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  1. hey brother. meditation is a good choice. my mind is much more silent today. exists few videos on youtube about.
  2. i smoke marijuana over 2 years. and still smoking...
  3. Hello friends. Someone have detected some patterns and sequences to manipulate people? Do you use some technique? If yes, can you describe? You think this is ethical? I particularly don't care. I think it can be used for good and for evil. On the other hand I think can be very useful. I try to do this consciously, but i dont reveal to people my ultimate goal. I'm developing my skills in this regard, but still in initial stage. Sorry about my english. I'm also training my skills in languages.
  4. Yes! It's really exciting! They are far from application though, meh. Therefore I stick with binary machines.

  5. Pra não pensar em você - zezé di camargo e luciano
  6. Im a intj. A question myself about what is happiness. Usually i have depression. My strategy: learn how control my mind and run for my objectives. I wish have a true love. I'm working in this
  7. 1 marijuana 2 ecstasy 3 lsd 4 coffie 5 alcohol