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  1. Did you mention if you're drinking every night? You mentioned your "ideal" number of drinks per night, but I don't know if you said you were drinking every night. For 4-5 years, I would have a drink every night. It started as a few beers on Friday-Saturday; moved to a few on Sunday with some left over on Monday; to every night of the week. Then, I added a shot or two to those 3-5 beers every night. And, I developed myself a little of a habit. I did not get black out drunk, but I could tell that I drank the night before on a lot of occasions. Sometimes, I could really tell. One day, I decided that I was only going to drink on the weekends. Like you, the idea of drinking one beer a night is a pipe dream. If I have one, I'm going to have 3-4. It was probably 2.5-3 years ago I decided to do this. And, I've mostly stuck with it. Sometimes I can have 1 or 2 with dinner during the week. But, I've mostly stuck to my weekend commitment. And, it's not something that I miss. One reason I decided this was because I knew it was not good to be drinking this much every day. Plus, it was interfering with my fitness goals. My workouts started to suck, and then they started to be less frequent due to the fact that I'd rather go drink beer than workout. Once I put this weekend rule into place, my work mornings were much nicer. No more kinda hungover feeling.
  2. I can get energized by experiences / people. Sometimes in profound, inspiring ways. Generally, I have to like the people I'm around when doing so. However, like a lot of us, I go to work M-F, have to run errands, and be a functional person. Even though my job is writing code all day, I still interact. And, when Friday rolls around I'm drained and need to have lots of alone time. Not all the time, but most of the time. Even if there's something going on that I would potentially enjoy. Even if all my friends are going and it's low key. Most of the time, I need to recharge by myself. So, I don't think certain people suddenly fill the need for introverted alone time. Sweet, sweet alone time. Edit: Where'd my avatar go?!
  3. SteamOS still has a long way to go. Vulcan is very nice, and Unity (game engine) did a blog post today about it. With a screen shot from Ubuntu of all things. On the enterprise side of things, I'm still baffled why Windows is the king. But that's another discussion completely. Can't wait to see what this brings. I hope it's better than I expect.
  4. On Oct. 4th Google's having an event for the Pixel phone and some other things. One of those other things, rumor has it, is a new OS called Google Andromeda. You can search for more details, but it's supposed to be a Android / ChromeOS hybrid with desktop uses. My initial reaction is: Chromebooks suck and I don't want cell phone apps on my pc. But, the optimist in me really hopes that it will be an actual competitor to Windows / MacOS. Even writing that, I know it sounds far fetched. But, if anyone could do it, it's Google. I've read some comments that are along the lines of, "It would just be Linux, which no one uses anyways". Which, is true, except that Ubuntu and Fedora aren't backed by Google. Which, could be all it takes to get people on board. Especially since Android integration would (most likely) be seamless. I know it will probably be a wet fart, but it's nice to dream!
  5. 10% no matter what, sometimes more. I'm more interested in investment strategies with that money though. I've let it sit in the bank, or shitty mutual funds making jack shit for years.
  6. Well, that was a train wreck. Hillary's first reply was the most scripted reply I've ever heard in my life. It was like I was listening to a 4th grader read their book report up in front of the class. Which, in many ways is par for the course. Trump actually started off pretty good, but holy shit did he lose it. Constant interruptions, talking over her and Lester, and way too aggressive for this type of format. It immediately makes me think of him negotiating with a foreign leader and displaying the same type of aggression. Obviously, they're both shit. Hillary would be more of the same, without a doubt. Trump is just nuts, though. His emotional volatility is not comforting to me in the least. Also, he basically said that he doesn't pay income tax. Which, completely pisses me off. But, that goofy bitch probably does the same thing. At least you know up front he's a big business type of person. She lies about it. So, we're probably fucked either way. Which, we already knew.
  7. XP? Why? Are you running antiquated 8 bit software or something (even that can be circumvented with vDOS). I'm failing to find any reason why you're trying to keep running XP. I mean, 64 bit Win7, is going to be miles better in every way. Or, just go straight to 10.
  8. Curious about the legacy code language, and what you might be using on your own?
  9. Welcome to the world of software development. This is a very common occurrence, where ultimately, you have to make a decision on what to do. And, many times, neither way is much easier. In most scenarios, it would depend on the size of the application. How long would a re-write take? Weeks? Years? If it's working, and there are lots of users already, you have to dive in and figure out what's going on. Period. That said, I like to pick small pieces out of the legacy (shitty) codebase , and start re-writing as I go. Choosing that part really depends on the application though.
  10. Milon's Secret Castle. That game was so hard. That and Mario Bros. 2 were probably my favorite.
  11. I do that already (technically triple boot), but that's on a desktop with a drive for each OS. In laptop world I don't want to partition an already small SSD drive. Honestly, I would love to just run Mint or Ubuntu or whatever, and call it day. But, since most of the stuff I do needs tested on Windows more than it does Linux, a VM seems like the best bet. Or....Apple could just announce a non-shit MBP, and I could buy that and not have to change everything.
  12. I mostly agree with you. Generally, it's usually people who don't really like music, or care to search out for new artists or genres. They listen to top 40 trash, most likely. Like a bunch of us, I really do like to listen to a lot of music. Like: - modern indie rock (I guess that's a term) like Tame Impala (first two albums), Real Estate, Stereolab, etc - classic 60's 70's rock - hip hop (90's mostly, with a few newer exceptions like MF Doom) - dance music (deep house, drum n bass, ambient techno) - jazz fusion (anything that sounds like Return To Forever) Plus lots of other shit. I listened to Mastadon (metal) followed up by some ambient stuff from echospace last night. Whatever works!
  13. I got the same. I'd say most of the questions were limiting.
  14. Any particular reason? People seem to be very on the fence about the two. I'll probably start with VirtualBox, and then buy a license for VMware if I decide it's not cutting it.