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  1. Learn to love his gas. It's a term of endearment...
  2. Why are you going to church? Eww!
  3. Colin James is one of Canada's best kept musical genius secrets.
  4. Other than vintage Brian Adams, that list is just wrong.
  5. Naw, being imperfect is hot. Your glasses and teeth are fine.
  6. I suppose this explains your fixation on weight issues.
  7. Why are a large proportion of your posts weight/fat/size related? Are you obsessed?
  8. It was for a moment in time. Not continuous nor sustainable.
  9. Ha Ha, perfect.

  10. Excellent post.

  11. I'm with you on that, however the last time I was in Las Vegas, a couple asked to share our outdoor table with my girlfriend and myself. We had an awesome time with them. We spent a couple of hours drinking with them after lunch. People are funny though. When I meet strangers from other places, I always like to ask lots of questions about their life, lifestyle, family, jobs, hobbies etc. Most people love to tell you about their lives in excruciating detail. Yet they rarely ask me about my life, unless it's some stereotypical regional put-down.
  12. How dare you imply she's not the special snowflake she's been told all her life that she is? :-)

  13. Surely you can research a job where you don't have to sit at a desk all day? Be a cop, doctor, fire fighter, truck driver, pilot, social worker, forest ranger. Lots of jobs out there where you have mobility and flexibility. I'm sure you already knew that. Are you really asking the forum for advice (which you seem to be ignoring), or did you just come to whine about having to get a real job when you're school?
  14. How is it different? And how do you know it's different? Have you even worked full time, or owned your own business? If you want to try out the entrepreneurial thing, then finish school with a degree in a field that really interests you so fucking much you dream at night about being at work. Get breathtakingly good at something working for some dickheads for 5-20 years. Then strike out on your own. You don't get to go from high school, to the CEO's corner office. There are some hurdles in the way. Sorry.