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  1. You alive man? Been one year since my last message. Hope all is well. :)

  2. There's no PC speaker in this case. Disconnected the drives; no difference. I think the problem is my PSU doesn't have the right number of pins for the ATX12v1 connector. My board has 8, but my PSU has two connectors with 4 and 6 pins. Guess I'll have to return it. ---------- Post added 10-30-2013 at 07:23 PM ---------- Ah-HAH! Turns out the ATX12v1 connector on the board just has extra pins for whatever reason. Plugged in the 4-pin connector, and I'm setting up the BIOS now. Will post more when I finish, or if I need more help. ---------- Post added 10-30-2013 at 09:37 PM ---------- Okay, it's up and running.
  3. I just bought parts to build a new computer, and I have them all set in the case and connected, but nothing shows up on my monitor, so I assume it's not POSTing. PSU, case fan, CPU fan, HDD, and DVDRW all spin up. Only problem is no video. I tried using my working video card and RAM, but still nothing. All the parts should work together. MOBO: Asrock Z75 Pro3 LGA1155 Graphics: Onboard PSU: Apevia ATX-CW500WP4 RT CPU: Intel Core i3 3225 3.3G 3M R RAM: 2x2GB G.Skill DDR3-1333
  4. From what I've read, psilocybin isn't affected by heat. Psilocin however, is. ---- I ate four grams of dried mushrooms two days ago, but the only effects I felt were very ephemeral, mild visual distortions, and everything was more colorful for about 15 seconds. Bad product, or unfortunate physiology?
  5. By your own explanation of what constitutes a hippie and an atheist, you created a third group: the gnostic theists. By failing to include them in your blatantly pigeonholed "poll" (which by the way you could have made an actual poll when you were creating this thread), the only answer is that your premise is wrong. Welcome to INTJforum.
  6. My thoughts, exactly.
  7. BOO. Oh well. Maybe next year. :)

  8. Light's too much of an idiot at times. If he were slightly more careful in the beginning, he'd have won. And for anyone interested in getting the gist of the show without committing to 37 episodes, you can watch Death Note: Relight. It's two 2 hour movies that summarize the entire show.
  9. Probably not. -Late response because I never go on the forum proper; just occasional chat.

  10. You coming to the meet up?? ;D

  11. What did you really expect?

  12. Prison labor is one way. Not imprisoning minor drug offenders is another.
  13. It's normal for weed to not affect you for a while. I didn't actually get high until about the tenth time I smoked. But I recall you're looking for a job, so it's up to you if you want to keep it up. If you do, it'll take about four weeks max for you to test negative. Anyway, when I have access to it, I can and will smoke multiple times daily. Do not confuse this with addiction. When I was forced to stop earlier this year after smoking daily for a few months, I had zero withdrawal. I can take it or leave it as needed.
  14. Then that one time he shouldn't have driven. Obviously the cost:benefit ratio favors driving while high if it was dangerous only once out of so many times.
  15. Adjusting my statement to agree with this still supports my point that any "withdrawal" from a marijuana "addiction" is negligible at best. As for the driving example, I'm a speeder when I'm sober. Posted limit is 45? Fuck that; I'm going 70 because I wanna get where I'm going. When I'm high, I don't care about that; I enjoy the drive. My motor functions aren't impaired. And even if they were, I simply wouldn't drive because I'm not an idiot. Now lemme 'splain to you a story: I once smoked about 2 bowls of indica at ~10 PM at a friend's house. Directly afterward, I drove my friend home (~5 minutes), then drove myself home (~12 minutes). That's ~17 minutes of driving at night directly after smoking a ton of indica with absolutely no problems. I drove the speed limit, stayed well within my lane, stopped at all stop signs and red lights, didn't stop abruptly, used my turn signals, and had no problem operating any of the fine controls. Tell me again how it's universally dangerous.