less their kids... RIP