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    Love you <3 bye
  1. Kisses& sunshine

  2. :curtain: I am glad you are feeling better! :nice::hug: I was stalking your blog :wideeyed: 

    1. paranoidfembot


      What a coincidence, I was just stalking yours....



  3. http://i.imgur.com/2DAPaKA.mp4 Random cute thing ;D 

    1. Madden


      Oh god, it's wonderful! :laugh:


      I love bunny kisses...it's awesome when they do stuff like that. :smug:



  4. Spoiler



    Work in progress Ness! Didn't want you to think I forgot about you <3 

    1. ness2361


      Ah, thanks piggly-wiggly one. ♥

  5. PJs...I've been doing trial runs of the public buildings I've made, using a Sim. One very important thing I've noticed. When I walked her through the museum, it was impossible for her to 'view' any of the displays that I've enclosed using the roped fencing. It's a shame, but in order to make the property work as a gallery/museum, I think we need to delete all the roped fencing. No wonder your Madden and Grepley sims didn't go looking around the museum!

    1. pigpjs


      Ooh I did not think about the distance. ..will delete the rope fence perhaps we could just open up each section on the side? 

  6. I figured it out!  I don't have the 70s, 80s, and 90s stuff pack installed!  The stuff packs added jusstt enough that my game wouldn't accept all my cc! Whoo progress to finding thingies! 

    1. Madden


      Awesome, pjs! Let me know if the stuff shows up now. :nice:

    2. pigpjs


      So I wasnt able to install the stuff pack without SUPER slowing down my game, but I put in some nicer paintings - still nowhere are lovely as yours but I wanted to get your okay before I set them in for good ^.^





    3. Madden


      I think that looks great, pjs!

  7. Hey pigs. I posted this in my personal blog, but I thought you might find it particularly interesting: https://www.marxists.org/subject/art/lit_crit/works/leguin/carrier-bag.htm

    I think it nicely describes games like the Sims v. your usual slash and kill games. :)

    1. pigpjs


      Oooh Thanks! *checks out*  

  8. pigs,


    Hope the photo I just shared is clear and large enough for a sim. *I feel happy just thinking of getting one from you* Thanks so much. :heart::hug: 

    1. pigpjs


      It is perfect! :hug: Tis my pleasure :D

  9. 9zhxJM1.jpg

    1. pigpjs


      Lovely!  I'll get it out in the day or two <3 

  10. The Modern Apparently
  11. OK, I have to remember to send you a photo. Yup :)

    1. pigpjs
    2. ness2361


      Thanks again for the sim, pigglywiggly. <3 

  12. Look a message! :p

    1. UltraIncredible


      What witchcraft be this